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Closed Team Red Panda is hiring!

Discussion in 'Job Pinboard' started by Nic, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Nic

    Nic Coordinator
    Plots & Events Division Application Division

    Small Child Wrangler
    Coffee Addict
    First, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to @Thalia, who has been a valued member of the Application Division. Thalia is stepping down for the moment due to real life shenanigans, but we hope she'll be back!

    Now Hiring!The App Division is now hiring 1-2 people to become part of our team. App duties include:
    • Reviewing applications
    • Archiving old/dropped apps
    • Awarding Character Prerequisite Skip Awards
    You should expect to review at least 12-15 applications a month. Occasionally we do more or less depending on the volume of applications received that month, but 12-15 is pretty typical.

    RequirementsYou must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply:
    • Have been an active member of Pandora for at least three months.
    • Be available on Discord, where we have our Staff and Team chats.
    • Knowledge of our rules, in particular our Activity Guidelines and Reservation rules.
    • Familiarity with our Application Template and Guidelines.
    If you're interested in joining our team, please privately message me the following form:

    [b]OOC Name:[/b] 
    [b]Experience:[/b] relevant experience here. No worries if you have none, we'll get you trained up!
    [b]Fandom Expertise:[/b] What fandoms are you most familiar with?
    [b]Why you want to be part of the App Division:[/b] 
  2. Wisdom

    Wisdom Player

    Super Geek/Crazy Person
    Neutral Good
    OOC Name: Wisdom

    Experience: I did help as a minor staff member on a sight that lasted a few months, but not as good of a quality of Pandora. I would need a bit of training, but I think I can handle it.

    Fandom Expertise: I am knowledgeable in video game fandoms (even ones I am not apart of), as well as Star Wars and a few other odd ones here-and-there. And I am open to watching things or at leas checking out Wiki pages to make sure characters apped are being presented correctly. I am willing to learn about the basis of a fandom or character to help make sure we're having good applicants.

    Why you want to be part of the App Division: To be honest, I want to help this site any way I can. And with how many times I've apped characters and know proper criticisms as well as the rules, I'd love to help. You guys all know I am sometimes online at the most random times, and I'd love to be able to help the site when our the site needs someone who has one of the most important jobs on the site (I mean, no characters means no Pandora.) I am willing to have a brief training and just hit me up if you would like my services.

    I also have more than enough time to look at 12-15 apps. And I'd happily do so. It would be great to introduce myself to a fandom (or at least learn a little bit about one I don't know - or even expand my knowledge in a fandom I'm in!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.