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The Blind Dead Come Ashore

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Corvo Attano, May 6, 2018.

  1. Corvo Attano

    Corvo Attano Guest

    April 19th

    Corvo watched from afar through a spy glass, two guards who before had been under his command, he wasn't technically the governor's bodyguard anymore but he still was living there and so was Jessamine, so they knew he would want to take part in this. The ship was in disrepair, rotten wood covered in barnacle, torn sails and holes all through the upper decks just above the waterline, but the dropped anchor made it clear someone had intentionally run it aground to make land near the town. But no one had exited and the place was dead silent, Corvo could feel a chill on his spine, this was a bad place, a broken place and the should have left but instead he made his way down to the beach, towards the ship and whatever it contained. As soon as he got within a few feet he noticed the fog, it had rolled in without any sort of warning and the air was much too cold for a spring day. Corvo grabbed his sword and looked to the ship, he could see shapes moving on the deck now, robed figures with swords. He looked back to his allies only to them being cut down to by two other robed men who had walked out of the water, just simply stepped out of the surf like it was nothing. He clicked his mask in place and drew his hand bow, aiming at one of the figures and placing a bolt through the back of his skull. Only it didn't stop him.

    The robed figure turned around and stared at Corvo, no not stared, staring would require eyes to see with, what this being did was look at him with empty sockets in a rotted skull with tangled strips of hair hanging from it's rotted chin. It's robe covered with filth and lairs of rot from the years that had gone by underneath they wore rusted chainmail with a torn cloth cover with a faded red cross emblazoned upon it. They gripped swords in their skeletal hands and seemed to be searching for the source of bolt. That's when Corvo realized, they couldn't see him, they were blind. He stepped away from the water and held his breath, keeping silent and started to move into a position where he could attack them hopefully gaining some distance before they noticed him. The others came down from the ship, blindly scoping out the beach, seemingly using the clicking of their bones as some sonar to detect shapes. One swiped at Corvo as it got near, not fully seeing him but making out his shape in the blackness. Corvo parried the blow and sliced clean through the rotted limb, kicking the body back, although it didn't fall instead it continued to follow him. And the clanging of his sword had drawn the others, fifteen of the Blind Dead were boxing him in against the rocks, Corvo was alone, against the oncoming horde.
  2. One can read the future in battle lines, assuming one can read. Swain thought this to himself as he looked out over the sea. He had been here for only a few days, and yet He had not been idle. It would not do for him to be caught flat-footed by some twist of fate or quirk of the land, and so he had set about scouting Pandora with the express purpose of learning the rules and oddities of the Box. His experience in the Ionian Conflict had taught him well. A phantom pain crept up his severed left hand. The wound served as a reminder. He regarded the demonic talon that had replaced it. Noxus was the prominent power in his world, and he would make sure this land followed suit.

    Something caught his attention. One of his Ravens circled in the sky above him. Interesting. It appeared there was something worth his time occuring nearby. The bird pearched on his shoulder, leaning in to whisper it's findings into his ear. He nodded carefully, and waved it back into the flock, abruptly turning from the sea and begining to march towards the site of interest.

    It did not take Swain long to find what he was looking for. Upon the sands of the beach A lone figure was battling a number of skeleton creatures. Swain arched an eyebrow. He had not heard of any necromantic activities within the box, but he supposed it did not surprise him. Perhaps this place had the equivalant of the Harrowing? There seemed to be too few undead for it to be one, but then there were many differences between His own world and Pandora. He continued to watch the battle. It became quite clear to him that the lone warrior seemed to be in trouble. One did not even have to read to see that. He hesitated a moment longer, before deciding that perhaps he could glean some more knowledge of this land if he were to lend his assistance. He began making his was towards the fight.

    He was still somewhat far out, but he decided to make his prescence known. He raised his demonic hand, casting Vision of Empire. In the middle of the largest cluster of skeletons, a huge, red eye raised from the floor, hanging for a second. The creatures did not respond at first, but then it exploded, knocking several apart and drawing attention to him. Ghostly Ravens flew from the skeletons and into Swain as he absorbed what little Soul Fragments they had left. Secrets whispered in the back of his mind, but there was nothing worth noting. They were mere constructs after all.

    It was not long before he arrived in the heart of the conflict. Several Skeletons advanced towards him, seeing a new foe. He disregarded them and instead addressed the lone warrior "I do hope I am not interrupting a private party?" He said with an edge of sarcasm in his tone.
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  3. Corvo Attano

    Corvo Attano Guest

    The Blind dead could barely react to the spell seeing as they were unable to see it but once it had done it's damage they were left shaken and focusing on the man that had entered the battle. The Dead had simple desires threats were to be killed, women were to be captured, their hearts removed to be offered to their pagan gods and their bodies be eaten to sustain their eternal hunger. The robed knights staggered to face the new arrival, sightless eye sockets staring off in his direction as they staggered and wavered, trying to get to their targets as quick as their rotted bones could carry them. Corvo didn't understand wehre the mage's powers came from nor did he care at the moment, instead he simply rushed forward and dug his sword into the skull of one of his attackers and wrenched it down to split the dried rotted bone. Kicking the body over he drew his crossbow and fired off three incendiary bolts, setting a group of the dead on fire and leaving them falling over eachother in a foul smelling pyre.

    Corvo looked to his ally and tilted his head. "Don't know where you came from but at least your timing is impeccable." The man pulled a bomb from his coat and pulled the wire to ignite the internal mechanisms and tossed it into the horde, scattering pieces of the revenants flying all over and reducing the Horde by a slight degree.
  4. He seemed somewhat capable in a fight, at least. Swain always had a Raven's Eye on the lookout for talent. Strength was the measure of a nation, and those with it were to be rewarded. The creatures shambled toward him once again, only to be blown away by a makeshift bomb hurled by his ally of circumstance. The group was begining to thin now, but there were still more than enough for both of them. Swain raised his hand once more, projecting a translucent claw from it toward the advancing creatures. It passed through them, sending sparks and staggering them, before returning. It did not pass through a second time, instead detonating and causing talons of red energy to stab through the angles of the creatures effected. Swain pulled his hand back, coaxing a mysterious force to pull them somewhat closer to him. Glowing red ravens flew from the creatures once again, the Soul Fragments whispering nothings into the back of his mind. He paid them no heed.

    A creature was upon him now, but made the mistake of thinking him helpless. It's clumsy strike glanced from the Ironspike Metal covering his shoulder harmlessly. Swain reacted with speed belieing his apparant age, grabbing the creature by the neck with his Demonic Hand and snapping it without a second thought. "It appears our foe is not as dangerous as I had thought. A pity. Shall we finish this?" He asked nonchalantly.
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