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Taksies Backsies

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Apollo, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Apollo

    Apollo Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    God | Teacher | Nurse | Musician
    Olympian God
    4610 (17-18)
    True Neutral
    March 23rd, Y7
    @Jack Jackson

    The sand kicked up around him as Apollon walked through the streets of Horizon. His target had been set long before he arrived but still he took his time and enjoyed Apollo’s sun as he walked through the market and passed the tents of the inhabitants of the small desert town. Nearby he knew he would find him. He had been watching Jack Jackson through the sun and knew what he had done. He knew it as surely as he had done it to himself and in a way he had.

    Apollon shared in Apollo’s offerings and Jack Jackson had forgotten Apollo’s generosity. It had been almost a year and still the offering he had promised Apollo was not made. There was no grand statue depicting the great service Apollo had done and no offerings that had followed even that. It was as if the god hadn’t even restored the other man’s tongue and his ability to speak. Apollo seemed to have forgotten this man but Apollon hadn’t.

    He wasn’t just doing this for himself though. He was doing this for Apollo too. Everything he did was for both of them. Apollo had grown to forgiving. His love for mortals had overcome his good sense and judgement. Apollon did not have this flaw. He cared little for mortals and less for those who’s lied and belittled the great actions of the gods. Mortals had forgotten to fear them and thus had forgotten to respect them.

    He would teach Jack Jackson respect.

    Or so he thought as he finally reached the tent where he knew the young man lived.

    Opening the flap, Apollon entered the tent to find it as empty but this did not deter him. He took a set on a cushion and waited.

    ((It's not my best but it's there!))
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  2. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson The Pillars of the Earth

    Master Builder

    and silence speaks louder than words

    The heat of the sun was too much for many to handle this time of day, and that included Jack. No matter how long he could say he had lived here in Horizon, he didn't think he would ever manage to feel comfortable in the heat of the desert. The goal during the day, really, was just to keep it off of you and once evening came, that was when the real work began.

    He had spent much of the day in the hut he used when he was working on his statues, but it was time for a break. A good nap, perhaps, seeing as nobody seemed to be in dire need of him. Life in Horizon was fairly quiet most of the time, with its very occasional fits of bandits and scorpions, the treachery of which always passed them by in the end.

    The walk back to the place he made his home, a little house carved into the cliffside like so many others, was a short one, and upon reaching it, Jack pulled back the curtain and stepped through. But he wasn't alone and the moment he realized that, he froze, wide blue eyes staring at a familiar face he hadn't seen for many months. A year, in fact. Maybe more.

    "Apollo," he recalled, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips, though it seemed almost unsettled for a moment because he certainly hadn't expected him. "What a pleasure."

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