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The Dream Machine

Discussion in 'Old Seasonal Events' started by Steel, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. Steel

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    The Dream Machine


    Wati Corp., a small, but technologically advanced entertainment and toy company based in Pandora Town, has achieved great growth in recent week thanks to the runaway success of their newest product, The Dream Machine. Within days of its release, its popularity soared and it can now be found in shops in every corner of Pandora.

    What is the Dream Machine?

    The Dream Machine is a device that puts the user to sleep and into a state of lucid dreaming, allowing them full awareness of and control of their dreams. They can control the length of their dreaming sessions, and can awaken from it at any time. Physically, the Dream Machine is a simple and elegant device that can be placed over the head, with outline of a flower glowing on its face mask. The sides of the head are left uncovered, while the face mask covers the eyes, nose, and mouth. [Reference Image]

    The Dream Machine user has access to the following features:
    • Full control of their personal dreams
    • The ability to enter another user's current dream (with appropriate permissions from the target user)
    • Access to the Wati Dreamshop where carefully and artfully crafted pre-made dream scenarios can be purchased and downloaded

    What You Don't Know

    The information in this section is not known to the public as of the start of the season, and is here for plotting purposes only. That may change over time.

    The Dream NetworkThe Dream Machine runs off of the Dream Network, housed at Wati Corp. Anybody who uses the Dream Machine is connected to this network. While the company is not doing anything dastardly with this network, despite its high levels of security there is always the chance the network could be hacked. Anybody who can gain unauthorized access to the Network would have access to the dreams and the mind of every user connected at that time, and it could open the door to more possibilities and violations. Dreams could be used to plant suggestions and ideas into a users mind, as well as pull information out of them.

    Major Plot Hook
    • Hacking of the Dream Network (we are looking for one or more characters who would do this on a large scale for nefarious reasons)
    AddictionUsers who do not moderate their usage of the Dream Machine risk becoming addicted to the device. The Dream Machine uses a chemical to put people into that state of lucid dreaming that, while harmless in controlled doses, can become addictive if overused.

    The longer the Dream Machine is around, the more wide-spread the reports of addiction will be -- people who spend their days using the Dream Machine, preferring their created reality over the one that exists when they take off the Dream Machine.

    Symptoms of Dream Machine Addiction
    • Repeated prolonged sessions with the Dream Machine may result in loss of control of the dream, often twisting them into nightmares, and the inability to wake up until they do so naturally. With the loss of lucid dreaming, dreams that reach this state are often not remembered.
    • Withdrawal symptoms may include anxiety, insomnia, headaches, inability to focus, muscle aches, fatigue, irritability, nausea and vomiting
    Written by @Rani
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