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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Thanquol, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Thanquol

    Thanquol Warhammer

    Chaotic Evil
    It's not my fault-fault! If my underlings were only competent, if I had more time, if that thrice-damned dwarf and his manthing friend hadn't...

    Played by Mako

    Fandom: Warhammer
    Age: 68 and still going strong!
    Species: Skaven
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: During the effort to invade Karak Angkul
    NPC Companions: Boneripper, the seventh rat ogre to bear that name, and in fact the reanimated body of the first Boneripper to serve Thanquol. A huge hulking beast, basically.


    The Skaven, a species of large humanoid rat-like creatures, are generally known for their maliciousness towards virtually all others, their madcap creativity and their tendency towards paranoia. As the Skaven's most accomplished and infamous Grey Seer bar none, Thanquol has these qualities in spades as well as many other unsavoury ones besides.

    One does not live a week in the Skaven Under-Empire, much less for 68 long years, without possessing an extremely quick and inventive mind. Thanquol is intelligent and observant even by the standards of his power-hungry peers, and his dual sense of opportunity and danger has been honed to such a degree as to almost be supernatural in its power. Strategy and tactics are, as practices, as simple to him as breathing or eating, and just as it takes a thief to catch a thief Thanquol is also very aware of schemers of a similar bent and the tactics they may be using against him. He is as comfortable in such a world as a chess player is at the board - albeit if the chess pieces were all rigged to explode under certain extremely convoluted conditions involving virtually every other piece in some way.

    Unlike a lot of Skaven, Thanquol is literate and indeed something of a student of language; he picks new things up very quickly, and can master the rudiments of most language systems with a little hard study. His knowledge of the esoteric, the mystical and the arcane is also very wide, making him a widely-read master of folklore and magical practice as well - more on this below.

    While the Grey Seers are traditionally the most conservative caste of Skaven society, rejecting the techno-magic of the Warlock Engineers as newfangled revisionism and the grotesque worship of the Plague Priests as abject heresy to the rat-god of their species, Thanquol does not share his brothers and sisters' aversion to non-traditional things. Indeed, his curiosity and willingness to experiment when the tried-and-true methods for victory fail is arguably what has led to the (dubious) success he has enjoyed; Thanquol is not caught out by new and unfamiliar events or surroundings, and will soon adapt to them and learn to turn them to his advantage.

    While he's not exactly the greatest warrior ever to have lived, Thanquol is nevertheless capable of defending himself physically if called upon to do so. Cowardly he may be, but it's well known that cornered rats will fight to the death - and so it is with the Grey Seer. He's handy with a sword, using the natural speed and dexterity of his species to his advantage against slower and more cumbersome opponents, and if all else fails he has sharp claws and teeth that can sever through chain-mail if he bites down hard enough.

    All Skaven are nimble and blessed with quick reaction speeds, and are able to carry out acts of athleticism that are surprising for creatures of their size. They're not particularly strong, about the same strength as one would expect a human to be, but they are noticeably quicker and more slippery, and Thanquol is no exception to this. He also benefits from the sharp hearing, sense of smell and eyesight of his species; he can see in near pitch-black conditions and has an uncanny sense of direction even when underground.

    Special Abilities
    The magic of the Horned Rat

    Grey Seers serve a dual purpose in Skaven society; they are its priest caste and as such are are expected to provide religious guidance (of a kind, anyway) to the masses. They are also, however, powerful wizards in their own right, and in times of war or sabotage against the "surface people" they provide the Skaven armies with much-needed magical muscle. To cut a long story short, Thanquol is easily the most powerful Grey Seer currently living, and indeed may be one of the most powerful sorcerers of any species to exist within his canon.

    Magical powers in the Old World are fuelled by the Winds of Magic, "streams" of arcane power that emanate from the Realm of Chaos and blow over the whole globe. Skaven in particular draw on the wind known as dhar, the dark wind that is used to craft what would be traditionally known as "black magic." Over time, Grey Seers have crafted this into specific lores, rituals, spells and curses unique to their culture - and of course, being a good student, Thanquol has studied the black tomes of his people very deeply indeed.

