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Answered The Eldrazi and You

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Diegania, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Diegania

    Diegania The Great Distortion

    older then you
    Okay. So Eldrazi are basically the elder gods of Magic: The Gathering. There's a TON that's unknown about them, so the lore is sketchy on purpose. That said, we do have a bit of lore on them, just nothing about their true purpose or anything.

    So there's at least three Eldrazi Titans (called Ulamog, Kozilek and Emrakul. Kozilek is my avatar if you're curious.) So what the people of Mtg know as the Titans are really just manifestations of the Eldrazi. Mtg is set in a multiverse of worlds, and the Eldrazi live in between the worlds. They can "manifest" parts of themselves on a plane, and people see these parts as horrifying nightmare creatures and believe that they're seeing the entire picture.It's been said to be like a man putting a hand in a small pond, and the fish thinking that hand is another animal. The man puts his other hand in, and the fish think the hands are independent, when they're really part of a greater whole.

    That said, the "parts" (known as their brood) of the eldrazi can function without the greater whole. It'd be like if the fish killed the man in the parable above and the hand kept moving and fighting on it's own. The Gatewatch (the superhero team Jace and Lili are part of) killed Ulamog and Kozilek through Nissa ex Machina, but they still had to fight their brood (basically their hands). Also, Emrakul's brood can and will function perfectly well without her present.

    So, would Pandora be able to pull some of the brood in? It would basically just be seperating them from the rest of the eldrazi, and they'd be fine existing them on their own?

    And if the answer is no, could I create random eldritch abomination NPCs who look like the Eldrazi, can do the weird totally impossible magic the eldrazi can do, and give Jace nightmares?


    Just for fun, here's a really good, completely unofficial, fan-made explanation of the eldrazi:
  2. ArmoredBacon

    ArmoredBacon Player

    So I'm no mod or member of the storytelling team, but as a player I'd love to see any sort of eldritch abomination plot or subplot. One of the characters I play, @Tatsuya Suou has direct experience with many entities from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos so this is right up his ally. He managed to barely remain sane and survive going toe-to-toe with a form of Nyarlathotep thanks to his Persona's mind protecting abilities (A psychic manifestation of his will and personality).

    Suffice to say he's extremely wary of any new sorts of similar beings.
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  3. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Alright, so you'll be able to do whatever you'd like with random npc monsters for personal storylines and stuff. It doesn't really matter what the nature of the monster is, as long as it's just something on the plot or storyline level (please see the info on the Plotting & Requests forum for details on what those terms mean). But if you're aiming for a Major Plot, something that will potentially impact large areas or the entirety of Pandora, you'll need to run the plot by staff first so we can see what you're aiming to do, the level of impact, and similar stuff.

    As for your specific eldritch monsters, I'm going to say no, they won't be partially pulled in. Pandora will pull in all or nothing, so I'd recommend just making up some original eldritch monsters if you want to see them in your threads in Pandora.