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Private there's no peace in quiet

Discussion in 'Cosmic Wilderness' started by Hunk, Oct 11, 2018 at 6:15 PM.

  1. Hunk

    Hunk Voltron: Legendary Defender
    To be brave is to go on in spite of fear.

    Paladin of Voltron
    OCTOBER 12TH, YEAR 108
    @Keith Kogane
    Frustrated with himself as Hunk was, he’d gone against his better judgement and decided to tag along on Keith’s latest bounty hunting mission. Or whatever it was that Keith called his line of work. Hunk didn’t really know and the one time he’d asked, he hadn’t really gotten much of an answer. Keith went hunting and earned money off of it, and that was as much as Hunk knew about whatever it was that Keith did whenever he was away. Even though he’d accompanied Keith on at least two other occasions and gotten a closer look at the sort of hunting Keith did for himself. In Hunk’s mind, it was still a pretty nebulous concept.

    A nebulous and dangerous concept.

    He knew it was stupid, but he didn’t like it when Keith, or Pidge, or Shiro, or Lance — oh, especially Lance — strayed too far from home. As home as their new home on Elysium was, but that was beside the point. Hunk’s fingers curled around his bayard as he followed Keith through the strange forest on the random planetoid they’d landed on. It didn’t even have a name, according to their star charts. Hunk couldn’t even begin to put a name to the uncannily familiar and unfamiliar foliage, either. His armor wasn’t even enough to help him feel secure about the situation.

    About his feelings.

    Admitting you had a problem was the first step to dealing with it, but how in the world could Hunk deal with it when his mind kept telling him that the best way was sticking as close to his friends as possible? He felt nervous being away from the others, but at least they were back home, safe and sound. Yellow would let him know if anything happened to them, right? Right, he totally would.

    Keith, on the other hand, was reckless. Hunk was often torn between keeping an eye on Keith and trying to avoid him, especially with the amount of questions he’d been asking lately. Almost like Keith knew there was something up about Hunk’s behavior that he couldn’t quite put his finger on and had made it his personal goal to find out exactly what it was.

    During times like these, Hunk missed Keith the Loner. Keith the Friend was too nosy, too perceptive. But then again, they were still out in the middle of nowhere. It sure sounded like hunting was the sort of thing Keith the Loner still found fun. Hunting expedition? Bounty hunting job? Whatever it was supposed to be.

    “So, remind me why we’re stomping through the middle of a forest on a planetoid that doesn’t even have a name again?” Hunk asked, more to break the silence than out of any real need for Keith to give him another summary of his mission parameters. Expedition details? Whatever. “How dangerous is this guy we’re tracking anyway?”