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Survival of the Badass

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Hoban Washburne, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    December 12th Year 7

    Wash aimlessly danced a plastic Apatosaurus toy over the visual sensors of the Serenity, yawning with bordem as he waited for Mal and the new mechanic. Wash suspected Mal didn't quite trust their new recruit just yet and he couldn't really blame him for wanting to keep an eye on her.

    "This land is lonely." Wash spoke for the dinosaur, his voice small. His other hand made a Triceratops toy come up the other side of the panel, "I'll be your friend." He said for it but sighed in the middle of his game, letting the second toy dropped with his fist still around it, "Just out of reach..." He moved the Apatosaurus as if it was doing the talking then dropped that one too.

    Head in his hand, he wished they'd get back and pull him out out of this annoying depression he suddenly found himself in. The radio in he background suddenly changed tone, the music halting and an obvious news report taking over.

    'Savage men entered Pandora at the Horizon Watering Hole and attacked just one hour ago. Mutilated and brutal, they were pulled into Pandora and injured dozens civilians in a fight that lasted several minutes. A survivor described the men as having wounds on their faces and piercings in their lips and various random places on their bodies. Three women battled the ferocious men and prevailed. One of them was injured and taken to a local hospital...'

    Wash was staring at the radio, his mind racing. The description sounded way too much like Reavers. He heard Mal's announcement on the comm that he had returned and the pilot rushed from his seat down to the cargo bay, "Mal!" He shouted, "Come listen to this, hurry." He ran back to the bridge bu the report had ended. Wash turned to his captain, "The news reported savage men with facial wounds and piercings attacking inHorizon, Mal...What if they're Reavers? What if something else has crossed over from our dimension?" He didn't have to spell out the implications of it. What if someone else they knew was here?

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  2. [​IMG]
    Mal came up the ramp of Serenity, a few boxes of food stacked in his arms as he went. "This should be enough canned goods to last us another good month up in the sky. Can't wait to get Serenity off the ground, being on land makes me feel a touch jumpy. Feel like a sitting duck down here." He was speaking to Ahsoka. It was only her second day on the crew but she had gotten Serenity working in top shape again which meant they could really burn up the sky and do what they did best. "Hey make sure those crates get strapped down in case the ride gets bumpy, I don't need damaged cargo. They payin good money for that stuff." Mal set down some of the crates of food and picked up a fresh orange. Imagine that, they had some fresh food again. It had been a while since Mal could set down for fresh fruit. Too bad Kaylee wasn't here, she would have gone nuts for this stuff. It would have been her dream come true. "I don't know if this is a peach or what I haven't seen it outside a can in so long." He picked up another fruit and sniffed it before setting it back down.

    Once they had the 4 wheeler back on board Mal went over to the lever and pulled it letting the back ramp close up behind them, sniffing the Pandora air for what he hoped to be the last time in a while. "S'Good day to be a captain." Getting over the comm Mal let Wash know they were all good to go. "Hey Wash we got the back all locked down, goods are stowed, cargo is on board, and we are ready to get the hell out of this place." He started walking away when Wash told him to come listen to something. Hitting the comm button again Mal paused a moment, what was going on up there? Trouble, that was the only gorram answer. It was always trouble. "Coming up Wash." He looked over to Ahsoka and thumbed his finger towards the stairs. "Don't mind that now, lets go see what Wash is on about." Heading for the metal staircase himself Mal partially skipped up them, his brown coat flapping behind him as he made his way up fast as possible.

    Half way up he stopped though, turning slowly, that wide eyed gaze, unable to really look at the new crew member but something on his face said there was trouble. More trouble than he had expected. This wasn't good. "Da Shiong La Se La Ch'Wohn Tia" You knew a situation was dire when Mal brought up the Chinese. Running to the comm again Mal was clearly in a panic, this wasn't good, this whole damn situation had gone to shit. "Wash get us in the air, we are heading to Horizon, make it double." He pulled his finger off comm and pointed to Ahsoka. "Get geared up, whatever you have, everything you have. If we got reavers here in Pandora things won't be looking too purdy for the locals. Reavers are bad, bad news, worst thing in the verse. Not even human anymore, not right. They looked into empty space and lost their gorram minds, turned feral. They'd rape, murder, eat you, and sew your skin into their clothes and if you're lucky, they'd be so kind as do it in that order so you don't hold nothing back on this one." He paused a moment looking back at her, knowing this was an awful lot to ask of someone only been on the crew two days. "Welcome to Serenity."

