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News Article The Figure in Grey & Other Plays

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by King Ezekiel, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. King Ezekiel

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    23rd Oct through to 31st Oct (The Figure in Grey), 19th Nov and 20th Nov (A Conversation with Zeus and Apollo).

    The Figure in Grey

    The Pandora Dramatics Society are performing their very first play, The Figure in Grey, throughout major towns. It’s based on Sally Vale’s spooky novella, and concerns a junior solicitor (Amy Kent) who is summoned to Highfin Clifford to attend the funeral of Mrs Grace Manlow. While staying at the Fenland House to attend to Mrs Manlow's legal documents, Amy endures an increasingly terrifying sequence of unexplained sounds, chilling sights and appearances by a mysterious figure in grey…

    List of cast include:

    Amy Kent: @Emma Swan.
    Jill Dumfries (the Figure in Grey): @Selina Kyle.
    Sarah Weekly: NPC*.
    Miss Jackson: @Amy Pond.
    Lampwick: NPC*.
    Scorpion the Dog: Glaceon (a Pokemon that belongs to @Cynthia).
    Scott: NPC*.
    Evan: NPC*.
    Stepchild 1: Cardboard cutout of a blonde girl.
    Stepchild 2: Shiva the Tiger (NPC).
    Stepchild 3: @King Ezekiel.
    Ghost Child 1: Shiva the Tiger (NPC).
    Ghost Child 2: @King Ezekiel.
    Ghost Child 3: @Link.

    * Any role listed as NPC is still open! Please PM me or post in this thread to claim!

    The production hit a major setback when the talented and beautiful Chanel Oberlin had to pull out of playing Sarah Weekly, devastating her legions of fans. Incredibly, the Pandora Dramatics Society managed to soldier on without her guiding light.

    The play is running in the following places on these dates:

    • 23rd Oct, Cascade Bay at 7pm.
    • 25th Oct, Misty Hollow at 7pm.
    • 27th Oct, Morhall at 7pm.
    • 29th Oct, Horizon at 7pm.
    • 31st Oct, Pandora Town at 2pm, then again at 7pm.

    Ticket prices are £1. All money made from ticket sales will go to the Echidna Family Foundation (helping orphans and widowers whose parents or loved ones have disappeared in Pandora) and the Silverwood Fund (set up to deal with victims of the fae conflict in the Misty Hollow and Silverwood area).

    A Conversation with Zeus and Apollo

    A Conversation with Zeus and Apollo is a low key, experimental pseudo-symbolic-social-political-scientific-historical play, showing in Morhall on two select dates (19th and 20th Nov at 2pm). The entrance fee is 50p.

    It’s written by debut playwright, Edward Arthur Smeech-Dimpsy (NPC), who also plays the role of @Apollo. The only other actor in the two man production is King Ezekiel, starring as Apollo’s father (Zeus).

    The play depicts Zeus and Apollo as working class people who live on a badly maintained council estate in Northern England. Zeus works day and night to support his ungrateful middle-aged son, who refuses to earn his keep and prefers to spend all of his time watching the television. The narrative frequently switches to the past, revealing comedic moments of the often clumsy Apollo at school. Highlights include Apollo stepping on his glasses and breaking them, nearly choking on an olive and being hung from a flagpole by his boxer shorts.

    When asked whether they feared the play might cause offense and spark controversy, Smeech-Dimpsy made loud farting noises with his armpits, while Ezekiel was quoted as saying: “And yet I smile.”


    An image of Smeech-Dimpsy in the role of Apollo.

    OOC Information

    The Figure in Grey: Just what it says on the tin! The Echidna Family Foundation is actually a bogus charity, connected to HYDRA, who are after your money.
    A Conversation with Zeus and Apollo: Part of a personal plot to piss off Apollo (some more).

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