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The Ruby Ranch

Discussion in 'Centria Lore' started by The Governor, May 19, 2019.

  1. The Governor

    The Governor The Walking Dead
    You kill or you die.


    The Ruby Ranch


    Nicknamed “Blood Ranch”, Ruby Ranch gets its name from its red painted buildings and red furred livestock. A weretiger rancher (often referred to as the Governor) is in charge of affairs and liaises with the folk at the Amethyst Tower to provide carnivorous animal types (such as shifters) with jobs and/or homes at the ranch, fulfilling their bestial needs to hunt, kill and eat in a legal way. The locals recommend that regular humans don’t stray anywhere near the ranch during the full moon in case of grisly accidents. ​


    • Quick Facts.
    • Accommodation.
    • Communal Grandmother.
    • Livestock.
    • Recreation.
    • Research Facility.
    • Additional Links.

    Quick Facts


    It’s close to Arco in the Cadenza Expanse, Centria.


    A wide variety of jobs are available at the ranch, ranging from herders to mechanics to cooks. Got a useful skill or wide knowledge of a subject? We’ll find you a job!


    Those who live and/or work on the ranch are predominantly carnivorous animal types (such as shape shifters), although humans and other species are permitted with a bit of plotting and imagination.


    Three large structures or dormitories mark the centre of the ranch. They are three storeys high, each floor containing five bedrooms, washroom facilities and a communal kitchen and recreation room. Crimson House is a male only dormitory, Scarlet is females only, while Burgundy is mixed sex or gender-neutral.

    A small number of mobile homes are situated at the back of the ranch, providing solitary accommodation to those who prefer their own company.

    The Governor possesses living quarters of his own elsewhere on the ranch.

    Communal Grandmother

    Grandma Gray (NPC) scuttles about the ranch, keeping rooms and communal areas tidy. She’ll always have time to chat and is only too happy to listen to your problems, as well as give you a grandmotherly hug. She also loves to feed the community, particularly excelling at meat dishes and baking sugary treats.

    But don’t chew with your mouth open! And never use your fingers to pick at your food! If you make her angry, she’ll transform into a hideous insectoid monstrosity and suck the juices out of you with her piercing mouthparts, reducing you to a pile of shrivelled skin.


    The following animals are raised as meat:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Work hard, play hard, right?

    The Governor holds an activity every full moon to encourage the shifters to socialise and "blow off steam". He usually alternates between a scavenger hunt and death match, but is open to more suggestions of events! The full moon events are not just targeted at workers and residents of the ranch! Unaffiliated shifter and animal types are more than welcome to join in the fun!

    Scavenger Hunt

    Before nightfall, six cows are painted with an "R" and placed around the area. The participants that find the cows first in their animal forms get a free meal.

    Death Match

    In a cracktastic mirroring of the Woodbury Fights (from The Walking Dead), participants engage in violent, bloody fights in their animal forms. The name is an exaggeration, though, as they don't usually fight to the death. Gloriana (NPC) is a jaguar witch, who knows many powerful healing spells.

    Research Facility

    NPCs, Domino and Gloriana, have a laboratory underneath the barn, where they carry out questionable science experiments. Of special interest to them (as well as the Governor), is giving regular humans the ability to shift into animals.

    They routinely need volunteers in their research trials!

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