  3. Ahsoka Tano

    Ahsoka Tano Guest

    Somehow, Ahsoka was able to keep most of the composure she had. "Well, I do like a good challenge. I have my Lightsabers on me. And last time I checked, I had still could use the Force... I'm ready as I'll ever be. Trust me, I've been in my fair share of battles." She replied as she quickly grabbed the two hilts from her belt. She'd faced so many foes back home that even Jedi Masters couldn't handle, but she couldn't think of anything she faced that was like a Reaver. She really just had just relied on her hope they'd be as easy as a droid to defeat.

    "Okay, before this hidden land just becomes a scrap-pile, we better get to the others on the ship. If what you say is true, it'll take all of our talents to make this one out alive." Ahsoka nodded. She had being going a bit stir-crazy since she hadn't had a nice battle in a decent amount of time. It was time to show Mal she was more than just some alien girl who was all bark and no bite. That she actually was serious about her new duties and not just having clowned around.

    "Oh, and if you have any of those cheese-y mini-speeches with everyone, I suggest you hurry. I doubt those Reavers are going to play nice and just wait for us. Let's get in, fight, win, and get out!" She proclaimed, having ironically done exactly what she'd asked Mal to do. The fun was about to begin. Ahsoka managed to keep up with her superior, and had just been waiting for Malcolm's orders for her to ignite her twin blades...
  4. [​IMG]

    Wash nodded then shook his head at Mal and their new mechanic talking about going into battle, "No, no, the attack was an hour ago, I think it's all over." Wash was glad, the last thing he wanted to was to have Mal and Ahsoka go against a pack of Reavers. He didn't care how tough she was or how strong those two weird swords were, Reavers were not something anyone wanted to face, ever.

    Wash didn't hesitate, he buckled up and announced, "I'm taking us there."

    The flight was tense and silent on Wash's part. Landing in some brush, he was both apprehensive and excited to see what they would find. It wasn't difficult for them to find the spot it all had happened. The recent battle had left its mark. Any bodies had been removed but blood was still there. Debris, shredded fabric, and other signs of upset were all around the waterhole. Wash glanced around and his eyes landed on Mal.

    There were plenty of people around and Wash approached one, "Hey, can you tell me what happened?"

    The young man looked spooked, "Men attacked us and there were three women who fought them off." Wash's heart skipped a beat as the man went on, "One was dead, they took her away."

    "Dead?" Wash's blood ran cold, "What did these women look like?"

    "One was blonde, one was pale with dark hair, and the dead one had dark skin and hair."

    Wash thought his knees were going to buckle, "Wh-where would they have taken the body?" He had to know. Even if it was her, he couldn't go to sleep tonight, or ever again wondering. Avoiding this fear would do him no good, he must know now. Even worse than knowing she was dead was never finding out and always having this stabbing feeling of wonder.

    "Clinic morgue."

    Wash whirled toward Mal, "Mal..." Surely he would understand. Even if he didn't, Wash was going to that morgue, "Come with me. Please." He asked, not wanting to find her alone if his worst fears did come to pass.

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  5. [​IMG]
    Mal let out a sigh when he heard it had been an hour ago, so either everyone was dead or they were able to stop the Reavers. He was going with the dead part, Reavers were something else. Mal looked to Ashoka, a solemn look on his face. "So it's a body cleanup then." Mal put his gun back in his hostler, they could take their sweet time. It was a short trip in Serenity, she was a fast ship, faster than she ought to be but Mal always made sure she had the running speed to hold off the Alliance. That was his job, keep Serenity free, keep his crew safe. As they made their flight Mal thought of what they could do. Reavers were a bad deal for the locals, might have some destruction and all Mal had was food and medical kits. Not even a doctor. Simon might have done them some good. At best he would grab a shovel and help dig the holes.

    Wash put the ship down somewhere close but not close enough to frighten the locals. If the Reavers had come by ship it was best to not be creepin up on them with a ship their own. "Ashoka, you stay with the ship, can't have anyone getting on board and taking our crates. Shoot them if you have to. Nobody is getting on this boat without my say so, chaos makes people go funny, especially after a Reaver attack." Mal was seeming less chipper than usual, a little on edge, a little less open to diplomacy. When it came to Reavers it set him on edge, even if they were all dead he didn't like the situation after. He had played that 'saving' someone after a Reaver attack and all it had done was force Mal to put a bullet in him. There wasn't saving people after that, only putting them out of their misery.

    Mal followed Wash into the little town, you could tell the place had been hit. The bodies were cleaned up but the blood wasn't something that just went away. It soaked into the soil, it lingered in the air with that bitter copper scent. Took Mal back to the war, cleaning up all those bodies and lining them up on the ground, the blood covering the earth. Men still dying, struggling to get to the other side. The cries, the pain, begging for someone to end it, limbs scattered about. It took Mal a moment to snap out of his dark memories and turned to the local that Wash had spoken up to. Three women fighting them off? Mal was impressed, whoever these girls were they had real grit holding off Reavers. As the local went on however Mal felt like something just didn't sit right. Dark hair, dark skin, holding off an army of Reavers.

