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Texts From The Dead

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Octi, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Octi

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    Texts From the Dead

    Credit for idea: @ Gemini

    Hello from the other side
    Beginning in early December, something strange has been happening across Pandora. Texts, emails, phone calls, and even letters have found their ways into the hands of Pandora citizens. Alone, that is not odd. However, the senders are...not quite what people were expecting; they are the dead. Deceased friends and family reaching out through written word.

    It is unknown whether those on the other side of the messages are truly the deceased, or an impostor.

    • Yes, this means writing communication threads with yourself!
    • The text/email/phone call/letter cannot be someone currently in Pandora.
    • They can be someone outside of their canon material that they grew close to, but died in Pandora (not just disappeared).
    • The deceased person has to either be dead, or thought dead by your character - and cannot just be someone they miss.
    • If there is the case of your character thinking someone is dead but they are not actually dead - said person can still contact them through this event. It's all about your character's perception that someone is dead.
    • The deceased is aware of their death/that they died.
    • The deceased will not answer questions about their location clearly.
    • If the deceased is someone that your character already has a saved phone number for from their world, it will still be coming from an unknown number.
    • Dread Wastes & Crystal Vales limited to letters only due to technology limits.
    • Nature of the deceased is up to you! They can be true to their canon-self, or a twisted dark version that's manipulating your character to do messed up things!
    • While it is "unknown" whether the senders of these messages are impostors or real, they should still know enough to be convincing.
    • No we will never know the source of the weird communication; it's literally just "more weird Pandora stuff happening".
    • Extreme fluff and angst greatly encouraged.
    • If deceased character that is sending messages to your character is apped and approved during the winter season, the messages will not stop because of that. Stuff just gets weird and complicated for your character.

    How to Join: This is 100% player driven so just feel free to use this like sprinkles in your winter plots <3
    Location: All of Pandora!
    Time-Frame (In Character): Entire winter season!
    Questions?: Feel free to reply to this thread, DM, PM, or @ a member of the plots team in the questions area of Pandora's discord <3