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Survivor's Confusion

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Trunks Briefs, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. DECEMBER 12th, YEAR 7

    Trunks landed with nothing but a light tap as his boots touched the ground. Instantly his sword was held in front of him and he was in his Super Saiyan state –his formerly violet hair spiked upwards and turned to gold and his warm blue eyes turned cold. A golden energy surrounded the half-Saiyan as he whirled around with his broken sword at the ready, searching for the reason for his abrupt relocation.

    There were no signs of Mai, Goku, or his father, all of whom he’d been with just seconds before, and even when he’d resorted to calling their names he knew they weren’t close to him. His current location –an expansive, peaceful field- was a far cry from the nearly obliterated cityscape he was in only a few moments ago, he also noticed. It had all happened so fast; after the hard-fought battle against Zamasu he had been talking to the others, and then suddenly vines erupted out of the ground and, faster than he could react, dragged him down into blackness and spit him out here just as quickly.

    But where, exactly, was here? What had brought him here, and why? How had they done it? All questions that needed answers immediately.

    "Hello?!" he called out, desperately searching for someone, anyone, to answer him. "Is anyone there?!"
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  2. Freya

    Freya Guest

    Freya had never been to the fields before and she had been here for some time. She liked it. It reminded her of back home: the meadow and wild flowers. But meadows and wild flowers while nostalgic, only served to make her sad. Her parents gone, slaughtered, and her own life ripped apart by magic. Still, unlike King Uther and the people's of Camelot she could not bring herself to find blame within it: only the people who wielded it so.

    She had been alone, as she usually was, and then she was not. She heard a voice in the distance, a small figure showing he was rather far off. concerned he may need help Freya started towards him until she was a decent distance away - able to hear and see clearly without being threateningly close. His hair was golden, which was an odd shade but not for Pandora and his eyes were icy. Perhaps he had a bone to pick with someone, but surely if they had come to fight he'd be yelling their names? Maybe he had and she hadn't heard.

    "Hello?" she asked. Her own clothing was getting a little ratty. She should really apply for a job that had no danger of keeping her at the shop until late.
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  3. He hadn't noticed her at first; so tuned were his senses to detecting enormous, nearly immeasurable amounts of ki that the smaller ki making no effort to grow was lost on him. It was only when the voice returned his call that he realized he was not alone and directed his attention to the direction it had come from. Instantly he pivoted, pointing what remained of his blade towards the source; a woman a few years younger than Mai. The way she dressed suggested that maybe she didn't have access to many clothes, much like the people of his timeline. Was she also a survivor of the Zero Mortals Plan?

    "Where is this?" Trunks asked, his voice and gaze as steely as the sword in his hand. His aura flared slightly, causing the grass around him to bow and sway in the wind it caused. "Who are you? Did you bring me here?"

    It was probably foolhardy to demand answers like this, but as the first person he'd seen in this new place this woman couldn't help but be viewed suspiciously. And, frankly, he was a little stressed out right now.
  4. Freya

    Freya Guest

    As she got closer the man spun around and held her at sword point. Freya stopped suddenly, wary and a little afraid. She was learning how to fight and had grown proficient, but this was in hand to hand and did not know what to take on a sword. A bat perhaps, or maybe even a knife, but not a broadsword such as this. She was used to such weapons having hailed from a time were guns were but a distant future. Horse and cart were all that would remain in her world for many centuries to come. Innovations such as the automobile were so far off they weren’t even yet a dream.

    He was a strong man, young, but aged by trials of his own and muscley. His blond hair was wild and bright as were his eyes. He wore brightly coloured clothes and his expression was angry. She understood this. It wasn’t easy to find yourself in Pandora, away from everything you knew. And Pandora wasn’t often kind, saving lives was often, but just as easily it could take you from a happy life. A wonderful life. Most people here had arrived under unusual circumstances for anyone, left under fire. Maybe he had been in the middle of a fight? He looked wired for battle.

