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The Underground

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Rani, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    The Underground

    Stretching from end of pandora to the other is an entire world underground. It gets sunlight despite the fact that there is no sun, the light fading into night at the correct time, but there is no rising moon. One only has to look up to see the problem, and the problem is the stretch of rock overhead. If you go deep enough beneath Pandora, the earth and bedrock gives way to open air, only very particular spots giving people a way past the invisible barrier that apparently keeps the earth from just caving in on this underground area. The geography is varied and makes no sense, allowing people to step from the blazing heat of a desert, right into a snow-covered tundra. Plants are normal and every day in some areas, and utterly strange and alien in others. It's an empty patchwork world. There are animals, empty buildings, communities, and even a large city of some highly advanced society. But there is no sign of any intelligent life down in the Underground. There is no sign that any intelligent life has lived down here for a very, very, very long time.

    Quick Facts:

    • Whatever environment you can imagine, no matter how far-fetched or weird, it can exist underground
    • There is no sky. If you look up, you'll only see earth. However, the world still acts like there is a sky. There are shadows of clouds on the ground, sunlight, moonlight, starlight, heat and cold, sunny days and stormy days. There's just no sky.
    • There is no intelligent life. However, you can encounter whatever types of wildlife, from the mundane to the monstrous, to the magical.
    • You'll find the remains of a highly advanced society underground. As a rule of thumb, most things are not in ruins (but you can still find the occasional one if you want). Instead, they are intact, in decent condition, and all of their belongings have been left around. But people show up in no photos or videos. It's like everybody simply vanished one day.
    • Technology is mostly futuristic. There's the occasional modern piece of hardware, but for the most part everything has a sci-fi fantasy feel to it. Think clean, slick appearances, holo screens, bright colors, cool gadgets. This is highly freeform, so just have fun, make stuff up, and do whatever with it.
    • Technology is broken down and/or lacks power. The power source is a mystery and is unlike anything in Pandora or your home worlds. Trying to use tech could be dangerous due to power instabilities and stuff malfunctioning.


    The Underground is not an easy place to get to, and not the sort of location you can accidentally wander into. Traveling into the Underground is often a bit of an expedition unless aided by magic or technology.

    Rules for Entrances

    • Entrances are NOT at the surface level of Pandora. They are deep, deep underground or deep, deep underwater. As low as you can get.
    • Entrances do NOT neatly line up with the ground in the Underground. 99% of the time, they will be a FREEFALL through open air that would kill any normal human. People will need magic or technology or a really long rope to safely lower themselves down. The Underground is mountainous below Mt. Pompeii and the Arid Lands, so that is the only area where Pandora and the surface of the Underground are sometimes close enough to intersect.
    • Passing through to the underground will involve a shimmery blue field of magic that separates upper Pandora from the Underground. This field is the boundary between upper Pandora and the Underground. People can pass through this and feel only a slight resistance.