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Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Telephones and Cell Phones

    Most homes in Pandora Town tend to come with one or more landline phones already installed. Cell phones now work in Pandora, complete with their wi-fi/internet access. Cell towers have been constructed all over Pandora, though the signal does become weaker around Mt. Pompeii and Misty Hollow.

    Radio and Television

    Television is also becoming far more accessible, with plenty of channels and programming available compared to the hours of static there used to be. News channels report on everyday happenings around Pandora, though, again, the focus is mostly on Pandora Town. There’s also some entertainment and children’s programming available.

    Computers and StarkNet

    Pandora’s internet (lovingly or mockingly known as StarkNet, due to Tony Stark having first developed it) has now been updated to the equivalent of the present day. StarkNet has a strong presence only in Pandora Town, Misty Hollow and Cascade Bay at the moment. The internet is broadband, and wi-fi is also available to wirelessly hook up devices. A growing number of websites are available, ranging from amateur to professional, including the widely popular social networking site, StarkBook (most commonly utilized through our forum’s status update and profile comments functionality).
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