    Freya took half a step back as the world rippled around him. He was a magic user too. Sword and magic? That was a deadly combination. It took her a moment to realise he was asking questions to which she did not have satisfactory answers. ”I didn’t bring you here. Like you I was dragged here by black ropes. Pandora saved my life,” she said.

    ”This place is Pandora. Everyone in here was brought by those ropes and no one has found a way out,” she said. ”People leave sometimes, but only by Pandora’s will, and for what reason, we do not know,” Perhaps Pandora had made use of them, needed them for something and once they had fulfilled their purpose they were plopped back into their lives like nothing had happened. There was every chance they would not remember, for people left and returned with no recollection of what took place before. ”I’m sorry,”
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  5. Trunks listened on as the woman answered his questions, though they weren't exactly what he'd wanted to hear. Through narrowed eyes he inspected her, looking for any sign that she was lying to him while keeping what remained of his sword leveled towards her. She seemed afraid of him, which was good. It meant that she saw him as a genuine threat, which meant that she was likely weaker than he. But undoubtedly someone who'd managed to teleport him would be very strong.

    So, as frustrating as it was, she seemed to be telling the truth.

    "I see," was all Trunks said. He sighed wearily, and then his allowed his ki to lower along with his sword. The golden aura that once surrounded him dissipated, and the winds around him calmed. His hair returned to its natural style and lavender coloration as he dropped out of Super Saiyan, and his eyes lost their steel as warmth entered them once again.

    "Please forgive me then," he said, sliding the blade back into its scabbard on his back and bowing deeply to the woman. "I threatened you just because you were the first one I met here. It was wrong for me to respond to you like that, and I'm sorry."
  6. Freya

    Freya Guest

    This was not the first time she had introduced someone to Pandora. She was beginning to think that it was perhaps safer not to. There always would be someone else, a sentiment she had always despised, but being threatened was not her idea of a good time. Freya held her ground even though the sword, large and gleaming was pointed unwaveringly at her. The man himself was suspicious, eyes narrowed as he assessed the situation she laid out.

    The strange winds which had surrounded him faded, his eyes dulling to a more natural yet still bright colour. He sounded tired. And with that, he lowered his sword choosing to believe her. Freya relaxed a little. He might still be a threat to her but at least he was using his brain and not his emotions to make decisions. Bearing the weight of Pandora was hard, but it was possible.

    Oh. Freya was surprised when he apologised so eloquently and bowed. Actually bowed. Bowing was for nobles which she most certainly wasn’t. She felt a little blush colour her cheeks. He was kind of sweet, if not scary. ”That’s OK,” she assured him. ”It’s a lot to take in. I actually appeared in someone’s kitchen,” that had been a bit awkward but Dany had been lovely.

    ”Um, this is the middle of nowhere really,” she pointed to the West ”That’s Pandora Town, it’s the biggest centre. Or you can go that way and you should hit Misty Hollow,” she said. ”Most people choose to settle some place but not everyone does. Wanderers aren’t so uncommon that you’d be treated differently should you choose that,” Freya told him kindly.
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  7. He may have accidentally made an ass of himself, but thankfully this woman was very understanding. He gave a chuckle at her words; he wasn't sure if she was serious -suddenly showing up in someone's kitchen was a bit unbelievable- but if she was that would certainly be a far bigger inconvenience than simply appearing in the middle of a field, as he did. Did that mean where you were brought to in Pandora was random as well? Interesting. Not even the time machine worked like that, at least then you had to input coordinates to travel to.

    Trunks nodded at her instructions. He could probably check out Pandora Town first, find something to eat (all that fighting had given him an appetite), and see where to go from there. Thankfully Zamasu was gone so he didn't have to worry about the others being in trouble without him for now. Maybe they could head back to the past and get some much-needed r&r, or help the other survivors find shelter for the night. Internally he sighed. He'd probably miss the celebrations, too.

    "Thank you very much," he said politely, bowing again. Before realizing he hadn't introduced himself, nor had he asked for her name. "That's right! My name is Trunks. If you don't mind my asking, why are you out here?"
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  8. Freya

    Freya Guest

    It was true Freya was not lying about the kitchen. Danerys had been very understanding once she realised she wasn’t a crazy, and rather useless, burglar. Having it explained to her that Pandora was her home now, that she could not go home, had been surreal. Freya had been in a cage in the middle of a courtyard before coming here, awaiting her death sentence for being alive. Camelot may be the stuff of legends for many, but it was also the stuff of nightmares.

