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The Echo In The Mirror | Evil Elspeth

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Elspeth Gordie, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Okay, so, in her world, Elspeth is the Seeker, destined to find and destroy the weaponmachines, AI that... well, wrecked the world. Anyway, there's this other person, the Destroyer, who will find and activate the weaponmachines if Elspeth doesn't stop him in time. His name is Ariel, and he's a white-haired bastard.


    Evil Elspeth, also known as White, is coming to Pandora. And she's... a black-haired bitch. In her world, she and Ariel switched places. He's the Seeker, and she's the Destroyer. Unlike canon Elspeth, who is blunt but well-meaning, White is a manipulative, lying, charming girl, who will happily give you permanent brain damage if that's what it takes for her to achieve her goal. She has little standards, and even less morals, and only one goal.


    To achieve this goal, White's going to be collecting connections and minions like normal people collect stamps, in a twisted reflection to what Elspeth is trying with Obernewtyn. If White views someone as threat, she's not even going to bother with the collection, and just try to kill them. However, White only really sees other Farseekers/Coecers/Telepaths as a threat, due to their resistance to her powers. In particular, she's going to try and kill Elspeth. A lot.

    White isn't going to even try to pretend to be Elspeth, and the two can be distinguished by White's tendency towards, well, white clothing. Also, unlike Elspeth, White isn't fond of animals, viewing them slightly below normal humans in terms of value (which are somewhere underneath blankets and particularly ornamental dirt, in her mind). As such, she doesn't have any animal companions.

    Plot Hooks:
    • Minions. White can coerce people into serving her, so if you want a character to be brainwashed for a while, here is the plot for you!
    • Victims. Want to kill off a character, or even just an NPC you've made up for a one-off gag? Have them annoy White by being useless to her plans, or by breathing in her general direction. Murders by her will be generally untraceable, unless you want to have someone find out.
    • Connections. White is a valuable ally to have, even if she might turn on you in a second for more power. She's powerful, manipulative, and clever.
    • Saviours. Though White and Elspeth are perfectly balanced power-wise (apart from White's lack of healing factor, as that's something Elspeth was given, not born with), White is far more willing to use force. In a fight between the two, Elspeth will always lose, due to her fear of her own powers. White has no such inhibitions. As aforementioned, White's going to be going after Elspeth quite a lot, and though Elspeth has guardians, it may not be enough. White will mainly be attacking Elspeth on the Dreamtrails, which dreamwalkers and other telepaths can access. Elspeth is going to need some help.
    • Fights. White will try and kill anyone she views as a threat, but she may not always come off the winner. I'd love for some mind-to-mind fights, or even physical, where she gets the shit beaten out of her.
    • Lovers? This is complicated, but I'd love for White to meet someone like her, and get stuck in a can't-kill-you-still-need-you kind of relationship. There wouldn't be any actual love involved, of course. It would be the two trying to outmaneuver each other... I don't really know, it just sounds like it could be interesting.
    Any other ideas? I'm happy to hear them!