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Tell me I'm Okay

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Rebecca Bunch, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. February 1st, Year

    "Tell me I'm okay."

    The musical fantasy began to fade away. The final notes of her imaginary song trailed away in her thoughts, and the image of herself in a beautiful gown, laid elegantly across a piano was gone. There was no more heart felt ballad that she was pleading to this near stranger with. It was back to reality, and the reality wasn't pretty. Instead of the gorgeous lounge singer, she was this sad, disheveled, exhausting looking woman begging, pleading for validation from the delivery boy. She had just went off, spending God knew how many real life minutes repeatedly asking him to reassure her that this wedding was the right choice.

    He didn't answer her. He just stared back, confused and a bit scared, as he should be.

    Suddenly, a wave of sheer exhaustion crashed over Rebecca. Her eye lids drooped beyond her control. The world started to grow blurry. She had done so much, from planning, to crafting, to baking, to trying on gowns... And there was still so much to do. She had to make this work. It was all she ever wanted, wasn't it?

    "I'm so tired..." was all she managed to mutter before her head fell back into the soft cushion of her sofa. Her eyes closed, and sweet sleep took over her. She was out before she even knew it, leaving Patrick the delivery man to just... sit there. He glanced around awkwardly, before carefully standing up from the sofa. In a moment of softness for this sorry looking girl, he picked up one of the random wedding gowns strewn across her apartment (one he'd probably have to come to pick up soon because no, it wasn't the right one), and laid it across her like a blanket. Then, making sure his steps didn't make a sound, he crept his way to the door. It barely made a click as he closed it, and he didn't notice the black vines coming up from the floorboards as he left.


    Rebecca had been too exhausted to dream. That's why she knew that when her feet were suddenly getting wet, something just wasn't right. Her eye lids began to flutter subtly at first, but then suddenly rushed open with the realization that water was now coming up to her knees. A shocked cry flew out of her lungs. She sat up straight, instantly scooting herself back in fear. Then the chill hit her. Crap, it was cold!

    No wonder. She was apparently down by the ocean, which was now lapping innocently at her toes, rather than crawling threatening up her legs. How the hell had that happened?! The terror in Rebecca multiplied as she frantically drew her knees into her chest. She just registered that the wedding gown was still over her, and she clutched to the silky white fabric for dear life.

    She definitely wasn't dreaming. Was she hallucinating now? Had she somehow made it all the way to the beach in her sleep? None of those options brought her any reassurance. They just pointed to everything being not okay, and she needed everything to turn out okay right now. The hope of that was quickly fading though, as the cold air pierced through her clothes and raised goose bumps. It was way too cold to be California. Something was very, very wrong.

    What if she was dreaming? What if this was like the time she took though sleeping pills on the plane and had a whole "Dream Ghost" adventure through her whole life? That had actually worked out well last time. Maybe she needed it again. There had been no sleeping pills this time around though, just her own deteriorating mental health. Rebecca forced herself to stand up on shaking legs. She wrapped the wedding gown around herself, pulling it tight like a shawl against the winter breeze. Whatever the situation was, it wasn't being solved by just standing here. Still, her heart was begin to race. It was getting harder to breath, harder to think. She was panicking, and all the sudden all she could do was just stand there.

    "Hello?!" she called out. Her voice was frantic. Her head told her that was a stupid, stupid thing to say. Who was she talking to? The fish? It was better than nothing though, and she needed something, and she needed it fast.