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The Darkest Of Them All [Twinsies!]

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Jefferson, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    March 20, Year 7


    By choosing to come out here, Jefferson knew that he was taking a terrible risk with his own life. There was an unseen 'monster' on the loose somewhere nearby

    (or so we've been told)

    , and he/she had an affinity in making children disappear. Perhaps, once that unseen attacker ran out of little victims to drag away, they would move on to the larger, more mature variety...which of course meant that any and all 'grown-ups' in the Hollow could possibly be next.


    Jefferson remembered being weak before Pandora had brought him here. Stupid. Defenseless. Exactly the kind of person that Grace would have frowned upon, never mind completely disapproved of for being much too poor. Once upon a time, he might have thought to go on staying that way, if only to keep his only surviving family member out of a dangerous mess that he could very well end up causing.

    And then...he just happened to discover it. A brand-new form of deadly nightshade, conveniently growing upon the ridge close to the seashore. Without any second thoughts, he had dared to harvest it and hide it away for later use, just in case some villain or other person with wicked plans on their mind decided to take any action against himself...or some other innocent person, for that matter.

    To make everything a lot more interesting, day he had started dealing out the poison, but only to the highest payers for such matters. One client had led to two, then three; and soon, he had a lucrative business on his hands. Business enough that could last him the move from one town to another, so much the better to avoid detection by the new government of Cascade Bay.

    It was out here in the woods close to the power station that Jefferson could, at least, not be noticed so easily by local law enforcement. Leave them to their Missing Persons ads and their information gathering, and let them all see how long that would last their sorry little lives.

    As for himself, his would be the way of gathering more of the deadly plant that could closely resemble thyme or some other harmless thing with a single touch, followed by a thought-delivered warning of danger nearby. Just like his own new form of business, it would not be caught in the act so easily.

    Especially with the chance of at least one onlooker trying to sneak up on him, stupidly thinking that he would not hear their footsteps before they tapped him upon the shoulder…

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    mood: Evil twin alert, are you ready for him…??

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