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Tommy Clark

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Tommy Clark, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Tommy Clark

    Tommy Clark Heroes Reborn

    we played the part 'til comfort's gone

    Played by Octi

    Fandom: Heroes Reborn
    Age: 16
    Species: Evolved Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: End of 1x04
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Being sixteen years old, beyond his ability as an evolved human, Tommy doesn't have any spectacularly notable skills. That said, he has been known to be a quick learner and a good student. He strives for good grades, but manages average if not just for the fact that he doesn't want to stick out. Tommy would be quite the talented sports player if that were something he'd actually let himself do. He's small and quick on his feet, though being a common bully target from school to school has helped him keep his speed up.

    Special Abilities
    Tommy was born with power absorption, a gift passed down to him from his great grandfather. Unlike his great grandfather, though, Tommy's ability has a major limitation. He is only capable of holding one ability at a time and the moment he absorbs a new one, the previous ability will be gone entirely. Tommy has the potential to absorb an ability if he touches another person, though they need to be using the ability at the same time in order for it to be absorbed. It does not need to be something he actively thinks about, but the touch needs to be firm and when he does absorb another person's ability, he effectively 'steals' it from them, rendering them without that ability. Any ability or scientific solution capable of manipulating a person's biology has the potential to restore the abilities of the original owner, and upon absorbing another ability, his previous ability may or may not be returned to its rightful owner.

    If Tommy uses power absorption on a character with a large skill set, he will only absorb abilities that are related to one another, similar to when he absorbed time-space manipulation from Hiro Nakamura, which granted him teleportation, time manipulation, and time travel.

    Current Ability
    Absorbing it from Hiro Nakamura as a child, Tommy is currently able to manipulate time and space. This ability comes with three distinct parts.

    Teleportation: Tommy can teleport not only himself but other people and objects, moving them between two different locations instantaneously. So long as he can make physical contact with something, then he can make it disappear. Where they disappear to, though, can be the tricky part. When teleporting something, it will go to a place in relation to whatever Tommy may be thinking about. If he is thinking more directly about a location, then it will go there, whether he has been there or not. If he doesn't have a specific, obvious location in mind, though, then it can easily take a bit more deciphering to figure out just where something has gone. When teleporting something to a specific location, the distance doesn't matter at all, be it five feet away or on the other side of the world. Tommy doesn't need to picture it in his mind, he doesn't need to have been there, and he doesn't even need to know what it looks like.

    Time Manipulation: Tommy is capable of manipulating time, slowing down, reversing, or stopping it entirely. When stopping time, Tommy is still able to move freely on his own while the rest of the world around him remains frozen. If he is touching another person while he freezes time, then they will remain "unfrozen" with him and be able to move at their normal speed.

    Time Travel: Tommy is able to travel to both the future and to the past, though in Pandora, his time travel is limited by season. When touching another person, he is able to take them with him through time.


    Humanity: When you set his abilities aside, Tommy is very much your average sixteen year old human being. He isn't especially strong and while he is quick on his feet, he hurts and he bleeds and he gets sick the same way any other human being does. He has no immunity to any kind of ability other evolved humans may have (unless whatever ability he has absorbed allows him to be) and beyond his abilities, he really is a very normal kid.

    Fighting: Tommy has no training in fighting, he can barely even throw a real punch, especially since he's never even stood up for himself against a bully before. Guns make him nervous, he's never picked one up in his life, and he would be hopeless trying to work any other sort of technical means of defense. Tommy is very much not a fighter.

    Limited to Pandora: No matter how hard he thinks of home, any ability Tommy absorbs which allows him to travel quickly will never allow him to travel beyond Pandora's boundaries.

    Current Ability (Space-Time Manipulation): Teleportation itself doesn't take him a great deal of focus and his control is actually quite good. If he is feeling especially distressed, though, then he might accidentally teleport somebody or something away. What does take him a great deal of focus, though, is deciding where he wants to go or where he wants to send somebody. While there is always something going on in his head, the trick is actively thinking about something or realizing what it is he's thinking about when he teleports somebody.

    You'd just better hope he's not thinking about volcanos when he teleports you.


    Awkward is probably the first word that most of his classmates will come up with when trying to describe Tommy Clark. It isn't that he's anti-social or anything like that. In fact, he's quite the chatterbox, but he never was one of the popular kids, which has always suited him just fine. Comics are one of his loves, probably half of the reason he was never in the popular crowd seeing as he cares more about that kind of nerdy stuff than the way he might look or the way he might come off to other people. One thing that has remained consistent from school to school is the fact that he seems to be a target for bullies and as much as he likes to fight back, fear keeps him from doing it.

