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The Umbran Rogue

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Bayonetta, May 20, 2018.

  1. Bayonetta

    Bayonetta Guest

    May 29th, Year 7

    "How does it feel now? Everything you built - all of your little lackeys - it's time I've finally caught you." Bayonetta smirked, one of her guns to a man's head. Around them in a futuristic office were broken machines and quite a few guards were on the floor, motionless. The Umbra Witch treasured what the mafia boss had displayed - fear. Regret. Weakness. No - she had relished the situation at that moment.

    She had originally joined the S.U.F. of Pandora Town to get some battle back into her life, but after she had been assigned to the man she had then been holding her gun to, she lost a few good recruits on her journey to justice. The only ensigns who actually weren't those 'Jedi' people and their 'Force' powers, but men and women with raw skill, who helped her track their target. Though, they wouldn't be able to witness they didn't die for nothing. In the city above, Bayonetta had finished off the mafia.

    "Agent Cereza!" A voice had shouted through a small earpiece Bayonetta had equipped. "Cease and desist of all acts of violence. The plan was to get in and snatch that man for him to pay his dues - not kill him." Her keeper commanded. "You've slain his followers. Don't kill him before others who have lost people because of him can feel justice has been served." She had then hesitated to pull the trigger, thinking over her two options... And she knew what was right. What had to be done. After a few seconds and a taunt from her target, a loud gunshot rang - Bayonetta had chosen to go AWOL.

    On that fateful day, only a few hours after Bayonetta had killed the criminal, she found herself in a debacle. She couldn't return to Pandora Town's S.U.F. She found herself being stripped of her badge and title. Luckily, she was able to avoid prison due to the fact the target was a high-risk. But never again would the government trust her handling any kind of operation. It wasn't like back home, where she could kill angels, demons, and sometimes get away with a criminal, but in Pandora, she had been limited by the law.

    She never thought she'd have found herself hoping to take what would be her next action. News would eventually break of the mafia's defeat at their base in Orbit City, and someone would take her place when it came to her, she was disavowed publicly. Maybe joining the government in Pandora was a mistake. Maybe... Maybe she should've stayed a vigilante. Find or form her own little group, like she had back home. But news would probably reach crime lords and vigilantes alike of Bayonetta and her capabilities. And anyone smart enough to find her - they'd have had a great chance for an ally, if they could find her. It wasn't she had kept her skills and power to summon demons too secretive...

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