    Using his natural affinity for the arcane, Thanquol can carry out a frankly bizarre and wide-ranging number of spells, ranging from relatively tame things such as "marking" an opponent with a magical pustule he can track, creating a small ball of sickly light or summoning an ordinary rat from thin air to do his bidding, to the truly terrifying scale of the grand spells of the Horned Rat. At his peak, Thanquol can call forth hordes of ravenous spirit-rats to devour entire regiments, grasp at and pull around sailing-ships and buildings with tendrils of pure power and summon unnatural storms of warp lightning and hurricane-force winds. By using warpstone dust (as described below) he can even go beyond his own natural limits for a time, enhancing his most potent spells until they have the potential to threaten armies and even small cities. There is, however, a cost to this, as will be discussed later.

    Thanquol carries a number of items on him at all times, so as to aid in his schemes generally.

    A sharp sword:
    Thanquol's sword is nothing particularly special. It's just a sharp, wicked-looking blade that he keeps around for personal protection.

    Staff of the Horned Rat:
    This staff is a symbol of Thanquol's rank - it is only given to aspiring Grey Seers once they pass the final tests to enter the ranks of the priesthood proper. While he can use magic without it, the staff serves as a focus for it and allows for Thanquol to cast more complex spells without the concentration they would usually require. Without it, some of his most powerful spells would become extremely difficult for him to pull off, or would have a much higher risk of backfiring and causing him some gruesome injury.

    Warpstone Amulet:
    Made of purest warpstone, a substance of pure crystallised magic, this little token is also a badge of office, though its practical purpose is one of defence; people who are unused to the corrupting effects of warpstone radiation will become increasingly dizzy and sick the closer they are to it. Unless the person is very tough, being within arm's reach of Thanquol - and by extension the amulet - will make these symptoms almost unbearable.

    Escape Scroll:
    Every world-beater should have a backup plan just in case things go awry! Thanquol carries several such contingencies on his person, tied to his belt in a tough leather pouch. These scrolls have been enchanted so as to immediately whisk Thanquol and anything he's touching at the time away from danger should he activate them, transporting him instantaneously to a previously selected "safe spot." He has three on him, and will have to create more if these run out by enchanting parchment with the appropriate rituals. It usually takes him a month of magical shenanigans to replace one used scroll due to these demands.

    Pouch of Powdered Warpstone:
    Everyone's got their vices. Warpstone in a powdered form can be taken to enhance existing magical powers to fever-pitch levels; if you want a metaphor, it's rather like expanding the size of a battery bank temporarily so as to use more power to activate something. Of course, if one charges a battery too fast, it explodes... and warpstone has its downsides, which will be talked about in the weaknesses section.

    To create this powder, Thanquol can take a crystal of warpstone and channel a small amount of magical powder through it, powderising it and allowing him to top up his stash.

    NPC's Abilities
    Boneripper, Thanquol's eternally loyal and long-suffering bodyguard, is a rat ogre. One of the Skaven castes, the Master Moulders of Clan Moulder, created these brutes through experimentation with warpstone's mutagenic properties in order to serve both as guardians of high-ranking Skaven and also as living battering rams on the battlefield. Boneripper is a particularly fine testament to the clan's art, such as it is; he is a huge, hulking monster, standing at fully thirteen feet tall and rippling with rotten undead muscle.

    With his two "normal" arms, Boneripper is capable of pulling a grown human being apart like a stuffed doll; his claws are enormous and capable of peeling apart plate steel, and his musculature allows him to exert frankly horrifying levels of force upon whoever is unfortunate enough to fall into his grip. Despite his size, Boneripper is surprisingly nimble, a basic trait he shares with his smaller Skaven cousins. Obviously he won't be doing the acrobatics one might expect of Thanquol, but he can at least move with some speed and dexterity that would take people off guard.

