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The ways of dragons

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Menolly, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Menolly

    Menolly Guest

    June 17, Year 6
    @Visenya Targaryen

    After all of this time walking the same route it was almost surprising that Menolly hadn't worn a path through Silverwood, going back and forth from the Pandora Town docks to the town proper or Misty Hollow. Or maybe it wasn't; every time her trip was a bit different, with new landscapes, dead ends and threats. It kept her mind on the path in front of her, for sure.

    Which is probably why the ranging of the fire lizards further and further out didn't alarm her, and wasn't even consciously recognized. The mental link she shared with them was calm and they were enjoying themselves, flying between the branches and playing their aerial games. And so she left them to it, making her way along, pack on her back, humming a little ditty under her breath and keeping an eye on her bearings against the horizon, compass in hand.

    The Harper made her way in that fashion for quite some time, until there was a spike of excitement in her head that made her hesitate as she stepped over the roots of a tree, hand resting against it as she reached out her mind toward her faire. They were unhurt, that was the first impression she got from the flurry of mental images they sent her, and terribly eager to try and communicate with someone who didn't seem to hear them, leading to annoyance and confusion from golden Beauty as she tried to direct the other nine. Then she saw it- a green dragon, massive and sleepy, like nothing Pernese at all, and a woman nearby.

    A dragon. They wanted to say hello. But this was no dragon from home, and the woman had learned that similar looking creatures could have very different natures. Turning on a heel she gave a firm mental command to 'stay there' to the group, then started to run that way quickly, darting around foliage and bushes, then slowed as she approached the clearing, hands up in a show of harmlessness as she watched to see how bad it was. If necessary she would defend her darlings but hopefully it wouldn't come to that. Especially since that dragon could eat her easily..

    ((Here it is! Just let me know if you need any kind of changes and whatnot. :) ))
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  2. The dragon flapped her large, leathery wings and began her descent. There was nothing below them but an endless forest, a carpet of leaves, darker but softer than Vhagar’s scales. The landing was surprisingly graceful for such a large creature, as Vhagar flew through the leaves and branches, without a single one scraping the rider’s face. Swiftly, yet gracefully, Visenya jumped from her dragon’s back and landed on her feet. She was going to explore the forest, find food or shelter. Vhagar just yawned and lay curled in the shade.

    Moments later, Vhagar opened an eye. She let out a sound that seemed like grumpy yawning of hundreds of smaller animals. Visenya ran through the trees, drawing her sword, but she paused when she saw them and lowered the blade. Dragons! Gold and green and blue and brown, but they were so small, smaller than any dragon she had ever seen. Perhaps dragons really were so small when they hatched. Vhagar was the smallest and the youngest of their three dragons, but she had been larger than a horse when Visenya’d claimed her. Suddenly, the Targaryen queen felt excited like a child.

    Vhagar, however, didn’t share her excitement. She let out a few deep growls and tried to swat them away with her winged foreleg, trying only to scare them away and careful not to hurt them. For the time being at least. “She could eat you all in one bite.” Visenya said to the little dragons, but there was no sign of threat in her voice, just mild amusement. Visenya sheathed her sword and after a brief consideration, opened the bag she was carrying and pulled out a soft piece of meat. She tore a little piece off and threw it among the small dragons to see what they would do. Then she tore off another piece and gave it to the little golden dragon, who seemed to be their leader. She was about to give them another treat, when she heard a soft rustle and quickly turned toward the source of the sound. All she saw was a young woman who held her hands up in a universal gesture that suggested she meant no harm. “Are the dragons yours?” Visenya asked.
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  3. Menolly

    Menolly Guest

    "Are they yours? ALL of them?" It was a question Menolly had heard a good deal, from normal people sometimes- but from dragonriders a good deal. When she'd been younger she'd nearly flinched, worried they considered her 'greedy' or 'arrogant', and had explained as fast as she could that she hadn't meant it at all, it was an accident, just to allay that secret belief. Now, she understood it for what it generally was- surprise, and genuine curiosity. If people had dragons they tended to love them, regardless of the world. The sizes between her true dragon and her fire lizards couldn't have been more different, but Menolly saw it as a sign of shared passion on a thing, a point of camaraderie.

