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The Joker

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by The Joker, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. The Joker

    The Joker DC Universe

    All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.

    Played by ChaoticAbsolute

    Fandom: DC Animated Universe (Specifically from "The Killing Joke")
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: During the final conflict of the movie in an upside down caricature of the apartment from his memories, while beating Batman as he rants about the joke that is the world as they know it.


    Hand to Hand CombatWhile the Joker is not known for a certainty to be trained in any conventional martial art, he is deceptively strong, undoubtedly ferocious and most importantly, unpredictable in hand to hand combat. His cleverness and ingenuity he has shown a proclivity for making effective use of anything at hand as a weapon, and because he fights dirty - using no predictable pattern or style - he has been shown in the past to represent a credible threat even to martial artists as skilled as batman himself.

    Mad GeniusWhile the Joker may at first seem to be nothing more than a madman, it is important to note that he is in fact quite intelligent. He learns quickly and is especially skilled at the psychological manipulation of others, understanding the human mind and how it can be warped and twisted all too well. He is also specifically capable in certain sciences, most notably genetics, chemistry and engineering The "laughing gas" or Joker Venom that he uses as a chemical weapon with great frequency is in fact a concoction of his own, and he has been shown to tailor the compound to different specific uses in the past. He has also created genetically modified abominations to be used as lackeys in the past, and many of the myriad "joke" weapons that he uses were also made by the man himself. Underestimating the mental abilities of the Joker could be said to be one of the most dangerous mistakes one could make when dealing with him.

    Toys and GizmosThe Joker has a number of both conventional and unconventional weapons at his disposal for use, though at the moment this selection is rather limited. He has knives and a revolver which can be loaded with bullets, or a gag flag that reads "bang." This flag, on second pull of the trigger, can also be fired as a deadly projectile. He also possesses a "joy buzzer" which is capable of delivering a charge sufficient to kill, and chattering teeth rigged with a timer and explosive capable of killing at close range. While he does not currently have Joker Toxin on him, it should be noted that he does have the formula memorized and is capable of making it with supplies that are relatively easy to get. In addition, while many of his gadgets and weapons are not currently on him, he does have the know-how to construct more with the proper resources.


    Like any other human, the Joker's weakness boils down to his mortality. While clever and ingenious, having escaped death and mortal injury countless times, he is in fact only human. He is susceptible to illness, injury and time just like any other human, and has no defense against any metaphysical abilities like magic or superpowers, with the exception of some levels of mind reading/control. In addition to his human mortality however, another thing to note regarding the Joker is that he himself can be manipulated by someone who understands his mind - as difficult a task as that is. When angered, especially by people who refuse to for example laugh or accept that his view of the world is the only one that makes sense, he becomes more predictable and makes more mistakes. In addition those people that he has an obsession with such as Batman himself can and have been used to somewhat control his behavior.


    He was on his knees in the mud, cold rain falling down all around him like some kind of twisted baptism...or maybe just a golden shower minus the stink and color. Or wait...was he standing? He could never remember. Was it raining at all? Or was it just the water and chemical sludge he had just been doused in making him completely soaked? All he knew was he was very itchy. He burned like someone had lit a thousand matches and shoved them under every inch of his skin, down his throat, in his eyes. He always remembered that. Funny how memory works: the good stuff all gets jumbled together in a mess of boring, indistinguishable useless goop. Wife, baby on the way, weddings and smiles. Keep it, throw it away, it was all just good for a kick of endorphins every now and again anyway, who cared? But the bad stuff? The pain, the suffering, the unbearable reality crushing down on your shoulders? No that stuck around now matter how much you hated it. There was only one place to go to get away. Down. One thing he remembered for sure was the moment he was his face in the puddle between his knees. Skin bleached white, hair green as mold on lasagna, he remembered staring for a minute, before whoever he had been was swept away in the laughter, tearing his chest open, rolling and bubbling until it consumed his mind - maybe his soul if he were naive enough to believe in that sort of crap anymore. But this time the dream was different. The memory was different. This time he looked back down at the puddle and this time the face was different - a face in a familiar black cowl, stone faced and stoic. Why wasn't he laughing?? Why didn't he get the joke?? The stone face turned into a scowl as he felt rage and annoyance burning under his skin just like the chemicals, and then two black gloved hands came bursting out of the puddle, wrapping around his throat.

    So there are these two hunters, right? And they're walking in the forest one day, just bein' buds. All of the sudden, one of them just passes out! Right there in the clearing. Now his buddy, he's freaking out, he has no idea what to do! So he dials 911, and the responder asks him what his emergency is. Hunter says, "Help! My friend just passed out, I think he might be dead!" The responder waits a minute and then says, "Well sir, before you do anything else, you need to make sure he is dead." ..... BANG!!! Hunter says, "Ok, now what?"

    Hoohoohoohoohoohoo...heheheheheheHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Oh, that one gets me EVERY time. You get it, right?? Now, here's the real question. Who's crazier? The hunter for shooting his friend? Or the responder for not telling him to check his friend's pulse? TRICK QUESTION, they're BOTH insane!! Hehehehe... And that's the joke. Everyone's crazy. Loony, bonkers, OUT. OF THEIR MINDS! The only difference between you and a "crazy" person is that you haven't been asked the right question yet.

    Have you ever had a bad day? Like a REALLY. BAD. DAY. So bad, you just wanna put a gun to your head and paint the walls grey? That or the inside of an office building red, hehehehe...oh I know you have. Ya know how? Cause I have. Your mother has. EVERYONE has. So why don't you? Easy. 'Cause you can't laugh at it if YOU do it. You can't laugh when you're not the one getting asked the question! You watch your news, you read the papers, you watch your internet videos and you see horrors! Kids filled with lead in more ways than one, buildings burned to the ground, countries destroyed by storms, and you still don't get it! You don't get the punchline! We're ALL ants under the magnifying glass of ONE GIANT MIDDLE FINGER of a universe! The world could end tomorrow over a flock of geese on a computer screen, and still you don't think it's funny.

    Well that's alright, Pandora. Uncle Joker is here to put a smile on your face. I'm going to MAKE you laugh. All of you. ...Until it hurts...hehehehehe...hoohoohahahahahAHHHHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    #1 The Joker, Oct 12, 2018
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  2. The Joker

    The Joker DC Universe

    Allll finished!
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