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The best drink at Sonic's organizer

Discussion in 'Player Organizers' started by CherryLimeade, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. CherryLimeade

    CherryLimeade Player


    I'm basically Shrek

    Seriously though get out of my swamp

    About MeI am literally making myself late for work by doing this, if that tells you something. A working woman with a...varied background, who is now a content office worker who loves to write, play video games, and complain about work. Salty about basically everything. Full of good advice about terrible things and what I'm told are interesting stories about my weirder life experiences. Ask me about the petrified human femur. In an abusive relationship with a demon cat named Tinkerbell. She's probably judging you as we speak.

    Roleplay PreferencesI really don't have much of one, but when something does get my interest, I tend to go whole hog on it. There shouldn't be much worry about me posting responses quickly. I like angst, I like fluff. It's all good.

    LimitsNone, really. Nothing much squicks me too much except explicit sexual stuff, which doesn't seem to happen here anyway. Ask and see, I might be interested.

    Check out my characters below!

  2. CherryLimeade

    CherryLimeade Player



    Dragon Age


    About Cole"Cole is a unique entity, described as being caught somewhere between the realm of the Fade and the real world. He is a spirit, though there are some who believe that he may be some sort of demon pretending to be human. Cole himself is unsure of what exactly he is, and his unique set of abilities are unprecedented. Cole also has the uncanny ability to sense people who are in pain. He uses this ability to find people in the most painful moment of their lives and offers them comfort without hesitation, judgement, or expectation of thanks. He is searching for his place in the world; an ally to those who wish to help others." -Dragon Age Wiki

    Cole is a caring, helpful young man, and he is naturally attracted to people who he senses pain in, out of an ingrained need to try and help them. He will also search for people he senses bad intentions from, seeking to stop them before they can carry out whatever their evil act might be. Cole does not like to kill, but he has no inherent feelings against it either, if he feels it is truly necessary to help, then so be it.

    He has very little idea of what to do with himself outside of his role as a Compassion spirit, and is further bewildered by the increasingly-human body he finds himself in, after allowing the Inquisitor and Varric to guide him on the path to becoming more of a human and less of a spirit. The idea of requiring food, sleep, and other such needs somewhat horrifies him, and being constantly noticed and unable to cause people to forget him gives Cole more distress than he would prefer. He especially is unsure what to make of the concept of requiring help himself, even though his unsure steps into his new world could perhaps use a guiding hand or two.

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