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the unabridged encyclopedia of complete stupidity - enna's organizer

Discussion in 'Player Organizers' started by Enna, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Enna

    Enna Player

    Lawful Evil


    E n n a

    ' ' hold my beer ' '

    About MeGreetings, salutations; I'm Enna.

    Hello, my name is Enna. I'm a nineteen year old aspiring student who dreams of

    Hi! You can call me Enna, and I can never make up my mind as you can see. There isn't a whole lot interesting behind me as an actual person, but I pride myself on being polite through whatever situations allow me to be. I'm nineteen years old and in college studying psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I aspire to be a criminal profiler when I really grow up! In my spare time, I work at a local restaurant where I help out with floor management and stocking. It's hell and I hate it!

    I really like a lot of stuff; but I'm partial to video games and anime mostly. (Twofold if it has some sort of historical callback like my darling Assassin's Creeds).

    Roleplay PreferencesAs a roleplayer, I enjoy the fact that I'm rather versatile in any means of plotting and character development. As a result, I often leave the overall choice to my partner when it comes to hard-planning as I try to scrounge up ideas. I work with both very well!

    I like one-off threads, long-term friendships/relationship plotting, comm threads, etc. However, depending on the situation and the character, my preferences for serious grit and light fluff will always sort of wobble. If you're ever looking to figure out where it's likely to go with a certain character, always feel free to ask and I'll explain what's been happening lately to them!

    LimitsI have no extreme limits to really speak of; I really operate on just the same sort of honor and respect laws that pretty much every other roleplayer does. No godmodding, nothing like that. I'm pretty easy to get along with!

    Check out my characters below!

    Ratonhnhake:ton "Connor" Kenway

    Assassin's Creed

    Protector, friend, revolutionary, assassin. The man known to many as Connor is a man of many paths, but each of them drenched in his own moral righteousness therein. He was born in a time of great upheaval to both his people by birth and the country blossoming around him, he was an asset to the American Revolution to break the chains of slavery from the English to the Colonies. But, above all, he was a member of the Assassin Brotherhood who dedicated himself to eradicating the Templars that manipulated the crowds from behind the scenes in the name of their paltry order.

    A simple looking man by personality, Connor has shown few qualms about doing what he must to protect the things he holds dear. Be it killing, fighting, or sacrificing for the important things and people along the way; Connor is no stranger. Despite his (former) reputation as a brutal Assassin, Connor is a kind and gentle man who will really help any in his path. Because of this, those who grow to trust him and make him trust them will find themselves in the company of a long-lasting and stalwart friend.

    Connor has, although, a strong distaste for prejudice and oppression because of his upbringing. But negative qualities that outweigh the positive in a person often still get the better of his temper. He does not like liars without reason, he does not like cheats without purpose, and he hates kings and masters all together. A burning sense of equality among all people and protection of his people, the Oppressed, are who he defies. If you are or support any of the aforementioned, you are an enemy of the Assassin.

    A guarded man because of his duty and often distant because of the results, little to no one else that he meets know the true gentle kindness of his heart. He has the drive to help all who he can, even if no one has come to help him in return. This is because, even with the corruption in certain hearts of the people and the masses, he finds comfort in people. He can see the good lurking inside of an action, and wants to make it the best he can. People who share this ideal, the inherent beauty of the soul, often get along with the Assassin. Calm, patient folk with hope for betterment. If you are this kind of person and you've grown close enough, you could be in the company of a potential lover.

    'Tis the Season!
    - Connor has just arrived in Pandora! It's time for him to get settled in his Vagabond ways.
    - That's really it.
    - Someone help this simple man and tell him it's not 1776 anymore.

    Bakara Jurgen



    'Tis the Season!
    #1 Enna, Oct 20, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  2. Twist

    Twist Your dish of T

    Old enough
    @Goro Akechi and Futaba

    Plz can we have Futaba and Akechi meet sometime? I know he's probably getting settled in, and it might be drama, so I can understand if you'd rather wait on it. Yet the drama, she calls to me~ Futaba's the last of the P5 crew in Pandora and has been trying to adjust to that, so seeing Akechi would be a bit of a punch in the gut- but at least it's a punch in the gut she knows? Which might draw her into keeping an eye on him in any case? And I'm guessing if he wants to do Metaverse stuff, having a healer handy might come in useful- or scaring off someone who knows his history might also make sense for him? I'm not sure where he's going yet but please do let me know~

    @Ratonhnhaké:ton and Menolly

    I think these two could be really interesting friends. She's a bit of a spy/Kingsmen in Pandora and that means having allies, and she also has a soft heart, a revolutionary mindset and a drive to try and help the world.
    Enna likes this.
  3. Goro Akechi

    Goro Akechi Guest

    no adoptabro to meddle and no big sis makoto to protect, it's the perfect crime


    Akechi's already coming off of literally just killing you know who, anyhow. So there might be some liiiingering paranoia around the Phantom Thieves, but what they don't know won't hurt. Let's do it though!! What time is Futaba most available?


    Connor and Menolly!

    Two sneaky birds with one blunt stone, I like it! I'd love to see where the fires of reform's desire lead them, but there's also like. No guarantee he's not gonna try and convert her into the Brotherhood.
    Twist likes this.
  4. Twist

    Twist Your dish of T

    Old enough
    @Goro Akechi

    Futaba is available from early January onward! If you want, instead of having them meet face to face at first she can run across him online in a communications thread or something, and then go from there? Also, for added interest, Ghost said that perhaps it would be interesting to have @Felix Ferne there too, just to up the drama. Futaba hasn't really told her boyfriend about Akechi or the Phantom Thieves, and has just mentioned brief parts of her history, so that could be EXTRA PAINFUL.


    Well he can TRY to convert her, that should be interesting- considering she's very much a 'kill as a last resort' spy type, and less assassin-minded. Perhaps she'll be able to change his mind about the entire murder thing! The question then becomes, how and when and where do they meet? I doubt he's walking around with 'I'm a spy, ask me how!' on a pin.
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