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The Only Way to Travel

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Hiccup Haddock, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. April 5, Year 7
    Open to anyone
    "This is probably a very bad idea," he said once again, looking side-long at Toothless -- who was currently poking his snout into the open door of a large, clear tube. One with plenty of room for one tall and gangly Hiccup to stand upright even he decided to step inside. And it was that very, extremely tempting idea that Hiccup was trying (very poorly) to talk himself out of.

    How could he resist exploring the fantastic city that had appeared above Pandora Town one evening? It had been here for over a month now, and Hiccup had poked his head around here and there, always curious of those clear tubes that seemed to run in a network between or even within buildings. He'd seen objects flown through them, people flown through them, sending them rocketing off from place to place.

    And Hiccup really, really, really wanted to give it a try.

    "Okay, bud. I'm pretty sure I should end up....over there somewhere," Hiccup grunted a little as he tugged Hiccup's head out of the tube (it was not built for dragons), and directed him with a wave of his arm to look across the open air at another large platform that seemed to hold a market. "Great, so...." And he took a breath, grin spreading over his lips, as he stared at the tube. "See you on the other side!" Hiccup stepped inside and, with a press of a button on a control panel, the door slid shut and Hiccup let out a yelp as he felt the sudden pressure of air and in the next moment he was shooting off through the pneumatic tube, crossing open air, giving himself a clear view through watering eyes of Pandora Town down below.

    A short minute later, Hiccup was spat out in the middle of a grassy square, the tube sending him tumbling head over heels, banging his elbows and knees, until he flopped onto his back, staring up at the clear blue sky. "Woah," he breathed out, laughing hoarsely.

  2. He had been at one of the main town's police stations to fill in some paperwork and was chatting to the officer behind the desk, part of him remembering what it was like. Working the streets was okay but he missed desk-work - it was there he had heard talk of this place.

    Driven by curiosity, he had come to explore first by using one of the elevators up to the floating city then had been randomly using the tubes running between the buildings and park-like areas.

    His latest ride had made him emerge out on this grassy area and he adopted a cross-legged position and glanced around. The only other person here was a human, a male going by his appearance and the overweight cheetah didn't move - a little wary of revealing the fact he could speak. Not everyone reacted well to it after all.