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Open This is a job for PIRATES! (Aka Uma & Harry are building a Pandora pirate crew)

Discussion in 'RP Requests & Plotting' started by Uma Undine, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Uma Undine

    Uma Undine Descendants

    Pirate/Sea Witch
    Anywhere she wants to be.
    Sea Witch (usually human-shaped)
    True Neutral
    So back in her world, Uma is the captain of a crew of young (read: mostly teenage) pirates, including @Harry Hook, who is her first mate (and secret crush but sssh! She thinks he doesn't know about how she feels about him), all of whom really don't have a lot of sea to sail due to two factors which I shall explain below. Factor number 1: they've been trapped their whole lives beneath a magical barrier that separates their home, The Isle of the Lost (which is an island prison for every single Disney Villian you could possibly imagine plus their sidekicks) keeping them away from the United States of Auradon (or more commonly, just Auradon) the shiny shiny home of the heroes and the good people (all the heroes and royals and their sidekicks), and this island is where the villains are being punished forever with life cut off from EVERYTHING (e.g. magic, technology, good food, good clothes, etc). The Isle is surrounded by an invisible and inescapable barrier. This punishment of being stuck forever on the isle extends to the villains' children, should they have any. Surprise, surprise, most of them did have children! Factor number 2: Their ship, The Lost Revenge is broken beyond repair. They literally cannot sail her. At all. Anywhere. Not even in the bay that surrounds the Isle of the Lost. Uma won the ship in a sailing race hosted by Captain Hook. The girl actually made a deal with Harry that whoever won between the two of them, should one of them win, the other would become their first mate while the winner would be the captain. Seeing as the ship got irreparably damaged in their first outing on her, trying to get Triton's trident so they could try to use it to break the barrier encasing the isle, it is permanently located at the docks of the Isle. Uma's ship also became a safe place for her crew to sleep and live if their home wasn't safe and additionally acted as their home base. But now she's in Pandora (as is Harry), and the Lost Revenge is, well, the ship still broken and still back at the Isle's docks and Uma is not anywhere near the Isle, is she? No. She is not. She's not even in the same universe as the Isle or Auradon is she? Nope. She is not. She needs a crew and she needs a ship. But first a crew. She's open to any and all interested individuals as long you don't have a problem with A)females aboard ship (it's *not* bad luck if the woman in question is the Captain and the ship is hers!), B)Magical folks (she's also a Sea Witch, by the by), C) taking orders from a female captain, and D)are willing to sail under the command of two teenagers (Because Uma is the Captain but Harry is always gonna be her First Mate. It's just how it is).


    1. Captain: Uma
    2. First Mate: Harry Hook
    3. Second Mate/quartermaster: (tentatively half-reserved for Gil, son of Gaston?)
    4. Navigator:
    5. Ship's cook:
    6. Lookout:
    #1 Uma Undine, Sep 18, 2019
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