    And so she smiled at the woman's greeting, and cast a look over at the ten, brown, bronze, blue and green all diving at one another in a sibling's battle for the last bit of sweets, while Beauty ate her piece with a sort of gracious imperiousness. After all, she was the Queen of her faire. However she did leave her snack long enough to look Menolly's way questioningly and then go back to her food, which told the Harper everything was, indeed, as calm as it seemed. Even if that large and glorious, if strange-looking, dragon did seem tired and a little put-out at the swarm of fire lizards. It was very much like home.

    The rider, on the other hand- she seemed pleasant enough, for a dragonrider. Which was not meant to be an offense at all, even in Menolly's mind; dragonriders were nobility in their own right, and commanders as well, and generally very direct and confident. And it was best to answer them promptly, before they lost patience. "They're mine, my lady- we call them 'fire lizards'. True dragons of Pern are much larger, though not so much as yours," she explained politely, a small, apologetic smile crossing her face. "I apologize if they interrupted your sleep or hunting. It's rare enough that they get to see a dragon these days, and I think that made them forget their manners."

    Lowering her hands, she started to slowly step closer to the scene.
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  4. Visenya tried to hide a look of childish amusement and conceal it behind her usually stern and impassive expression. It was the first time in years that she felt curiosity overtaking her, as she watched the small dragons. Her ancestors had tamed gigantic dragons, larger and stronger even than Vhagar, but somehow the group of small, brightly-coloured dragons was more interesting for her. Maybe there were different sorts of dragons in this land of Pandora, that she had yet to fully explore. But if a single woman could own and control so many dragons, no matter how small, that woman had to be strong in body and mind. So, Visenya gave the woman another look as she approached.

    “Your grace.” Visenya corrected her. She sounded stern, but not unfriendly. “I am the queen.” she added. And the queen she was, not just a queen, ever since the Dornishmen had killed her little sister and her dragon. Not that it mattered in this strange land, for they had neither kings nor queens, no lords and no ladies. “Or I used to be, in Westeros.” Visenya frowned slightly, as she processed everything she heard. “It’s alright.” she replied to the woman’s apologies and then added, “I’ve never seen a fire lizard before. Are there many of them in Pern?”
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  5. Menolly

    Menolly Guest

    She'd never heard of queens being called 'Graces' before but there was a reason they used the term for gold fire lizards; they ruled the faire and were the main breeding females. Greens could have flights and lay eggs, of course, but they were small and would never produce the 'ruling pair' of bronzes and queens. Perhaps the very term 'queen' came from a time long ago, when her world had people who ruled in the same way, but that was only speculation. Pandora certainly had others who called themselves such things too.

    Of course that was really beside the point at the moment, and the ten fire lizards making pests of themselves by the large dragon required a little more attention than her own wandering thoughts, so Menolly gave them a small mental nudge and a mental image of them finding somewhere to rest, and they started to peel off, coming to rest along the branches of the trees, save Beauty who came to Menolly's shoulder, rubbing her cheek against the Harper's own. "It's an honor to meet you, your Grace. My name is Menolly," she agreed easily as she gave a bow, because what a person wanted to be called was their own business, as a general rule anyway. Besides, she was a dragonrider of one form or another and she knew their nature well; most didn't like baseless arguments.