    Trunks? That was a weird name, thought Freya, but that would only mean he’d fit right in. Everyone here had strange names to her. Those who came from worlds like her own tended to have flowery names such as herself but they were few and far between. The name ‘Alistair’ was just weird, to her. ”I’m Freya. Nice to meet you Trunks,” she said with a smile. Then she got a bit awkward. Freya stuck to open spaces because she had a terrible tendency to turn into a monstrous beast at midnight. It couldn’t be helped, but that was the way it was. ”I like open spaces. The field reminds me of home,” she said. ”I grew up on a meadow by a lake,”
  9. Freya? That was a name he'd never heard before, but it sounded like a good one. Was it a weird name where she came from? Or was it normal? Honestly, the prospect of entirely new universes, while no longer new to him, still tended to get the gears of his mind turning. The possibilities were almost dizzying. "It's nice to meet you as well."

    He nodded at her explanation to his question; being suddenly torn away from home did tend to make one homesick, and if one felt homesick one often visited places that reminded one of home. However, he had the feeling that wasn't exactly the whole story -maybe it was just him, but she'd seemed a bit awkward at his question. He didn't push, though. They'd only just met and it was natural for her to be a bit cautious towards the man who, not even a minute ago, had been pointing a (admittedly fractured) sword at her, so if she wanted to keep some things to herself it was fine with him.

    "I understand. It's nice to get away from the noise of the city once in a while and relax with nature, isn't it?" It was why he used to love going over to visit Gohan and Chi-Chi when he was a kid. There was something undeniably peaceful about the aura of the forests and empty fields he'd visited that West City simply didn't have.

    "Oh, by the way, if you don't mind my asking you: how long have you been here in Pandora?"
  10. Freya

    Freya Guest

    They were exchanging the usual formal niceties most civilised people took part in. Freya remained a little aloof and distant from the other man, not really because of the sword, though that hadn’t helped matters, but more because getting close to people, especially strangers was difficult for her. Early in her journey in Pandora she had been held captive for no known reason to her at all, and let go just as mysteriously. Maybe one day she’d find out why but right now it all seemed to be some kind of sick form of entertainment.

    ”Pandora Town is pretty crowded,” she agreed, not saying that she actually lived in the woods full time. She had tried once or twice to leave them but it hadn’t ended well at all and Freya had remained wary of venturing further into densely populated areas. She was best out here, where she knew there was less of a chance of her waking up covered in blood. Human blood, that is.

    ”Ummm….two years?” she wasn’t entirely sure how long it had been. She knew she lost three months in a cave of torture and hell with another woman she had never set eyes on again so wasn’t entirely sure there was another woman there. There had to have been because it didn’t make sense to her for it to have been her captor. The woman told her things the Forsaken couldn’t possibly have wanted her to know. Not that she had been told much of anything. ”I think Pandora years?” she ventured. ”Most people come and go after a few years , four, five, but there are a few around since the start,” Initial colonisers were rare but she knew they were out there. To have been here all this time...they must have given up on a way home. She certainly had - not that she had ever really tried looking.
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  11. Two years. Two years. The words rattled around in his head, echoing mockingly until finally sinking in. His jaw nearly dropped, and his eyes widened. He almost didn't hear the rest of Freya's response. He could be gone for over five years? What would the others do without him? How slowly would the rebuilding and recovering go without his strength to help out? Would Goku be willing to spend so long away from home to assist in his absence? Would his father? The only consolation was that he might be brought back to his world at any time.

    "I-I see," is all he said, trying not to let his face reflect the dismay he felt. "Thank you for answering my questions, Miss Freya. Again, I'm very sorry for threatening you like that." he continued, bowing stiffly to the woman. "I should go check this place out for myself. Maybe I'll see you around sometime?"