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The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson

Discussion in 'Communications' started by John H. Watson, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson
    I am an experienced medical doctor returned from Afghanistan.

    14th September
    Year 108

    Multiple posts have been archived...

    8th June
    Year 7

    6th June
    Year 7

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  2. 6th June
    Year 7

    I guess I'm here now

    If I'm being honest, I don't even know how I should start this blog. It's already odd enough that I'm just somewhere... definitely not in a country I know, but I even have to start over on my blog since it's disappeared along with most of the other sites I know. It feels as if everything has changed.

    I guess I'll start by introducing myself. I am Dr. John H. Watson, and I am from London. I used to be flatmates with a man named Sherlock, who is probably the most intelligent, witty, yet dumbest person I've ever had the fortune to meet. I would try to describe him, but I doubt I could hardly illustrate how exactly he is. You'd just have to meet him. Despite him being himself, he is probably the closest friend I have ever had in my life. He has done a lot for me, and I have tried to do a lot for him.

    I have a daughter who is still back at home, which I have no clue whether to be thankful about that or not. At the very least, I hired a sitter before leaving her since I happened to be out on a case with Sherlock, but that doesn't exactly make me feel better. If her mother was still with us, I know I could rely on her to assure that she stays safe, but she died a few months ago ago. I miss her dearly, but I just need to keep moving on. At the very least, now I can smile at a recording that she left behind in case she died.

    Returning to the topic of my daughter, I'm worried about her wellbeing and the fact that I'm not even there for her. I want to be a father figure for her considering she has neither of her parents to look toward, but if I can't return to London then she will grow up without me. The only thing keeping me from going insane worrying about her is the fact that I know the sitter should be handing her over to Mrs. Hudson or Molly Hooper, both of whom who are close friends. I wouldn't trust leaving her in the care of Sherlock...

    Speaking of Sherlock, I had mentioned the fact we were on a case together, so before anyone asks, let me explain what I mean. We aren't part of the Scotland Yard, but they tended to come to Sherlock for help on complicated cases. He calls himself 'the world's only consulting detective,' and frankly after seeing him in action, I say he deserves the title. I accompanied him as an assistant who has a medical background, military expertise, and a basic concept of human emotion. Sherlock isn't exactly the most social of people, so if I were to be helpful to him in any way, at least it is in that field.

    One of the largest cases in terms of how it impacted us that happened recently is one that I personally dub "The Final Problem." Now, I'd rather not talk about it too much. Although I doubt the Official Secrets Act will apply to whatever situation I am in, that's not my main reason for not wishing to discuss it. Instead, it's because of how much of a personal matter that it was in regards to Sherlock. To put it simply, Sherlock managed to stop his lunatic sister that even he only recently learned he had and solved the 'first case he ever had' in the process. He also managed to save me from meeting a watery grave in the process, so kudos to Sherlock.

    I used to always blog about the cases that we went on as well as a few other things like that, but I can't find that blog anywhere on the net, hence the new site for my blog posts. It started as a way to help me cope with a transition between being a soldier fighting a war in Afghanistan and civilian life, but it became so much more to me since then. I realize though that deep down, it still is a coping mechanism. I would rather not talk too much about myself in that manner though. Just know that I am an experienced medical doctor who returned from a war a few years ago.

    Of course, without Sherlock, I'm not sure how many 'adventures' there would exactly be. He is the one who took me on them like a conductor. By myself, I doubt I'd be asked to solve some convoluted murder mystery that takes a brain like Sherlock's to solve, although I did pick up on some tidbits and pointers that could help if I ever was. Perhaps I'll try getting a job as an officer so I can still be on some cases, but without Sherlock, it may not be as exhilarating as I'd hope.

    I know my therapist told me that it is best for me to remember the past than try to forget it, but this is as much as I feel like writing about myself right now. Besides, you don't need to know my life story, just what I've done. Maybe I'll write later if I feel like it, but I don't know how much will happen to me since most of my misadventures came from Sherlock. I say that, but from what I've seen this is a rather unique world with a vast amount of characters, so maybe I'll be proven wrong. For now, I'm just going to try and keep going through a new life here and hope everything is alright back at home.

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  3. 8th June
    Year 7

    Another Round

    Well then. My last post became outdated fairly quickly, didn't it?

    Only a day after I posted that blog I had a fateful encounter with the man himself: Sherlock Holmes. Or, at the very least, someone who says that they're Sherlock. After talking with him, though, I am almost certain he's the real deal. I'm also starting to learn how Pandora works. It's just... dragging us all from different times and dimensions or something about that? Honestly, I am still trying to fully wrap my head around it.

    Along with Sherlock, I met someone else who I definitely met from "my dimension" or whatever I should call it In fact, she was the one who was able to acquaint me with this world and set up my meeting in a bar. She's also warned me about other familiar faces here, who I'm not exactly looking forward to meet. Thank god I was able to have some whiskey during all of this; otherwise, I'd have an even bigger headache.

    Looking past all of this, I am still taking time to take all of this in. At the very least, I've moved into Sherlock's flat so that I don't need to continue to stay at the shelter. I'll have to get a job soon though if I want to be able to pay rent.

    I guess if I'm going to end this on any specific note... Sherlock and I are back.

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  4. 14th September
    Year 108


    If anyone else decides to order us a pizza, please: hold the stalker mannerisms.

    ...Oh, and hold the mushrooms. Especially hold those.

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