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The Most Epic Flop of all time

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Allura, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Allura

    Allura Guest

    Date: Feb 14, 8

    Above Pandora town, skies shake as a large portal opens with a crack of thunder. Breaking apart clouds, a large white castle emerges slowly with tendrils holding it aloft. Condensation from its hull hit crisp air and became snow which would announce its arrival. Dragging through atmospheric conditions, a conical yet pyramid-esque took form as a silhouette. Electrical arcs striking down upon town waterways heralded its arrival in a new space. Frantically inside, Princess Allura clicked her panels, trying in vain to regain control of her ship in a falling path towards Pandora. Galra had done some pretty rotten things to rid their universe of Voltron, but this burned her rodrups. Here Allura would move buttons and sliders to adjust attitude and yaw of her castle and keep it from hitting any population centers. In her haste for planetary safety, she switched off gravitational matrices and caused herself to shift position to counteract planetary gravity as she fell in two different directions.

    Just as she managed to find a working position, monitors flashed on what would be her crashing point, waters off of coastal land. Keeping a tight lip as she held on for dear life, she braced herself for impact. Lessened personal damage was her goal as she pushed back from her instrumentation. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to go airborne in a free-fall, but she gambled on her Altean physiology, shrinking down to just above a foot in height. Nothing would completely save her from impact damage, but she should experience lighter g-forces when she suddenly stopped moving. Outside, her ship started to faintly take on a blue hue as it came crashing down into waves.

    “Paladins, This is Allura. Quickly, I need assistance at these coordinates. Resaix tendrils messed with our teludav. Submerged entrance might be required.” Talking with broken ribs was difficult so she made sure her message got important points through it. Usually, this wouldn’t be an issue, but she could not get to a station to regain power. Voltron shown on her monitors as four fifth present in this universe. Why was Hunk and Yellow not showing? Xanthic energies were missing, so her castle couldn’t move at full power. Yes, it will be annoying to navigate around her home on different surfaces and doors becoming trap doors, but she will see to it that their home is righted before too long. Zarkon had to have some hand in this, she just knew it.
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  2. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Daniel had been at a nearby location, testing the capabilities of his ship. When he got the sudden transmission on his Voltcom, Daniel backtraced it. Upon learning that the transmission came from a version of the Castle of Lions, Daniel was a bit concerned. Was it the real Princess Allura, or someone else? Also, why did her voice sound different? In any case it was worthy of investigation, and rescue of her because he knew she'd need saved from this mess. Even though he had been reluctant to do so due to the Haggarrium Infection he had, Daniel knew he couldn't sit idly by in his ship. A transmission of his own was sent out from his ship to the source of the transmission.

    "My name is Daniel. In another universe, I was the Pilot, and then Co Pilot of Black Lion for a time. I am headed your way to rescue you. "

    While he was rusty at the job of being a hero, or even a pilot of the Voltron Lions Daniel had grown more skilled with his ship, and knew that he'd need to move somewhere new anyway. A place that reminded him of home was the perfect idea actually, come to think of it. It would certainly provide him a feeling of security, here in this strange, and confusing new world that he called home for now. Maneuvering his ship as quickly as it could go towards the location of the transmission, Daniel planned on a speedy rescue. No one was drowning on his watch.

    Seeing how unstable the....castle ship was inn the water, Daniel decided he was going to take the plunge, literally. With such a decision in mind on his part, Daniel maneuvered his ship to wherever he could make an entrance. Upon finding a place where he could bring his ship in.

    Another transmission was sent by Daniel.

    "Are there any space suits inside that I can use, since I don't have a suit to allow me to breathe under water, and rescue you?"