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Swallow, Jacke

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Jacke Swallow, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Jacke Swallow

    Jacke Swallow Final Fantasy

    we go where the shadows are darkest

    Played by Octi

    Fandom: Final Fantasy
    Age: 27
    Species: Hyur
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: When he's hoist from the yardarm for eating V'kebbe's sandwich!
    NPC Companions: N/A


    As a skilled, highly experienced rogue, Jacke has a number of skills he brings to the table. He's an expert in the art of stealth, able to remain undetected, allowing him to slip by somebody unnoticed or deliver potent sneak attacks. It makes pickpocketing something of a breeze for him as well, make even easier with the swiftness and grace he is able to move with. Although he is capable of making use of a wide array of weaponry, Jacke's weapon of choice are a pair of twin daggers. He also has a knowledge of venoms, which he will occasionally employ on a blade when performing assassinations.


    From beginning to end, Jacke is a clear extrovert. He's not shy by nature, he's fun-loving, he's chatty, and he has a certain unique sort of charm that can either make him fast friends or very fast enemies. Not that he's exactly out to make friends, given the line of work he's conducted in the shadows since the day that he joined the Rogues' Guild of Limsa Lominsa.

    Despite a past that may be considered dark in nature, Jacke has still managed to come to terms with his identity and discover who he is. In drastic contrast to the boy he was in his youth, Jacke is now a confident man with a sharp wit and a sense of humor that might be considered a bit dark in some circles. In the world of thieves, though, it's rather second nature. He's not afraid to joke about a subject that may not be the most commonly accepted and he's not afraid to tease at the expense of another.

    That being said, he is far from cruel and has a good heart beneath. Where his humor may be a little bit dark, it can just as easily be downright childish and he's not shy about teasing the people he cares about. He won't be shy about telling you what he thinks either even if it may be a little bit on the cruel side and it's safe to say that he can be trusted to his word unless you happen to be on his bad side. There is a certain sense of justice that Jacke holds the world around him to. Piracy has, since his youth, been something that he doesn't necessarily disapprove of but leaves him wary. What truly gets him going, though, is the idea of treating others like cargo and there is absolutely no quicker way to make an enemy of Jacke than to partake in the slavery he suffered in his youth.

    At heart, he can be considered what might be called an antihero. There is no code he personally upholds more series than "No harm shall come to the innocent". It rings true in his own actions and if he finds others breaking that code and harming the innocent, Jacke won't be afraid to take matters into his own hands until they likely finds a knife between their ribs or in their back.


    In his youth, Jacke was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in blatant violation of the code of Limsa Lominsa's underbelly. With both his freedom and his innocence stolen from him at such a young age, it's no wonder how his wariness for piracy and his serious upholding of the code came to be. It was a member of the Upright Thieves, a group of rogues who practiced in bringing justice to those who did not uphold the code, who saved him from that life and Jacke went on to follow that man's footsteps, joining the Upright Thieves and eventually helping in its transformation into what became Limsa Lominsa's Rogues' Guild. Jacke quickly took on the role of the guild's first guildmaster.


    "Well, at least the view is good!" he'd shouted as his legs dangled, as he dangled from whatever the hell V'kebbe had decided to hang him from.

    That was when everything changed, and everything changed with an immense sort of quickness. It was magic, some sort of black magic that snatched him from where he hung, only to deposit him on the yardarm of a ship when had never before seen in his life. His head ached, and his eyes blinked tight like he was waking up from some kind of nasty dream, only it wasn't. The sun was shining bright overhead, but Limsa's heights weren't looming over him anymore. It was the open sea around him instead, which would have been more manageable if he weren't still hung from the yardarm of a ship, tied up from head to toe in tight rope.

    And, naturally, V'kebbe was nowhere to be found. Instead, there were men staring up at him from the deck, men who didn't look like they were happy to see him, men he'd never seen before in his life, and just as a couple of them started to climb the shrouds to reach him, Jacke found himself aggressively swinging to free himself from his bonds. V'kebbe had been a natural in tying someone up so tight they couldn't slip off, though, which begged the question -- where the hell was she?

    "I'd recommend ya eager culls stay down there or-- or else I'll--" He swung this way and he swung that and-- well, he wasn't really going anywhere at all, was he? Jacke's grunting as he swung could be heard all the way down on the deck. "Else you'll be wishin' ye were light-heeled!" It was a little hard to make threats in his current condition.
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  2. Jacke Swallow

    Jacke Swallow Final Fantasy

    Oh my god, this is finally done. I'm so sorry for my first attempt at rogues' cant in the rp sample, it's so bad. aljfhlajsfhljasf.
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