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Talan Upon the Trees

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Haldir of Lorien, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Haldir of Lorien

    Haldir of Lorien Tolkien Legendarium

    Marchwarden of Lothlórien
    Silvan Elf
    Over 3000 years, looks nearly 30

    Talan Upon the Trees


    Deep in the forest of Silverwood rests a peaceful tree Platform, hosting the elves from a distant realm and providing absolute peace and quiet.


    A ladder created primarily by wooden steps separated by no more than a few inches and two lengths of rope on each side in order to hold them together is the one way up to the talan, the only other way being climbing up the branches of the tree. There is a long way up to reach the actual talan, standing nearly in the height of an eight-story building.

    Two large platforms were built around the trees with the trap door into the floor of the first one marking the entrance. Each of the different platforms held the size of a proper room, yet, were connected by a small wooden bridge with carved railing. The floor and the roof above were consisted mostly of smooth teak just like the balustrade on the edge which was encircling the platforms.

    A perfect defense system was hardly required for the forest had a voice of its own which Elves easily understand. Nonetheless, threads of silk where stretched and tied around the trees not in a great distance and quivers filled with extra arrows were hidden between the boughs, just for precaution.


    Haldir of Lorien and the Elven King Thranduil of Middle Earth were the ones who decided to build the Talan. It has been in the forest for a few years. On occasion it serves as both a house and a sanctuary for Haldir and it is always kept in perfect condition.
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