    Not many people could do that, not many people had the guts but he knew Zoe. They had been in war together, if anyone could bend those gorram monsters to their will and cut them open it was Zoe. 'body', that was a word that caught Mals attention. The dark skinned girl. No, that wasn't Zoe, Mal refused to believe that was Zoe. She was tougher than nails, sometimes tougher than him. Reavers or no Reavers Zoe didn't just die, it wasn't her style. That was his thing. Still, there was that fear clenching up inside his gut, twisting and turning as Mal took a step back, his face still stern. He knew where Wash was going with this and he couldn't let Wash fall apart on him. Not in this place.

    When Wash turned to him and asked him to go with him Mal put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly. "It ain't here Wash, it ain't Zoe. You think a pack of gorram Reavers would take out Zoe? I don't think so." Mal said the words trying to make himself believe it as well. No, he wasn't going to go down the road less he had to. Zoe wasn't gone, Zoe wasn't dead. She was back in their world. Her hands full as she tried to keep Jayne under control while Mal was away. Zoe wasn't laying on some clinic table, cold corpse. "We'll go if it will make you feel better but it ain't Zoe you understand. Don't go thinking she's gone on me now."

  6. [​IMG]

    Wash took Mal's comfort with a grain of salt. He wanted to be in denial, he wanted to be that sure, but something had come from their world. Some portal had opened, some woman had fought the Reavers. Wash had held out hope for months now, almost expected it. After all, the Roci crew had found one another. Wash had tried not to have high hopes, but it couldn't be helped. Besides, he might have gone mad if he didn't get to hope for her arrival.

    Wash nodded but his eyes were dim as dread seeped into him, "Yeah, I just wanna check, you know?" He could see the doubt on Mal's face too. They had to ask several people before finally finding their way to the clinic. When they got there, they explained that they might have known one of the victims. Wash went ahead and explained this despite Mal's insistence that this dead woman was unknown to them.

    Dead bodies of Reavers lay on tables in the clinic morgue, conforming once and for all that their suspicions were correct. These men who attacked were very much from the world he and Mal came from. Was the woman? Each unidentified body was revealed to them and none were Zoë. In fact, none met the description the young man had given and Wash shook his head, "He must have been mistaken." He mumbled.

    "Well, there were a few survivors. Check the beds upstairs."

    Wash felt his chest jolt and he didn't wait for anymore instructions and he barely waited for Mal before rushing upstairs. A few nurses bustled around and he stopped one abruptly, "The survivors of the attack today, where are they?"

    "There were only a few, they're over there." She pointed at a group of four beds and the nurse may as well have disappeared for Wash. He floated over to the bed and his heart caught in his throat as his vision honed in on the familiar outline of the face of one in particular. He closed the last couple feet between them in a jog and then he hovered over the unconscious form of his wife.

    "Zoë." He breathed out her name, looking over her injured body with wide eyes, his hands hovering over, longing to touch her but afraid to hurt her. He felt Mal near him, then the presence of who must have been the nurse having followed him over, "What's wrong with her?" Wash brushed her forehead and face ever so gently with his trembling fingertips.

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    OOC: We can maybe have Zoë go next and then Mal?

  7. Hypovolemic shock was a hell of a thing. During the war it was what killed soldiers as much as having holes blown through 'em. True to her word Zoë had managed to get herself to the med tents the Defense Guild had set up at the site of the attack. She'd passed through the tent flap, stumbled to a cot, and promptly passed out. She was in and out of consciousness, her awareness thin and impossible to hold onto much like water though a sieve. She lost all sense of time and reality, dreams melding with what glimpses of her surroundings she got so that it all felt surreal, and she didn't know what was real and what wasn't. Often she saw her husband's face; sometimes she saw him as things had been on Serenity before they'd found Miranda, and that goofy grin he'd shoot at her from the pilot's seat. But more often she saw him as he'd been in those last moments, the brief flash of shock as the harpoon went through him and then he was gone.

    The nurse overseeing Zoë's care was a young man with unruly blonde hair, curiously pointed ears, and eyes the vivid green of fresh grass. He'd come over as soon as the two men arrived, relieved to see that this woman had friends after all. He knew she was one of the three who had first protected the town from the raiders, but no one knew her name or where she was from. "Shock," the nurse said in a crisp accent, hovering a respectful distance away but close enough to answer questions. "Severe blood loss. Our own Lady Fang did an admirable job of healing her, but she's still lost a lot of blood. It'll be some hours before she comes to, most likely." He grimaced with sympathy, but there was a hint of pride when he spoke of the woman who had healed Zoë.

