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The Defeated Victory

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Athena Cykes, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Athena Cykes

    Athena Cykes Guest

    August 20th, Year 7

    Athena had once again looked back at the courtroom door. Her first case in Pandora - so different from the courts of her own home - had ended in a victory. Besides a few forced smirks to her client and his girlfriend, she was in no mood to celebrate. For the first time in her career, she was pretty sure she had helped someone guilty get out of being punished. At least it had been a petty theft, and not some grand-scale murder. But still, her life back home - at the Wright Anything Agency - was one were all of her clients had been framed. In Pandora, her career had officially began defending an arrogant young man.

    Maybe it was meant to be a wake up call. She couldn't really tell that to herself at the time, but the world of Pandora was probably like that. She'd probably be defending more guilty clients after finally having had become an official attorney in the world that had still been so mysterious and strange for her. She had ignored all reporters asking her questions on how she did it, why she even defended someone who was obviously guilty. She just had kept walking until she had found a quiet place to wait for a bus ride back home, not understanding how other lawyers from Pandora could sleep at night.

    Maybe she'd been overreacting. She had done her job, and even had done it with enough skill to win a court trial. After she had sat on a bench while she still dawdled her idle time away until a bus could've come, her thoughts chewed at her. Her mind had ensnared her into a trap of insults. 'Vile. Villainous. Scummy. Traitorous.' She soon heard the bus coming to pick people up after it had let out a slight screech upon stopping. She took a seat alone, all the way in the back of the bus. What would Apollo have done? Right, assuring himself he had done what had to be done. Telling himself he was fine.

    "Athena Cykes is doing fine..." She whispered to herself. For once, she'd no guide or mentor to tell her the cold facts of life in some cases. She had to take the tragic truth in... Just her own feelings and instincts - no more.​

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  2. Kaz Brekker

    Kaz Brekker Guest

    Kaz was screwed. Really, truly screwed.

    "MOVE! Out of the way!" Came shouting behind him, as he ran hectically through the evening street crowd. He was attracting a lot of attention, but there was no way around it. Especially with all the shouting the cop was doing behind him. "You! There! STOP!"

    Suffice to say, Kaz was not going to stop.

    It wasn't often that Kaz screwed up, that his plans failed, but when they did, they failed spectacularly. He, and a few of his cronies, had been robbing a small shop. Worn some masks, pulled the guns, done the usual gig. It was supposed to have been your average robbery. Except how was he supposed to know that one of the customers present was a telepath, and didn't need one of those cellular devices to call for help? He might have been a meticulous planner, but he wasn't a fortune-teller. This damn world and it's supernatural powers, he thought bitterly, as he sprung over a park bench. His bad leg twinged painfully when he hit the ground, threatening to give out. He liked to pretend he was a huge badass, but he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up this chase for long. He needed a distraction.

    The perfect distraction came in the form of a hot dog cart. He slammed into it, sending it crashing, all the food and drinks flying. People screamed, jumping out of the way, and in the mayhem, he slipped into a clothing store. With the ease of a magician, he had ditched his expensive black vest and dress shirt for a cheesy bright button-up and bedecked cap. Luckily he had already left his cane behind. It was too noticeable for a robbery. Of course, there was also his signature gloves, but then, that couldn't be helped. Once he was changed, he was out on the street again in record time, walking calmly. The cop was still looking for him, but had lost his scent around the hot dog stand, giving him the perfect opportunity to slip onto the bus.

    The only empty seats were more towards the back. He slumped into one, rubbing his leg. Shortly after he had sat, a girl sitting a few seats down from him, whispered to herself. He glanced over, raising an eyebrow. "Are you talking to yourself?" He found himself blurting out. Unusual, for him, and slightly embarrassing. He blamed it on having just run for his life, and then found himself on the bus next to a stuck-up looking civilian muttering to herself. "Because I suspect, you are not fine, if you are," he added sarcastically, not knowing it was about herself that she had been talking about in the first place.
  3. Hayes had no idea why she was doing this.

    She didn't do the mentor, take them under your wing, offer sage advice thing. In fact, when she had been teaching, she'd gotten suspended for sleeping with her students - all well above the legal age of consent, if against the ethics code of the school. Hayes had no reason to care. Yet when she saw the girl win the case and look like someone kicked her dog over it, she followed her.

    The whole bus ride, Hayes was convincing herself that she'd just let the girl get off, then go either back to her own place or head to the bar. God, how predictable. This place was going to suck the life out of her if she didn't find something more meaningful out of it. Which was probably why she ended up following the sad kid away from the courthouse.

    Just as she resolved to give up on this terrible idea, Hayes noticed a scruffy man address her in a way that Hayes didn't like. "Hey! Back off. No one wants to be bothered on a public bus."
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