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'Tis the Wind and Nothing More

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Balthier, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Balthier

    Balthier Guest

    april 16th

    This place was...odd, to say the least. Never once in his travels, has he encountered this sort of...magik. Teleporting, yes. He had seen as much once the lovely Princess had altered the course of his life. But this wasn't simply teleporting from one area of a rather dark and musty temple. This wasn't old statues coming to life to prove the worth that one of royal blood held. This was...something else entirely. Some form of reaction with the magicite that was within the Bahamut, perhaps?

    The others of, if that was even the correct term, seemed to all have similar stories as his own. They were somewhere...else. Much different. Then taken. Some described vines, other described nearly blacking out, before coming-to here.

    Balthier sat within his small cabin; eyes locked within the notebook in which he had written it all down. While he wasn't quite the scientist like his father, he was still - unfortunately - his father's son. One who enjoyed actually understanding the world around him, and found himself unsettled when things - quite simply - didn't add up.

    With an irritated sigh, he closed the notebook - eyes lifting to the rather spectacular sunset over the rolling waves. Everything was bathed in gold. Dissolving into intricate ribbons was the waves crashed. It was quite the sight to behold...and partially why he chose this place has his homestead, rather than something that was considered 'safer'.

    Despite the fact he was told numerous times that his chosen home was in hunting territory for the local pest, Balthier was yet to actually be bothered by that little fact. He had seen them, yes, but it was hardly something that occupied his mind for more than a moment. Perhaps he made a point to never leave a window open unless he was present within the room, and double-checked the locks on his doors. But nothing beyond that.

    Until that moment, of course.

    A crash was heard somewhere outside his cabin; but close enough to cause a touch of concern. Brows knitting together, he shoved himself to his feet.

    "Hmmm..." he hummed aloud, as his fingers wrapped around the rifle he typically kept within arm's reach. Even if he were safely tucked into the center of town, he'd likely keep his gun at hand.

    Old habits, and all that.

    With his weapon in hand, he quickly exited his cabin - weapon raised; eyes scanning for any sign of...anything, really.

    "Quite a lovely sunset, is it not?" he asked with a hooked brow at whatever was causing the noises.

    Perhaps he was a touch too eager for a bit of combat...but he honestly was looking forward to something - anything - to get his blood pumping.

  2. Corvo Attano

    Corvo Attano Guest

    Corvo's blade locked with the assassins, their masks inches away from one another. Corvo had spotted him watching from a few feet back and had moved to lose him before coming back around and surprising him. The resulting fight had lasted almost half an hour with the two of them going to and fro, locking blades, Blinking from one building to the next trying to get the upper hand, and soon Corvo decided to make his opportunity. Flipping his sword around and smashed out one of the Whaler's glass eye covers on his respirator mask. Corvo brought the flat of his blade down onto the man's wrist and knocked the long butchers blade from his hand. Corvo slammed his body into the man's and the two of them went tumbling down, the old fighter bracing against the assassin as they struck the ground. He could heard the sound of the bones snapping on impact. He laid on the body for a few moments as he caught his breath, that had been a stupid plan but it had paid off in the end, he was alive and his opponent was not. Slowly he stood and took a wobbly step.

    He looked up when he heard the voice and even though his masked face was staring at a man with a gun his sword stayed lowered for now. "You've seen one you've seen them all."
  3. Millicent

    Millicent Guest

    Millicent had come to Cascade Bay to look at the sights, the last time she was on an island. Things went rather nasty though much of her travel back in Sanctuary ended up like that but being the Nephalem meant she had little choice in that. Here however she didn't have that foreboding title and duty, while she still served the balance as a Priest of Rathma. She still was more then capable of having a little time off here and there, as this world had it's own share of people keeping things in check.

    She'd taken off into another part of Cascade, Millicent was told it was dangerous and creatures were known to hunt there. However from what had been described to her, it was nothing remotely like that which she'd faced before. The things she had seen and fought would warp the minds of the simplest of folks, even certain scholars would have a hard time grasping her adventures and her foes.

    As she was walking with Sid in tow, Millicent came across the scene of a man appearing from nowhere riding a corpse. The man had died on impact and shortly after another came from a nearby cabin with a rifle of some sort. The new arrival seemed quite calm and spoke that if you'd seen one then you'd seen them all. Millicent couldn't help but smile at his naiveté, she came into view with Sid walking beside her.

    "That isn't quite true, I've seen things that would make you two weep in fear. Not just beasts but the weapons used against them, there are many different worlds out there or so I'm finding out" informed Millicent. She wasn't acting like she didn't worry about attack however there being a corpse nearby, made it so that she was more then ready to attack or defend herself if the need arised.