    "She's a hero, you know," the nurse went on, nodding toward the still-unconscious woman. "What's her name?" Just as he asked the question he looked suddenly self-conscious. "I don't mean to be nosy it's just... Well, my Kyra was in the Watering Hole when it all went down, said this is the one who saved her life. Feels wrong, not even knowing her name..." he trailed off and went silent.

    On the bed, Zoë's head turned into Wash's touch and her eyes fluttered but didn't open. She was dreaming, still. Dreaming that Wash was right there, like he'd been the time that explosion blew into the galley and she'd knocked her head pushing Kaylee out of the way. She'd been unconscious for hours, and when she woke it was to him hovering over her just like this. She clung to the dream and told herself it was real, and the real dream was the nightmare in which she'd watched her husband die.

  8. [​IMG]
    When they went up to the morgue Mal watched as they pulled the covers off a whole damn clan of Reavers. "You know the one thing I was grateful for in Pandora was not havin to deal with these things again and they come anyways." It was like having a bad dream, no it was a horrible joke. The good news was as they went on none of them were revealed as Zoe. In fact none of them were female. Reavers didn't keep women alive long enough to become lady Reavers. It made Mal question who the guy outside had been talking about because clearly there wasn't a dead woman on a single one of these tables. Just a load of Reavers. "Burn the bodies." Mal spoke up as he looked them over. He had to kill a man because he was turning, broken from a Reaver attack and slowly becoming one of them. It was like a disease, a disease of the mind.

    Then there was mention of survivors and Mal looked up from the mess. A flicker of hope, was it Zoe? Wash didn't even wait after they had been told where she might be. He took up running for the upstairs with Mal trailing behind him. He ran fast when he really wanted to and Mal hadn't been keeping up on his cardio since coming to Pandora. He needed some eminent threat to get him motivated. Climbing the stairs after Wash he nearly lost the slippery bastard as he moved off towards a room. Mal just pointed at the front desk and then to Wash. "I'm with him." Mal didn't even need to see her yet, he heard Wash utter her name and he knew.

    Walking around into the room Mal looked first at Zoë and then to Wash. There was that sense of relief seeing she was alive, maybe not well but alive and hell he could work with that. a nurse came into the room and told them about her deeds, how she had fought off the Reavers and saved his boy. Sound about right for Zoë. Mal could say it, he would say it a thousand times over, he was proud of her. "Zoë Washburne." Mal responded to the nurse. He could have let Wash do it but, he wanted to give Wash some time to be with Zoë. Mal knew how he got when his wife got hurt, he couldn't blame him but Mal had seen her in worse. He knew Zoë would come round. "She's this here man's wife, my crew-mate." Second in command, dearest friend, Mal was keeping it short and sweet.

    Once the nurse had left them Mal walked up to her bedside and stood next to her, his arms crossed over his chest. "Hey Zoë, this is your captain speaking, you get better soon you hear? You're a fighter, tougher than me sometimes. You can get through this, this ain't no thing you haven't been through before." And he was honest about it. Hell, the times they had drug each other through hell to find a medic.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Wash barely heard what was going on around him but he honed into what the nurse had to say about her condition. Blood loss. He looked around wildly but calmed at the sight of a blood bag hanging near the corner of the bed assuming that this was to help restore what she had lost. He nodded at the information, at ease knowing that she was expected to come to even if it was in a few hours.

    "She's a hero, you know."

    Wash knew that before he had heard what she had done earlier today, "Yeah." He agreed.

    Mal answered the man's questions which must have made him feel obligated to get the husband a chair because he was gone and back with one in a few moments. Wash thanked him and took the seat, scooting the chair up close to the bed. He took her hand in both of his and brushed his thumb gently over her knuckles.

    Mal spoke up behind him, encouraging her in his own way, "... You can get through this, this ain't no thing you haven't been through before."

    Wash scoffed fondly at him, but his attention never really left Zoë, "Hey, baby, take your time. I'll be right here." One hand left the very important job of holding hers in order to stroke her hairline. He half stood to kiss her forehead. The reality of everything that had happened, that she was actually here and recovering felt like a huge release of pressure. He didn't want to tell her where they were, that this place was not the 'Verse, to cause her the same confusion and frustration he had felt when Naomi told him, but at least she would have her family there when they had to.

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  10. '...this ain't no thing you haven't been through before.'

    It is. She wanted to say it, and in her head she did. Zoë'd felt pain before. She'd been shot, stabbed, and beaten. None of those things held a candle to the raw grief that had set its claws into her chest. I'll get through it. She said that in her dream, too, and didn't doubt it. Zoë was a survivor, and to be anything less would be to dishonor his memory, to betray the woman he'd fallen in love with in the first place.