    Boneripper's third limb is a warpfire thrower, a sort of flamethrower that belches out magical fire generated by the weapon's warpstone core. It is a short-range weapon that burns its targets while exposing them to the hideous effects of warpstone radiation; those who survive may well find themselves bubbling over with minor but agonising mutations as their flesh reknits under the magical influence of the energy they've been battered with.

    As noted briefly above, Boneripper is technically both undead and a cyborg; the Master Moulders resurrected him from death via a form of extremely experimental technomancy, and as such his body doesn't respond to damage the way a living one would. Simply put, the monster does not eat or drink, does not sleep and barely feels pain of any kind. Parts of him are heavily armoured with steel and bronze, he only notices major injuries as an irritation when they are inflicted, and unless they seriously damage a limb or other vital part of Boneripper's structure they're unlikely to slow down the beast, let alone stop him. As such, Boneripper is phenomenally tough, but the downside to this is that he cannot heal naturally; Thanquol must spend time and all-important magical energy repairing any wounds the rat ogre takes in the line of duty.


    • Severe Paranoia: whether through overuse of warpstone dust or just because he grew up in the most cutthroat society imaginable, Thanquol is extremely paranoid and is constantly under the impression that schemes are being laid against him when none in fact exist. This causes him to self-sabotage more often than not, as he tries to proof his plans against enemies that simply aren't there and wastes time chasing shadows instead of focusing on the things he needs to do to succeed.
    • Magic is Fickle: the winds of the arcane blow strongly or more weakly with no rhyme or reason, and this is also true in Pandora. While dhar (or the Pandoran recreation of it) is at an ebb, a lot of powerful spells will be difficult or even impossible for Thanquol to perform, and he will have to wait until the wind is strong again before he can access them. In addition, drawing on too much of the power of magic is both a guessing game and a terrible risk; many great sorcerers have ended their days spontaneously combusting, turning themselves inside out or worse due to drawing upon powers they could not in fact control.
    • Warpstone Addiction: aside from the fact that taking too much warpstone powder raises the risk of a magical mishap considerably, it is also horrifyingly addictive. Thanquol is now helplessly caught in its clutches; he has to have a semi-regular fix of it, at least one dose every few days or so, or he begins to hallucinate, shiver, experience shooting pains and ramped-up paranoia even beyond his normal level. After around five days, these symptoms can become so severe as to be lethal.
    • Wild Animal (Boneripper): the rat ogre isn't stupid exactly, but the fact is that he wasn't bred for sentience and only possesses a rudimentary intelligence, enough to ensure he guards Thanquol loyally no matter what. As such, while he responds to simple commands and easily understood situations well, he's quite capable of being outsmarted by an opponent who can control their fear of him.
    • Overpowering Sensations: Possessing sharp hearing, eyesight and smell can be a problem as well as a gift. Certain extreme smells, sounds or bright sensations can dazzle Thanquol and even cause him quite a bit of pain.
    • Merely Mortal: Without his magic - and without Boneripper to protect him - Thanquol is no more unkillable than the average human soldier. Sure, he'll fight tooth and claw if he thinks he's trapped, but that isn't going to stop a skilled or more powerful opponent from simply overpowering him.


    The light of the moon casts a pale glow across a cave entrance, in which our hero stands glaring out at the brave new world that he now occupies. This is THANQUOL, arch-sorcerer of the Skaven Under-Empire and apple of the Horned Rat's eye. Assuming, of course, that rats like apples.

    He regards the wasteland below with a cool, calculating eye, taking in the far-off columns of dust and listening with pricked ears to the roar of the strange machine-carriages the manlings are piloting in the distance. They are clever apes, these ones. The men of his homeworld had nothing like these machines, nothing to match their speed or power. It is fascinating, but it is a thought for another time. For now, there is business to attend to, and so he turns and shuffles back into the cave and into the cool, mind-clearing security of the shadows there.

