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Private The Jocks are Back in Town

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Akihiko Sanada, May 17, 2019.

  1. May 12

    It had been about a week since this version of himself had appeared in Pandora. was in replacement of a much older version of himself. One in his early twenties who had somehow already made detective. From what he could tell, he really had his life together. A large house, dog, career, friends. All of which were left in a confused state, now that he existed. Pandora itself was a lot to take; but replacing a better version of himself made it much harder.

    But he was dealing with it.

    Actually taking part in the group chat that his former-self mostly ignored, was helping. Made him feel more connected to the other Persona users in Pandora; even if getting used to the phone was taking a bit of effort. Even found a bit in common with them, when his icon came up. Apparently the fact he was a boxer, made people want to test their strength against him. How could he say no to a challenge like that?

    Which...apparently meant some people were coming over. And...they apparently knew where he lived, considering they were all in his backyard now. Aki was sitting at the picnic table by the pool with a bowl of chips and salsa - Kay happily sniffing the newcomers.

    "Sorry again if I've met either of you before," he apologized, after swallowing a chip, "Been a strange week."
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  2. Kanji Tatsumi

    Kanji Tatsumi Persona
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    It was the first time Kanji heard of something as weird as this. People disappearing was common, but coming back as their younger selves? Akihiko must have been really confused with everything, especially since he didn't even remember anything that he did in Pandora before then. Kanji didn't really know the guy beyond that one meeting they had, but he was a cool guy back then and he was nice to Nanako, so he was good in the delinquent's book.

    As for this meeting, well, Kanji wasn't the kind of guy to refuse a challenge, especially when it came to strength. He was very proud of the body he made for himself, even if the intentions behind everything he did weren't good. Still, although he had only started working out so he could be as manly as possible, he did end up liking it enough that it became a part of his everyday routine and now it was just a part of who he was.

    There was no way he would refuse an opportunity to test his strength against other people.

    Akihiko was very, very different from how Kanji first met him. He was smaller and more scrawny, though still in pretty good shape. It made sense, since the Akihiko from before was his future self, so of course he would look stronger, but it was still pretty strange to see him like that.

    "We only met once, so no sweat." Kanji shrugged, grabbing one chip and dipping it in salsa. "You do look a lot different from what I remember though. It's like Pandora took your adult self and flattened him." He chuckled before eating his chip.

    At least Kay was the same as he remembered from last time. Using his other hand, Kanji was more than happy to pet her whenever she was close. Her fur just felt so soft and she was such a cute dog, it kinda made him want one himself. Not that the apartment really had room for a dog in it anyway, but still, the desire was there.

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