    Her dream shifted again - fingers brushing across her forehead. His touch felt so real, even in her dream. Zoë's eyes rolled restlessly under their lids as the image shifted and she was back on Serenity, strapped to that chair and helpless to stop it happening. That wasn't a feeling a woman like her was accustomed to. She took care of her people, never left a man behind. But she'd had to leave him.

    Her head turned to the opposite side, her breath hitching as the nightmare took root. Her skin was slick with cold sweat, as much from reliving the worst moment of her life as from the loss of blood. Her lips parted on a desperate whisper that was an echo of the last words she'd ever said to Wash. "Please. We have ta go." Her hand clenched spasmodically around his, and in her mind she was grabbing his shoulders, trying to find a way to free him though she knew he was already lost.

    The nurse moved up beside Malcolm and politely but firmly made it clear that he needed to reach the unconscious woman. He took her free wrist and felt her pulse, timing it in his head. Fast and light, but not alarmingly so. The blood bag had emptied so he switched it out with normal fluids. Supplies we're limited here, so they gave what was needed for survival and let the body do the rest. "Do you gentlemen have somewhere you can take her to recover? She's welcome here of course, but if you have a place that's familiar it will help with the healing. We've done all we can - it's up to her now."

  11. [​IMG]
    Mal could only tell what Zoë was saying right in the moment, not knowing really why she was saying it other than bad dreams. "Hey Zoë, we ain't going anywhere you hear?" He hoped she could hear him in there. Hoped she was listening to them talk to her. "Wash and I aren't movin till you get better." Or at least until they were physically moved. Mal looked back at Wash, that concern on his face, how he looked over Zoë despite knowing she didn't need much looking after. Mal had told him once that he didn't think Wash was good enough for her. Of course he had said it to keep Wash fighting, to keep Wash strong. In reality Mal couldn't have picked a better man for her, not that he had much choice in who she was going to pick. Zoë and he had been like blood, family forged in the war, bound by trenches and pain, lose and strength. None others knew him like Zoë and none other's deserved her like Wash did.

    Not that Mal would say it out loud, he couldn't let Wash get all soft on him. Just gave him a nod in his direction, typical stoic quiet Mal. Wash knew what he meant. Mal in his own way was telling Wash he was doing good watching over her the way he was. He would get it or he wouldn't and think Mal was nodding his head the the imaginary soundtrack in his head. Didn't much matter to him in the end. The nurse had come by and moved Mal out of the way so he could check on Zoë, a look of worry crossing the stoic captains face, watching close to what he was doing. He had asked if there was someplace they could take her, maybe familiar place for her to get better. Sticking his fingers into the hem of his pants Mal gave a nod of his head. "We do, we got a place she'd be better off. Not that I don't trust your taking care of her, I do and you have done a wonderful job till now but might do Zoë some good being someplace familiar."

    He looked back at Wash. "We can take her back home with us, back on Serenity." Mal addressed the nurse again. "We have a fully functioning infirmary, I know my way around it enough that if you think she id out of the woods I can make do." They had made do without Simon before, they could do it again. He only wanted to take her back if he knew for sure she didn't need to stay though considering the nurse brought it up he could only assume she was good to go. "Zoë's a strong woman but even I don't see her getting up to walk to Serenity right now and she's parked some ways from this here clinic. Wouldn't mind having a friend or two of yours helping us get her back safe. I'd appreciate it even." Mal knew he was doing what he normally did, making all the plans on his own. He was the captain after all, what he said was law on his ship. If someone didn't like it they could get off, course Wash had some say in this. Turning back to Wash he finally asked him what he thought. "You alright with this one Wash?"

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  12. [

    Wash nodded back to Mal, too preoccupied to really look into the deeper meaning behind it, assuming still, as always, that Mal thought someone better should have and could have married Zoë. He was still unsure about taking Zoë aboard Serenity without trained professionals around. It took many assurances and many medical tips to ever begin to make him agree. With his hovering supervision, they moved her into the infirmary, which Wash wondered if that was a good idea.

    Arriving in Pandora, if he had woke up in the infirmary, he would hardly be convinced that the weird vines things were nothing more than a dream. Still, the argument that she would be better looked after by them and should have familiar surroundings for high spirits won over. They had her strapped to a gurney and into Serenity in no time and Wash found himself holding her hand there too. The clinic had been a huge help and Wash was sure he had been a thorn in their side. As long as Zoë was here and safe and recovery, he didn't much care who he had to annoy.