    "I'm glad to hear the impression was a good one. They are common on Pern, though they played quite a trick on us for many years, and stayed hidden until just a few years ago. If you wish to look closer, they are absolutely safe- though a bit spoiled. Beauty, be polite." And the gold fire lizard looked over at Visenya with faceted eyes that swirled in blue and violet and bowed her head slightly, giving a little chirp of greeting. Smiling a bit proudly at the fire lizard for a moment she then turned her attention to the large dragon. "I've never seen a dragon so large before. Are all dragons this size on your world?" It must either have been a very large world or had very few dragons for it to be so.
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  6. Visenya had never heard of a place called Pern, but she assumed it was yet another strange realm that was somehow connected to Pandora. Her family's maester had once instructed Visenya and her younger siblings that they had to learn new things every day. And so she did. A few weeks ago, she would have called the woman a liar and perhaps even attacked her. Now she knew this was a magical world and strange things happened here. When the young woman corrected herself, Visenya nodded her head.

    “Pleasure to meet you.” she said. It was a pretty name, Menolly.

    Behind Visenya, Vhagar stretched, giving the small fire lizards a drowsy look, but she didn’t try to attack any of them, luckily. It would be a pity, for they were so beautiful, little creatures. So, when the golden fire lizard, the one Visenya had assumed was the leader of the group, bowed her head to greet her, Visenya held her hand out to see if she would take a treat from her palm.

    “There aren’t many left, only the three that my family hatched.” Visenya frowned when she realised she’d made a mistake and corrected herself: “Two.” and then she added, “There were three of us: me, my brother and my sister and we had a dragon each. And mine was the smallest.”
  7. Menolly

    Menolly Guest

    Introductions seemed to go smoothly enough and the dragon and the fire lizards seemed to have their own sort of peace between them, which was just as well. Before she'd left there had been more than a couple altercations where fire lizards had died for going too close to the more prickly Southern Continent's riders and dragons and since then they'd been as watchful as she was. It was good to see them back to their old spirits.

    As Visenya offered Beauty a tidbit she sniffed it delicately, then glanced over at Menolly for a brief moment and waited for her smile before carefully taking the tidbit she was offered and holding it between her front claws to take quick bites. The others, spotting the gold's tidbit, creeled a little sound of hopeful anticipation and winged closer, though they didn't dare take the food from the faire's queen. Instead, they wheeled around her in the air and then looked to Visenya, as though trying to guess her willingness to spoil them, but not landing as yet. Menolly was glad of that; at least they'd remembered their manners for the moment.

    When Visenya mentioned the small number of eggs for a moment Menolly's heart almost froze- so few! But this was not Pern, and neither was that world- perhaps they didn't need so many, or they were between hatchings, and there was always a chance for more, wasn't there? "I'm sorry to hear of the lost one," she said instead, a look of intense sympathy on her face. That was a death sentence to its rider on Pern; few riders survived the death of their soulmate dragon. "But yours, it's lovely. And to be the smallest- I can only imagine the largest of them, Your Highness. My world's dragons have rarely been so large."

    And probably a good thing too. Feeding them would have been a disaster.
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  8. The little group amused Visenya. After the golden fire lizard accepted a treat, the others flocked around her in anticipation. There was enough meat for all of them and each of them was soon given a treat, a piece big enough to keep them occupied, but small enough to chew easily. If only dragons were so easy to tame. But then the Targaryens wouldn’t be feared and respected and ‘fire and blood’ would just be an empty threat.

    It was true that not too many dragons had been hatched in Dragonstone in the past decades. The three grown dragons had brought them fame, power and kingdom, but years would pass until they had another dragon large and strong enough to carry another Targaryen across the Seven Kingdoms.

    “There will be more dragons”, Visenya replied. Judging by the look on Menolly’s face, she was genuinely felt sympathy and sadness. Visenya said nothing about her sister who had died in Dorne, with her dragon. “Thank you.” said Visenya. Vhagar was beautiful, with her bright eyes and green scales, but alas, much smaller than Balerion. “She is still young, less than a century old, and she will keep growing.” Visenya smiled. Talking about her dragon always made her smile. “There are both dragons and fire lizards in your world?” she inquired, raising an eyebrow.
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