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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Tituba, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Tituba

    Tituba The Salem

    Don't you see? There are no witches. There are only poor people like me who are hunted and harried. Tortured and slaughtered and for no reason other than they are not you!

    Played by Saaron

    Fandom: The Salem
    Age: 30 years old
    Species: Witch/Cunning one
    Gender: Woman
    Canon Point: After she discovered her powers as a seer and saw what the future was like now that her hive had brought the Devil on earth.
    NPC Companions: None.


    Special Abilities The Devil himself taught her magic, which makes her a powerful witch. Amongst her powers are:
    • Necromancy: Tituba is one of the most powerful witches in that practice. She can summon the spirit from the afterlife to ask them questions, but can also summon a real phantom to do her bidding momentarily (before they go back to the afterlife). She can also, alone, bring back someone very recently deceased or, with the help of many witches and a powerful source of power (like the Tree of Life), she can use the ritual to bring someone back to life. Another way for her to bring someone back to life is to sew the body back together and to summon their soul back into their body.
    • Astral projection: Tituba is able to help another witch project an astral double anywhere on earth. In that state, the witch is like paralyzed and their spirit travels as it please, even able to go through objects, just like a ghost. Finally, the astral double can assume the appearance of someone or something else (in some cases, witches can send their specter, a frightening form, looking like a hag).
    • Teleportation: Tituba can teleport anywhere.
    • Dream walking: The power to go inside someone else’s soul through their dreams to get information or to influence them. It is rather similar to astral projection, since it leaves the body of the witch in a paralysis.
    • Elemental control: The elements are often used in the different rituals, but there are more practical ways to use them. Anger can help summon fire, sadness and sorrow are useful to cast rain, witches can make the wind rise and they also have control over water. Their power on earth helps them to quickly grow plants (or make them die). Power over the elements are the basis of all their powers, as seen when the devil takes a witch’s powers back, he only removes the four elemental powers.
    • Levitation: A witch can use these powers to fight gravity on short distance. It can also help them to crawl on walls or ceilings.
    • Glamour: This power allows Tituba to create hallucinations, like changing her own appearance in front of someone or making the victim see, sense, feel something that isn’t there.
    • Telekinesis: Finally, the last power the Dark Lord gave Tituba is the power of telekinesis, which enables her to move objects or people simply by willpower. It can also be used to shatter an object, to deflect a missile thrown at the witch, to stop someone from moving and to force them to move in ways they don’t want to.
    • More rituals: Tituba can give wings to a familiar, locate another witch with the head of an animal and hurt said witch through the animal head, use a dead man’s finger to point at their killer, capture another witch’s essence to be warned when said witch is near, create love through a spell, open locks that chain her, and more… (Other spells have been used, but they were thought in books Tituba might not have had access in her world).
    • Healing: witches’ wounds heal faster than human’s.
    • Most spells can be improved by using blood, from the witch or from something or someone else.
    But Tituba isn’t just any witch. After eating the eyes of the clairvoyant man known as The Seer, and after being blinded by the Devil, she became a “Cunning one”, someone able to use powers that were not given by the Devil. They are:
    • Projection: Tituba can project an image of herself anywhere without the paralysis that comes with astral projection. Just like in an astral projection, she can change her appearance while doing so.
    • Clairvoyance: Tituba can see the past, the present and the future.
    • “Necromancy”: As a Cunning one, she can bring back stuffed animals to life to spy on others by placing their eyes in her eye-sockets.
    Finally, a power that both cunning ones and witches possess is the power to make magical potions. These can be used to heal, to hurt, to poison and can have many more effects. They are made with plants, roots, herbs and other ingredients (like animal’s blood, for example).


    • Witches can be killed just like humans, even though they heal faster. Mortal wounds to humans are also mortal to witches.
    • Most spell requires rituals, sacrifices and incantations, so they can’t be performed instantly. (Projection, clairvoyance, telekinesis, glamour, teleportation and some forms of elemental powers are exceptions).
    • The weakness of astral projection is that the astral double can still suffer from injuries, and the spirit can lose sight of their destination and get lost or trapped far away from their body.
    • Dream walking is a very dangerous spell because the caster and the victim can both get lost between dreams and reality, which would cause them to go mad.
    • Her love spells might create a real and strong love, but as any other it can wear off if the person realizes the flaws and the malice of the witch.
    • In Pandora, her gift of clairvoyance will only work for the current season.
    • As for her power with glamour, a person can realize that their hallucinations aren’t real if they focus enough.