    It was all pretty tiring and he was glad she hadn't woken during it all. Still, Wash found himself dozing off in the infirmary and he made an attempt or two to fight it off, but was soon in la la land with his head against the back of the chair and his hand loosely over Zoë's.

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  13. Zoë's consciousness was a fleeting thing as she was moved from the medical clinic to Serenity. She never came 'round fully, but now and then her eyes would flutter open and she'd mumble something under her breath. Wash's name came to her lips several times, and once she even lifted her head like she'd sit up but soon slumped back against the gurney. She was struggling to wake up, but even her iron will was finding it hard to overcome the blood loss she'd experienced. By the time they'd transferred her to the chair in the infirmary, Zoë had quieted again.

    When she came to, it was like breaking through a heavy fog into bright daylight. It happened suddenly and all at once; one moment she was out, the next her eyes were open and she was blinking against the lights of the infirmary. Her head was turned away from Wash, so the first face she saw when she came to was Malcolm. There was a moment of intense relief when she saw that he was evidently unharmed. He'd made it, he'd gotten the message out. It was easy to assume that the light pressure she felt over her hand was Kaylee or Inara. It was the sort of thing either of them would do - sit there and hold her hand until she woke up. She swallowed over the lump of grief in her throat and looked at her Captain with a gaze that was focused and unwavering.

    "Sir. Tell me you made it." Her dark eyes fixed on Mal's face, her voice hard in the way that said she was bottling something up. She might come across as callous to a stranger, but her crew knew her well enough to see when there was something going on under the surface. She didn't doubt Mal's abilities. If anyone could get the impossible done, it was him, and she'd stand by that any day. But she had to ask, because she had to know. She had to know that her husband's sacrifice wasn't for nothing.

  14. [​IMG]
    With help it wasn't much getting Zoë on Serenity, he felt a lot better having her back on his ship as well. As if someone Serenity and he had been hurting, incomplete and with Zoë and Wash the both of them were healing again. Getting made whole, getting made strong. All he needed was his Kaylee now. No, that was a lie. Mal wanted everyone back, Book, River, Inara, hell even Simon. They were a family, they were his family and Serenity wasn't right without one of them gone. He knew that the second Inara had jumped off his boat. He knew she wasn't a home like she use to be. Gorram this, he was going to make Serenity a home again, somehow. Mal always did his best when he had his crew, his family to look after.

    Mal helped get her settled in the infirmary and thanked the people who had helped get her from the clinic. Once they were back off Serenity he pointed out a few boxes to them, boxes with some extra medical supplies Mal had aimed to sell off. "It's for looking after Zoë. You'll need those supplies to deal with that Reaver attack. This isn't just some nice handout, this is me paying you and don't say you were just doing good service for a hero because the world don't work like that. You take these boxes I owe you nothing we square?" Mal was trying to be nice but only in the way Mal could be nice. He wouldn't take no as an answer from them and even helped put the boxes up on the stretcher and lead them off his ship before climbing back inside himself and shutting the door behind him. "Ashoka, when Zoë come's to you might want to be easy around her, explaining the whole well, Pandora and aliens thing, it's going to be a lot for her to take in considering the events and all. You keep around though."

    Ashoka was still apart of the crew now and would be needing an introduction with Zoë. Hell, Mal figured Zoë would like this one even. Heading into the infirmary he waited, seated up at the far wall with his arms crossed over his chest and alert. Mal had gotten use to not sleeping, he could stay awake for days if necessary and right now he was being the water over Zoë. Mal sat there, what felt like an eternity. Sometimes watching her sleep, sometimes working on figurin their medical supplies. Once Zoë was awake Mal turned his attention back to her, eyes locked on her face when she looked his way. Giving her a little smile he started walking over to her, knowing having her here on Serenity was the best thing right now as she came to. "You're home Zoë, got beat up real bad against those reavers." Mal rested a hand on her shoulder when she asked if he had made it, not really knowing what she was talking about. "I made it alright Zoë." He answered, his voice calm. "We made it."

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  15. [​IMG]

    The slightest movement in her hand made Wash wake up. He felt the tension in her go from unconscious to awake in a moment and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He let her look around to get her bearings. Recognizing the place would be helpful and he let her come to fully, staying silent until she sought him out or spoke. He was not looking forward to telling her where they were, but all those concerns seemed to melt with the fact that she was here with him, finally.

    "Sir. Tell me you made it."

    Her voice sounded like warm sunshine on his face felt after a long time in the black. Wash looked up at Mal, not really know what she was talking about or what she had been doing before coming to them. Whatever it was, Zoë and Mal had seemingly separated and she didn't know if he had been alright. Ironic, seeing as she was the patient here.

    "I made it alright Zoë. We made it."

