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News Article The Living Pandora: Dragons

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Wanda Maximoff, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda Maximoff Marvel Universe


    the episode premieres August 1st on Centria and Pandopolis prime television

    Pandora may be home to 69 trillion different kinds of animals and plants, each herd broken apart from their native home, each individual locked in its own lifelong fight for survival. Everywhere you look, on land or in the ocean, there are extraordinary examples of the lengths living things go to stay alive.

    — Davis Boroughton's opening narration

    The premier nature documentary season finale features several interwoven stories that take place within the Spiritedge Dragon Reserve: how the mighty storm dragon Esthester maintains his dominion of the northern mountains by pitting his rivals against one another in a delicate dance, how love beyond familial and feral bonds have managed to foster a steadfast romance between a crystal dragon Yulianna and her unlikely suitor, and how the more primitive wyverns and drakes beneath the towering trees force a callow young red dragon off their kill through sheer weight of numbers.

    Throughout the two-parter episode, glimpses of the reserve's tireless rangers can be spotted on occasion: caretakers who maintain and preserve the balance of an ecosystem so often at odds with the chaotic. Sephiroth is never too far from conflict, particularly those stemming from unwelcome intruders, that can be expedited with his commanding presence. Wanda Maximoff keeps a sharp eye for injured offspring and unnatural plagues that might sweep through the land. And Ygritte, before her disappearance shortly following the conclusion of filming, was often seen socializing with wyrmlings in the trees—infant dragons who might perhaps remember the kindness of man when they take their place as predators in the skies.

    In loving memory of Ygritte.

    POST-RELEASE UPDATE: Dragons was reportedly the most expensive episode of The Living Pandora yet, due to frequent equipment malfunctions in the Vales. Showrunner Davis Boroughton has expressed satisfaction with the outcome, and though he has no further plans for more episodes featuring the Vales, he intends to move forward with his Wastes special (The Living Pandora: The Unliving) next season.

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