    A larger shadow stands waiting for him in the crude quarters he has gathered together for himself. It is his loyal servant, BONERIPPER - or what is left of him now that the Master Moulders have brought him back from wherever monsters go when they die. THANQUOL pays him no mind. Instead, he sits at the lopsided desk he has built for himself, pulls forth a sheet of stained parchment and begins to write..

    year - unknown. time - who can say. not important. i, the mighty and great thanquol, have been cast adrift in this place for what must be two days two and a half days.

    i am keeping this record to provide insight into this strange world that i find myself in. indeed, such a record may prove very useful; the council of thirteen cannot complain i was idle, no! no! no!
    fools they are always doubting me they think i don't see their scheme-planning and their
    I have begun to resent
    my genius has no limits and
    boneripper has eaten no less than seven manlings today, i didn't know he could still do that

    by the horned rat,t he itching, thee ithcing it plaguess me, i willpause heree

    At this moment, our wise protagonist downs his rough-cut little quill and takes a small pinch of sickly-glowing WARPSTONE POWDER from a secure pouch at his belt. Placing it delicately next to his left nostril, he takes a deep inhalatory breath - and the powder is gone.

    yes. yes. better. much better. warpstone, that is my goal here. not only for myself, no, though certainly that would be a good thing indeed. no, no, i have assessed this world in my admittedly brief time here, and i believe there is... potential. yes, yes, potential, and such that a quick-witted and sharp-minded thinker such as myself could take advantage of - for the glory of the horned rat and the under-empire, of course, of course! but for potential to become reality i need power, and warpstone is power most potent. thankfully our god has smiled upon his favoured and chosen son once more, for even with what little means i have here i can sense it, i can feel it, the power it emanates is unmistakable, far from me though it is and well though it may be hid.

    i will find the caches and crystals of our most precious asset. i will seek them out. it may be that the manlings have possession of it, in which case i will begin a subtle approach, yes, i will use the shadows of my cunning to beguile them and trick them and bring it into my clawgrip. however, these manlings are strange, assuming that it is indeed manlings i will have to deal with, yes. it may be that the peoples of this strange land do not even know what it is they have, that they are ignorant of the sacred rock and its divine purpose. all the better, all the better! yes, yes, the surfacedwellers are fools indeed if they do not know, but that is all the better for me!

    i do not know the ways home, but i will find them - that is assured. and when i return, when i return with the power of pandora in my paws and the might of all worlds in my grasp, even the council of thirteen will have to acknowledge my greatness, yes, yes! and then, and then, you wretched little flea-biters, you foolish haughty would-be warlords and you back-snapping welps, you will bow to me, you will bow to thanquol, you will bow to me as you should have done long ago.

    after i secure warpstone sufficient for my plans, i must seek out the power bases in this world, the great schemers. it is important to know who might be useful and who might be an obstacle, yes. things are different here, i have not the backing of the under-empire to count on - which means that i will have to put my intelligence to work and make my own links here. difficult? perhaps, for some, but not for thanquol. i will have what i need by the end of the month, if that. from there, the skeleton of my plans will have been built. who are the resisters? who are the meddlers, the interferers, who will seek to frustrate my designs here? this also i must find out and quick-quick, in case one of them steals a march on me by sheer luck.

    yes, we must make a list - those who it would be good to keep close, and those who it would be good to keep even closer. no more slip-ups from idiot underlings, no more mistakes by those sent to serve me. everything will go according to plan here - exactly as i plan it!

    considering how my enemies will surely stop at nothing to hound me, i should probably keep this document secret. it would not do for it to fall into the wrong hands. perhaps i should eat it.
    food is low, after all.

    Pondering this weighty question, the magnificent THANQUOL chews thoughtfully on his quill for a moment. His trusty bodyguard simply maintains his vigil, as he has done since they were bundled into this mixed-up box world. For now, their resources are meagre, but the sickly green glow of ambition has begun to light the path ahead - and good times are coming soon, yes, yes...

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  2. Thanquol

    Thanquol Warhammer

    Chaotic Evil
    All right, friends and foes, here's my app done!
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    your application is

    Thanquol looks great, Mako! You know the drill, stop by any relevant sign ups, and have fun!

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