    Wash cleared his throat halfway to end their moment and halfway to get Zoë to look his way so he could see her beautiful face for the first time in months looking back at him, "I uh, made it too in case anyone was interested." He teased with a giant smile, his blue eyes wide, anticipating seeing her again. He wanted to watch her usually hard and serious eyes soften like they did when she looked at him.

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  16. Ahsoka Tano

    Ahsoka Tano Guest

    Ahsoka had just stood back as Mal and Wash were having their reunion with Zoë. She was glad for all of them having gotten back together. They acted like a family, and so far Wash and especially Mal had welcomed her with full-arms. She knew she was part of their family. A very demented family, but they'd still treated each other lovingly. She nodded when Mal told her to let Zoë come to terms with Pandora and Ahsoka not being human - but when they were away saving Zoë, something had happened.

    "I'll just let you guys have your moment. I understand. I'll go check the engines." She replied, by the time her sentence finished, she had already turned to give the crew their moment. She bolted to go do her systems check, when she suddenly had sense and echo in the Force. It had felt like as if someone she knew had come. She remembered the presence of this person. Someone's presence she hadn't sensed in years.

    As of on-cue, she read a new Starknet post of a lovely woman that was found in Horizon. A strong-willed woman with features all to similar to someone she'd known back home. She needed help, and soon. Ahsoka sighed while on a holopad, leaving the crew a message:

    To Mal and Co.,

    I am glad so many of you are getting a happy reunion. But now, I can only say how thankful I am by note instead of being able to face you with what I must do. I always will remember back when we traded wood to get you supplies for this ship. Mal. I think you can see where this is going... Mal, I'm sorry, but I must go. You can still contact me, but I think it's time for me to sort out my problems.

    You have some of your crew back together. I believe they'll keep you safe. Hopefully I can contact you sometime just to talk, but I think this might be it. I must leave - I won't be an official crew member when I finish an errand. New reports in light of someone I think I know. ...And please don't beg me to stay. It will only make this harder.

    A woman just arrived in Horizon. Luckily we're here... Though as I said - she needs my help if it is her. It's been great to have not just one, but two brotherly figures on your ship. You'd do anything for them, right? Anyway, I can't keep typing - I don't want to look back. Wash, be my eyes and ears for me whenever Mal starts flirting.

    - Ahsoka

    She left the holonote on an obvious place, and gotten the few things she owned. Before anyone could have noticed, Ahsoka had left the ship - and even had felt like she did when she left the Jedi Order. It had been another time where she just walked away​
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  17. Something was off about the way the Captain responded, but Zoë couldn't pinpoint it. There should have been more. Her brow furrowed slightly and her jaw clenched as she tried to reconcile his calm with everything that had happened to them, with what had happened to--

    'I uh, made it too in case anyone was interested.'

    Zoë felt a shock run through her body, as if someone had upended a bucket of ice water over her head with no warning. She turned her head slowly, suddenly hyper-aware of the fact that the hand laid over hers definitely wasn't Inara's smooth palm or Kaylee's callused fingers. A heavy pressure settled low in her throat as her eyes found familiar blue eyes and a wide, goofy smile that, even four years into their marriage, had never failed to set butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Her frown deepened and she retreated from the hope and joy because she knew it wasn't real. Couldn't be. She'd seen what happened, and Zoë wasn't the kind of woman to cling to a wish just because the truth of things hurt more.

    It wasn't happiness on her face. Her expression was hard and withdrawn. "I'm dreamin'." It was said matter-of-factly but with an undercurrent of anger because she was getting tired of her mind playing these tricks on her. Her jaw muscles ticked as her teeth pressed together, and she pulled her hand from under Wash's because it just felt so real and she needed to wake up, gorram it. "Sir," she started without looking away from her husband's face. "I'm gonna need you to pinch me. Hard." It might have been a comical request if not for the very serious edge to her voice, and the very faint tremor of emotion that threaded through her words.

  18. [​IMG]
    When Zoë finally noticed Wash Mal hadn't expected the reaction they had gotten. Why would she think she was dreamin? Did she come from a point in their timeline she wasn't married to Wash or something? Mal knew she hadn't liked him much at first but he had grown on everyone, even Mal. He was certain if she came from before then that Wash would win her all over again but something in her eyes, the pitch of her voice, that wasn't what it was. She was looking at a dead man. Had she come from their future then? A point Mal hadn't been to? Something happened to Wash? Had something happened to him as well? Was that why she had asked if he had made it?

