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Private time passes us by

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Michelle Jones, Dec 2, 2019 at 8:24 PM.

  1. Michelle Jones

    Michelle Jones Marvel Universe
    Warning Label: Brutal Honesty Only

    Chaotic Good

    why would i ever hold back?

    Six months. In less than a week it would be six months since she arrived in Pandora. It would have felt crazier if it didn't aready feel like she'd been there forever. How could it not? The world seemed more dangerous than New York ever could have. She'd been in enough crazy situations for that. And it'd been a month since the whole mind-reading thing showed up and still hadn't gone away. In some ways she'd gotten used to it, in other's it was as big a nuisance as ever. She'd stayed away from school for a week just for the whole other fiasco to come up.

    You know, the one that ended in her dying. Wasn't very fun, by the way, but at least stupid Hero Kid didn't die and at least... What? She came back. Again. She guessed. But that was another two weeks out of school just to go back before holidays. That part was whatever. Even the exams were. She was smart enough to keep up with midterms easily. That didn't stop the sort of daze she seemed to exist in. School, work, reading until she went to bed. Wince and repeat. It was fine, she didn't really want to deal with people more than she had to (and given she now had a constant silent monologue from most that were a lot).

    Besides, Pandora seemed to want to show her that even here getting close to people was a bad idea.

    Fine. Whatever. She could manage on her own, but if things could stop being annoying that would be great. Like the fact that she received detention for missing school even with perfectly legitimate reasons. They didn't call it detention, but given they'd said she had no choice but to stay after and help painting the set she could read between the lines. Probably something for missing so much school or something, she didn't really care. At least it was something she could do, like painting. Strangely, as much as it peeved her she had to be there, she didn't really mind the whole thing.

    Drawing and painting meant time passed quickly and they were both something she was more than decent at (maybe that's why she was really there, they desperately needed it). She didn't however expect to see one web-slinger also stuck in the craphole for a while longer. In comparison, Peter Parker was not great at art or anything to do with the stage management. At least if the last few days had anything to show for it. Or the fact she swore he had more paint on him than in the bucket and was looking at a cut-out like it had scandalized him.

    She snorted, reaching down to put her brush down before she glanced over at him. "Hey, dork," She called over, "looks like you missed a spot." She tapped the side of her nose in explanation. Had he gotten paint on his nose or was that a sly way to get his painted hands to tap it and thus manage as much? He had a few moments to figure that one out as she shrugged and moved to sit on the floor next to her half done piece-- a few spots needed to be touched up on the bottom, but for now it could wait.
    DEC 14 Y109
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