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The world needs Superman

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Loki Laufeyson, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Loki Laufeyson

    Loki Laufeyson Marvel Universe

    Prince of Asgard
    Frost Giant
    Chaotic Evil

    August 31st, Year 7

    @Superman, @Thor Odinson

    Losing a friend could easily prove a traumatic event, especially depending on the circumstances under which a person departed from the world of the living. Nevertheless, the families were left behind and dealt with the full extend of the void that the absence of a loved one tended to create. The realization regarding death’s power blended with the lingering sense of sudden emptiness.

    In actuality, the period of mourning gave the impression of a vast ocean where sadness prevailed. The people who grieved acknowledged the truth. Surely the sun would continue its regular path through the days, yet, the golden rays seemed a little duller. The moon and the stars kept appearing every night on the sky but their cold light matched the lack of warmth in an individual’s heart.

    The demise of a single person affected so many. An older sibling would trow up hidden at an alley because of weeping after the sight of an empty room surfaced. A companion would sob for weeks during showers, under the blankets in bed or even in the bathroom at work. The parents would notice their eyes filling with tears upon recalling the first memory with a long gone offspring.

    Nonetheless, the God of Mischief did not belong to the aforementioned categories. With the list of potential enemies increasing in number, the importance of powerful alliances grew as well. Thus, he had persuaded his brother to help with the plan to revive the fallen superhero. An immense amount of pure energy was absolutely necessary and the God of Thunder had the skills to play the role.

    The two princes of Asgard had argued on the matter for a very long time until the God of Lies used his silver tongue, eventually convincing Thor through calling upon his emotions. They had traveled together and had entered the spaceship. Although the whole venture was particularly demanding, the trickster had all the answers. Nonetheless, the son of Odin had not stopped protesting.

    “Stop complaining.” Loki’s bright emerald-colored eyes swept his current surroundings, since they were underground. “You are worse than a child!” Annoyance was evident in his voice while walking through the corridor and straight to the chamber with the healing waters.

    “This shall definitely have the anticipated results. Instead of mewling during summer, I have occupied myself with a research of great import.” The hologram of Jor-El had guided them through the main things. They entered the matrix chamber where Superman’s lifeless body was lying and after placing to the right spot, he started the self repair program of the ship.
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  2. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson Marvel Universe


    Loss was a familiar companion.

    Thor had loved and lost more times than he could keep track of in his long life, which was the way of things when gods loved mortals. Nowadays, he only remembered those who’d left their mark on him. Erika had been his first love, her lust for life like a bonfire whose flames could touch the very heavens. She’d taught him what it was to live life to the fullest, to never let a moment slip by. Jane had been his last love, her keen intellect and uru-headed determination drawing him in like a moth to the flame. She’d taught him patience and humility, things he’d been sorely lacking in, and the fires of his passion for her had burned brightly and without restraint.

    But nothing lasted forever. Like all things in life, even fires died.

    He’d lost Erika to the passage of time, hardly even remembered her face anymore. He’d lost Jane too, because even when he’d been with her, his thoughts had been elsewhere. Erika had spent forty years waiting for him before death had claimed her, and Jane... there was so much more life had to offer her than waiting for him, so he hadn’t had the heart to ask her to when she’d broken things off between them.

    When you loved, you had to let go.

    So though Thor was still riddled with loss and guilt over the deaths of his people, even after all these months — though he was doing better about it, had gotten some semblance of closure with the funeral rites they’d performed the other day, and grown closer than ever to Bruce — he understood the importance of moving on, of letting go.

    But this? This wasn’t letting go.

    “Even a child knows better than to play with powers they don’t understand,” he shot back, eyeing the so-called genesis chamber with distaste. Its dark waters filled him with dread, reminding him of the Water of Sights, of the Fountain of Truths.

    He swallowed roughly as he set Kal-El’s lifeless body down in the waters as gently as possible, wetting his lips. Ignoring the chill that crawled down his spine at how the man’s body had remained in perfect condition, at how heavy and stiff he’d been in his arms. Thor was no stranger to death, not by far. But there was something particularly blasphemous about Loki’s plan.

    “This isn’t right,” he said for what had to be the umpteenth time now. He straightened, climbing out of the pool to stand next to Loki. Avoiding looking at Kal’s lifeless body, mouth twisting. “Whatever the hel it is you’re afraid of, bringing Kal back isn’t going to make it go away.”

    This was the farthest thing from mischief, the farthest thing from — well, from anything Loki had done before. Thor knew his brother well enough to know it was fear that drove Loki’s actions, not mischief. But it was a fear Thor could only guess at.

    He grabbed Loki’s wrist, stared into his eyes. “What’s really going on?”