    He looked over to Wash hopin he didn't feel hurt over the situation. Zoë hadn't meant to hurt him and he knew it. As hard as it was for him to understand that woman loved him something fierce. She'd never hurt Wash. Hell Mal saw her a a damn force of nature not to be reckoned with but around Wash she was a kitten. She'd put her claws down and maybe that was what got to Mal is anything. Zoë didn't put her claws down for anyone but Wash, she's handle him with kid gloves if she had to. Sure they would fight and argue like any other couple but he'd bet Zoë would lay Mal right on his ass if she had to but she would never to that to Wash. It got under his skin sometimes because Zoë was more than just his partner in crime, she was like his sister. They might as well have come from the same mother after all they had been through but Wash was still priority. That's how he knew something bad must have gone down if Zoë would flinch away from Wash like she had.

    "Zoë..." He went to answer her about this being a dream, not sure how to tell her they were in another world. She might just think he had lost his mind too. Instead he stepped forward and grabbed her arm giving her a good hard pinch so she would feel it. Not wussing out like Wash might have. "This ain't no dream Zo. It's as real as you come by. Things ain't easy to explain so you'll have to listen up good on this one. We ain't in the verse, we ain't back home. For whatever reason this..." Mal paused and looked around. "World brought us all here for a reason. Pulled us out of our universe and dropped us off in here. It took myself and Wash before and now it's got you. Lets just be happy it's putting us all together so we can get to figurin what needs doing next."

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  19. [​IMG]

    Wash’s face fell down a hundred foot well and crashed against the cold water at the bottom when Zoë’s gaze hardened and looked almost frightened. "I'm dreamin'."

    “No…” His voice was gentle, but his brow furrowed in confusion. Mal, she hadn’t reacted to him like that and it couldn’t be where they were, this was Serenity. No, the look of disbelief and even slight anger was after she saw him. Her hand was gone in an instant and Wash backed away, wanting so much to touch her but afraid he would make things worse. He didn’t know what was wrong, but he knew it had to do with him and if she needed him gone to figure it out, then he’d be gone, his aching heart be damned. Wash glanced at Mal but his attention was brought back to Zoë upon her odd request.

    "Sir, I'm gonna need you to pinch me. Hard."

    Wash gave Mal a look of warning mixed with deep concern. Why would Zoë need to be pinched after seeing him? His head swam in possibilities, none of which he really wanted to dive into. He just wanted to hold her close and thank that stars they were together again.

    “Y-you were in a fight Zoe.” He tried, “You just need to rest, you lost some blood.” He tried not to sound hurt and logically, he knew there was something behind her actions other than rejection, but her hand pulling away so fast was down right painful. Just as he was about to try again, Mal leaned forward and pinched her hard, “Tzao-gao, Mal!” He exclaimed, annoyed but Mal went on to start explaining Pandora, “Don’t you think we ought to find out why she’s confused on my account first before we throw the whole time-dimension gos se in her face?” He put his palm in the air, moving it around him as if gesturing to the time-dimension crap.

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    Tzao-gao - God damnit!
    gos se - crap
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  20. (( Sorry for the wait, guys! ))

    She didn't need Mal's pinch to realize she wasn't dreaming. The mingled hurt and concern on Wash's face when she pulled her hand away were enough. Her eyes raked over his face, drinking him in and still not trusting what she was seeing. Zoë'd seen enough death - and enough of what caused death - to know that a person didn't just come back from an injury like that. It was the kind of thing that killed in an instant, almost before there was any time to process what had happened. She might have thought she was dead, except Zoë had never believed in any kind of afterlife. This one was the only life a person got. They became dirt and dust when they died and that was it.

    A brief, sharp pain flared in her arm as Malcolm pinched her, and Zoë's only reaction was the deep frown that furrowed her brows and a slight tensing in her muscles that wouldn't be immediately obvious. If she hadn't been convinced before, Wash's exasperation on her behalf was enough to tip the scales. It was so real and so Wash and she felt her throat get tight with a whole mess of emotions she couldn't even begin to describe. Distantly she registered the fact that the Captain was going on about some other world and them being together but she couldn't bring herself to focus on that just yet.

    "I need a minute with my husband." She spoke almost immediately after Malcolm stopped, not acknowledging anything he'd said because it wasn't something she could think about right now. Her voice was tight with barely restrained feelings. Her gaze shifted to Malcolm, her expression softening enough to make the statement a request instead of a demand. "Sir," she added, because even now her sense of discipline wouldn't fail her. If anything, the old customs and courtesies of a Soldier speaking to her Captain helped keep Zoë grounded where someone else might have been losing their head. Only the tension in her jaw belied the utter lack of calm on the inside. There was only one person in all the 'verse that she readily allowed to see beneath that calm, and she'd thought she'd lost him. But here he was, looking worried and uncertain and a little hurt at her reaction. She was glad to see Malcolm, but right now she didn't want to be a soldier. She wanted to be a wife overcome with relief and joy at seeing her husband alive.