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Summer Is Here!

Discussion in 'Season Updates' started by Octi, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Summer Is Here!

    The weather's getting properly warm now, bringing out the shorts and tank-tops for many citizens with thoughts of beach vacations and lounging in the sun. With most of the school students on break and businesses relishing in the extra business the pleasant weather brings customers out for, summer is finally upon us in Pandora!

    Don't worry if you have threads for Spring that you forgot to put up. You can always use the Threads of Time forum for such threads, and for threads even further in the past, to cover any threads you just didn't have time to do.

    Seasonal Location

    We decided to go with a throwback this month. Some of our veterans may remember Lon Lon Ranch's first appearance in Pandora back in 2011! This beautiful little ranch along with its famous Lon Lon milk are back! Just don't harass the Cuccos.

    Threads in ORBIT CITY have been moved to ELSEWHERE IN PANDORA.​

    Seasonal Event

    The Pandora Gods have “blessed” some citizens with a voice that narrates what they do and think wherever they go! At first, they might think they have gone crazy until they realize everyone else can also hear their narrator voice - and they aren’t the only one who seems to have one, either! What awkward, and potentially compromising, inner thoughts will be revealed? READ MORE.

    Check out the seasonal event forum for more information!

    If you have any questions in regards to the seasonal plot or location, don't hesitate to PM someone from Plots & Events!


    REVAMP BRAINSTORMSBrainstorms are starting to go up for the new focus areas of Pandora after next season's Fall Revamp shakeup! Look for more to come the next few days/weeks, but for now make sure to pop in and give your opinions on

    Updated Pandora Town MapOur very own @Sabine pitched in to make an updated map for Pandora Town! Check it out with the rest of our maps HERE!
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