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That Cloud Has a Knife

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by milk, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. milk

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    That Cloud Has a Knife

    what'dya got there?

    In late November within the Slubering Abyss' Crystal Mines, there was a minor earthquake. Nothing was really knocked over, nobody harmed, however a lot of Crystals cracked. These Crystals are what are responsible for the unique weather within the Vales, and thanks to so many cracking - it has become a common occurrence within the rest of Pandora for the winter season.

    Not every time it rains, snows, or grows foggy will it have the following effects. Just...sometimes.

    You can tell that it isn't typical rain/fog/snow, by a general green tint that outside suddenly has during the weather occurring. The weather conditions never last more than a few hours, before turning into the normal version of itself.

    Stasis RainStasis rain - in short - renders technology useless. It doesn't break it, of course. Any effects from the Stasis Rain only occur while it is raining. How hard it is raining, changes just how much technology loses its mind.

    Wifi and phone signals get terrible and slow. Computers run at about half speed and crash very easily. Everything is still functional, just runs very poorly.

    All floating signals are dead; wifi, bluetooth, cellular (both data and general bars). Computers now run at quarter speed, and crash somehow even more. However, if you use a hard-line with internet (aka plug directly into your router with an ethernet cable) it'll still work. Just get ready for dialup speeds.

    Technology as a whole freezes instantly. The power is probably struggling or just completely out. Honestly just light a candle and read a book.

    Stasis FogThis fog removes your characters ability to use super/magical powers.

    The character's power is technically still usable, just severely nerfed.

    All powers are gone. Congrats, you're an average person now. Welcome to the real world.

    Stasis SnowStasis snow is a new occurrence, which even the Vales isn't accustomed to. It takes out both powers and technology alike. The snow itself sticks or doesn't stick just like normal snow. After it falls, it looks and feels like normal snow; blending with any normal snow that might have already been on the ground, or fell after. The effect only takes place while the snow is falling.

    Just like light stasis rain and fog, everything is still functional, just...bad. Technology runs poorly and powers are weakened.

    All powers are gone, and technology is useless. Go take a nap or something.

    • As a reminder, not every occurrence of weather during the winter season will be this sort - just sometimes
    • And it's a temporary thing - only a few hours max, and a few minutes minimum
    • Your characters are under no obligation to ever deal with this weather
    • It tends to take place over very small areas at a time - meaning it could literally be just your house
    • In theory you could technically walk out of the effected zone
    • Effects only last while the rain/snow is falling, and while it's visibly still foggy
    • So your technology will be just fine after it, and your powers will return to normal.
    • You can tell the difference between normal rain/snow/fog and the stasis version by a green tint that happens outside

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    Timeframe (in character): ALL SEASON
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