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These Walls, So High...

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Legolas Greenleaf, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. August 15th, Year 6

    With an unsatisfied sigh, Legolas frowned at his knife as it sat - wrenched into the tree a few centimetres off of the mark he had originally intended. He was off his game. Which perhaps was to be expected, considering the circumstances. After all, a mere 48 hours ago, he'd been in another world, preparing to travel with Gimli… and now…

    Shaking his head, Legolas strode over to the tree, yanking his knife out and almost feeling guilty for the chunk he had taken from the plant. "I am sorry, my friend," he murmured to it, shaking his head as he sheathed the blade. After all, the tree did not have to bear the brunt of Legolas' current frustration. The elf began to move away, pausing as he thought he heard the sound of crunching leaves, turning on his heel. "hello?" from the sound of the footsteps, whatever it was sounded human… but that did not mean it was not dangerous. Moving into a kneeling position, Legolas waited, letting his hands on the ground tell him whether the being, whatever it was, was moving further away or coming nearer.
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  2. Rapunzel

    Rapunzel Guest

    Although this wasn't her first time in Horizon, having had the opportunity to visit when she had taken that cruise from Cascade Bay, Rapunzel wished she had had more time to explore it. Because, like all of the other little towns, it was beautiful. Also hot. Very hot, and it was the sort of heat she doubted she could ever live in. Really, she was marveled by the fact that there was a real community all the way out here at all, but with how stunning a little place it was, it really was no wonder.

    When it came to recommended places in Horizon, Cenote always seemed to be first on the list. It was a beautiful little underground spring, a massive hole in the stone ceiling where vines hung over the water. It was a pretty little sight, and quiet, too. Or that was the first immediate impression she had gotten when she wandered down there. It was cooler, too, and that was something that must have counted for a lot in Horizon. Rapunzel was a bit surprised not to find the entire community in here, shading themselves from the sun.

    She wasn't entirely alone, though, she realized. A quiet 'hello' rang out in the room and Rapunzel's wide eyes flicked over to him. He was stunning with a soft face and hair not quite as golden as hers was, but longer than any she had ever seen on a human male before. She hesitated and then a smile flicked across her lips. "Hi! I didn't realize somebody was already down here," she admitted, though she wasn't sure why she was clearly ready to apologize to him. It was a public area.

    Rapunzel stood there awkwardly, a pair of little flats on her normally bare feet because the ground in Horizon was a bit too hot for them to stand. Her seventy feet of hair trailed behind her, disappearing up the steps which had led down her in the first place, but after a moment, she turned to start tugging the length of it closer to her. "Do you live here? Horizon is amazing!" she said distractedly, clearly focused on her current task even as she occasionally flicked her gaze back over to him.

  3. As the girl came into view, Legolas' eyes immediately checked her over to make sure she wasn't holding a weapon. She didn't seem to be; the only thing… slightly odd was the long hair that seemed to disappear down the path. "There's no need to apologise, my lady," he stepped forward, sheathing his blades and offering the girl a small smile. Hopefully he hadn't scared her with his training, though from what he could see so far, thankfully he hadn't.

    "I wouldn't say I quite live here," he admitted, then paused. How much did he truly want a total stranger to know? Horizon was amazing - assuming that word meant beautiful, at least, she was right on that point… but that didn't mean that the Prince of Mirkwood wanted the girl to quite know too much about him just yet. Who knew who she might tell?

    Mentally rolling his eyes at himself, Legolas silently chided himself for thinking in such a way - it was just the sort of attitude his father would take; to believe that no one was to be trusted, not even an innocent girl who clearly was simply curious. "I'm new to Pandora," he explained softly, his tone softening a little as he smiled at the girl. "… I came here because it reminds me of my homeland," Which wasn't entirely a lie. Legolas missed the leaves of Mirkwood, the soft whisperings of the trees. But he had come here to hunt, too - something he had a sneaking suspicion this young lady might not quite appreciate. "May I know my lady's name? "

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