    Tituba has been mistreated by Europeans her whole life which made her into the cunning, ambitious and lying woman she is. She would do anything to get justice for her people, even selling our soul to the Devil to gain the powers she needs to do so. In addition to her powers, she uses her sharp mind to reach her goals.
    The witch’s desire for justice is stronger than anything else, even friendship, love and loyalty and she won’t hesitate to betray anyone if it means hurting the people who colonized America and their descendants.

    At first, as a person, Tituba can seem cold and rather distant. She doesn’t give her trust easily. The seer can also seem quite discreet; as a slave, she has learned to go unnoticed. In reality, she is not any of this. Tituba is a confident, calculating and powerful woman who listens and observes others to get to understand their darkest desires in an attempt to use them.

    Tituba is a strategist. She’s always one step ahead and always has a plan B. Her powers as a Seer really help her in that regard.

    At the end of the day, Tituba is still quite sensitive and can sympathize with people who have been hurt, discriminated against and wish for justice. This sympathy, however, will never hinder her from reaching the future she wishes to see.


    • Tituba was born in a village in South America, in the Arawak tribe, before colonizers came, destroyed the village and sold her as a slave when she was only a child.
    • She was abused by all her masters before arriving in the house of the Walcotts.
    • She was taught Christianity by the puritans and prayed their God, but he never answered her prayers. In the end, it was another “god” who answered, one the puritans called the “Devil”. She sold him her soul and in exchange he gave her powers to protect and fight for herself.
    • She later taught her mistress Mary witchcraft, and the latter started the Grand Rite, a ritual to bring the Devil on earth. They succeeded, but after the many lies Tituba had told to Mary to complete this rite, the Devil punished her by sending crows to attack her, which made her blind. These wounds, however, unlocked her powers as a Cunning one.


    Opening the door of the hut, the seer saw the future that was going to take place now that the Essex witches had brought the Devil to earth. Salem was destroyed, burning under a red sky. Only some buildings were difficulty staying up in this desert of ashes, and no inhabitant were left.

    Good. That was exactly what Tituba wanted from him, what he had promised her to do. She wanted to see all those puritans burn, she wanted to see the earth open beneath their feat, and she sure hoped she would see them suffer again when her turn to go to Hell would come. Tituba would rather see her land, America, as they call it, be destroyed immediately rather than to see these Europeans sullying it with the crimes, the slaughters they commit against the real inhabitants of these lands. The witch started walking in this desolated land, still a bit dazed by this representation of pure chaos.

    And that’s when it happened. Black vines came out of the door she had just used. They caught her by the wrists and dragged her. Tituba tried to fight back, she was sure those vines were sent by the Devil himself. He had already sent crows her ways to take her eyes and left her bleeding through the multitude of wounds they had left on her skin. Surely, torturing her even more with vines wasn’t out of question.

    She tried to fight back, using telekinesis and fire on the vines, but the Devil was stronger this time. The witch was taken through the door of her hut again.

    Blind, she didn’t know where she had ended up and Tituba extended her arms around while walking slowly, trying to find something to help her stay up. Instead, the woman bumped into a table and accidently pushed a glass from it. She was inside a house; that was all she knew at that moment. Did the Devil set her up? Making her appear inside the house of a puritan, she could be accused of witchcraft again. She certainly wouldn’t get away with it this time…

    She tried to use her clairvoyant power which came naturally to her earlier, but what she saw now didn’t make sense. Was she not in Salem anymore? Absolutely nothing looked familiar, not in the past, not in the present and not in the future! Everything was extremely blurry. Was this another of the Devil’s trick?

    Anyway, Tituba was panicking, breathing heavily, but still standing up, using the table to keep her balance. She had dignity, and she would stand proud and tall, even if puritans were coming to torture her again… She had heard someone coming from the adjacent room and she was standing there, with her empty eye-sockets and her skin punctured by the Crow’s beaks, waiting for the judgement of the men of Salem.

    The seer was scared of what could happen.
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