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Recent Event The Reaper's Identity Revealed: Trial Scheduled for April 25th

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Gabriel Reyes, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Gabriel Reyes

    Gabriel Reyes Overwatch
    The grave cannot hold me.

    52 (+6)
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    The Reaper's Idendity Revealed

    Trial Scheduled for April 25th

    April 18th, Year 7

    Earlier this month, the Department of Intelligence confirmed that the notorious mercenary known as Reaper had been apprehended. His official hearing took place this morning, revealing his true identity as Gabriel Reyes.

    He has officially been charged with breaking and entering, 137 accounts of first-degree murder, obstruction of justice, assault, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery, breaking and entering, theft and espionage.

    His trial is scheduled for one week from now, on April 25th.

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  2. When Brigitte had looked into the newspaper that day, she almost spat her coffee right over it. Thankfully she managed to hold it in, although at the same time this caused her to gag and cough a little. With that little struggle done, however, she could give the paper a proper look.

    Gabriel, arrested and thought to be a criminal known as Reaper. That was an alias Brigitte was familiar with and she briefly wondered if those two Reapers were one and the same. Neither could have been Gabriel though. Not only was the Reaper in her world been like that for a very long time, but Gabriel would never kill that many people, especially not innocents.

    "Reinhardt!" She called out, feeling that the big guy needed to read that just as much, if not more than she did. "You need to read this!" She added, her tone making it clear that it wasn't a good thing.

    It had to have been a mistake and, hopefully, that would be proved on the day of the trial. She would make a point to travel back to Pandora Town on the 15th, just to watch the trial and give the former commander some quiet moral support. She expected Reinhardt to do the same, except maybe minus the "quiet" part.
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  3. Reinhardt had been spending all morning polishing and cleaning his suit of armor, with all the time they've been spending down in Cascade bay, the salty sea air can really do a number on any sort of metals, even the fine ones used in his armor.

    Upon hearing his name, Reinhardt raises an eyebrow upon hearing his name, especially when Brigitte said in name in a somewhat urgent sounding tone. Putting what he was doing to a stop, he gets up and heads towards Brigitte's direction.

    "Brigitte! What's wrong? Is there something the matter?"

    When he saw the newspaper, he grabs and skims the cover article on the front page, his eyes then widen as he's somewhat surprised and taken back upon seeing a very familiar face. Gabriel Reyes? But.. how?! If his memory served him correctly, he along with Jack Morrison both perished in the large scale explosion of Overatch's Swiss HQ. There was a funeral service held for them both and Reinhardt lead the service and even spoke on their behalf before their burial, how could this be?! Granted, with how.... magical and strange this world was, could it be possible that his former commander was revived?! Returned from the dead? Or perhaps it was something else entirely? Nonetheless...

    "What is this nonsense?! Do people have no respect for the dead?!"

    Reinhardt said in disgust, these articles were almost just as bad as the ones that slammed Overwatch and the 'Blackwatch' operations held within in it from years back, it was unbelievable how sickening the people responsible for these news companies could be, even resorting to spread exaggerated rumors and straight up lies.

    The things that were mentioned in this article disgusted him as he continued to read on, over a hundred acts of first degree murder?! This being pinned on his first and former commander, the man he worked back in the old days of Overwatch? No, these accusations must be false! Gabriel Reyes was a good man, a man who dedicated his entire life to defend and save people, he couldn't possibly be responsible for all these heinous crimes and acts of violence. Considering all that he must've been through regarding the fall of Overwatch and not even taking the explosion into account, this wasn't justice. He needed to find out the truth, the person responsible couldn't have been the man he once knew all those years ago.

    "Brigitte, with this sudden news, I'll be heading to Pandora Town first thing in the morning, I need to visit an old friend."

    Reinhardt said in a calm and serious tone of voice, while he was both sad and angry at the news, it wouldn't be fair of him to take it out on Brigitte. From what he knows, there's a steam train that leaves Cascade Bay first thing in the morning, if he left now he'd likely be able to purchase a ticket