    Fear has ruled Tommy all his life -- or at least since the day he discovered his ability to teleport. He's afraid of slipping up, he's afraid of where he might send somebody, he's afraid of being found out and what that might do to his life and to his family. The boy has more than enough good in him to stand up for his friends in the face of harassment, but standing up for himself has never exactly been his strongpoint.

    All of that fear circles back to love, though. He loves people, he loves his friends, his mother, and when he loves, Tommy loves so powerfully that he will sacrifice anything if it means protecting the people he loves. He's a fiercely loyal friend and while he may jump into a situation without thinking, he always does it with the best of intentions. More recently, he's begun to realize just how selfless he is, unwilling to take advantage of the opportunity to save himself when there is possibility the people he cares for will suffer for it.

    Get him comfortable, though, and Tommy doesn't always present himself with all of that seriousness. He's a bit of a nerd, enjoying videogames, comic books, and television. At heart, he is still a teenager who is fun-loving and thrives off of the few friendships moving around so often has allowed him to have.


    Born in Nevada, Tommy has been living only with his mother for most of his life. His father has been out of the picture since he was very young and the truth is, Tommy doesn't know much about him. He doesn't seem to mind either, focusing on the present and not the past, which was made a lot easier the day he discovered his abilities all those years ago. He has been battling control since early middle school, having accidentally made an innumerable amount of objects disappear and even people. For years, he didn't understand his ability, didn't know where things went when he made them vanish, and as the presence of 'Evos', as humanity now calls evolved humans, became public, the world became more dangerous for him.

    Open discrimination against Evos quickly became a common thing, especially after they were forced to register with the Department of Homeland Security, something that Tommy's mother, Anne, never had him do for his safety. She worked to help him hide his powers, going so far as to pick up and move every time something went the smallest bit wrong. Tommy has lived in more states and gone to more schools than he likes to admit, the most recent having been in Denver, Colorado.

    Since then, he has moved to Carbondale, Illinois where he attends Pinehearst High School. Since then, he briefly and secretly planned to attend a group for Evos, but left shortly after arriving only to discover later that that a slaughter had taken place, landing him on the radar of a pair of Evo hunters. Dealing with them and teleporting them away from him after being attacked, Tommy learned with the help of his friend and the girl of his dreams, Emily, that he could teleport anybody to whatever location he happened to be thinking of.

    Some short time later, a car crash left Tommy with minor injuries, but his mother was hospitalized and in a desperate attempt to save her life, he had his blood tested so that it might help her. This revealed his status as an Evo and while the nurse protected his identity long enough for him to use his power to acquire the blood that his mother needed, his own was sent to the government. It was just as he encountered them coming for him, Tommy was pulled away from everything he knew and dropped into Pandora.


    It happened suddenly. Quickly. One moment he was at the hospital. Surrounded. His mom laying in a hospital bed, in danger of the worst. Emily by his side, hand in hand. They weren't going to get caught. They weren't going to get taken away. But they'd made their threat and his hand, ready to press against his chest for escape, eventually slowly dropped to his side. And he didn't go.

    That was why none of this made any sense. Because he wasn't at the hospital and Emily wasn't there and none of those feds were there. But he hadn't gone. He'd stayed because he had to stay, because his mom needed him. It didn't make any sense.

    He was in a house. Maybe even an apartment. It was small enough, by the looks of it, but then again, who was Tommy to judge from what little he could actually see? He was in a living room, though, and it wasn't any living room he'd ever seen before. Definitely not his, and definitely not any of his friends -- what few friends he had. Not Emily's. He'd never seen Emily's, but he knew it wouldn't look anything like this. Everything was old, beat up. It was kind of a dump, honestly.

    Tommy felt sick to his stomach, knowing where Emily and his mom were. Knowing where he wasn't. It was okay, he reminded himself, because he could get back. He could get back and he could put everything to right again. At least for the people who mattered to him. And so, taking in a deep breath, the teenager pressed his hand flat to his chest. The world around him seemed to tug, to pinch inward exactly the way it always did when he teleported.

    But then it all snapped back into place.

    For a moment, the boy just stood there, stunned. He was still here. Nothing had changed at all. Eyes widening, he peered around the room more frantically this time, but he didn't have time to think on it as he heard footsteps and a key poking around in the door's lock. His heart pounded in his chest and he suddenly made a frantic search for somewhere he could hide himself. There was a door to his left. Bathroom? Bedroom? Closet?

    Closet. He'd yanked it open and immediately shoved himself inside, crouching uncomfortably low to pull it shut from the little space at the bottom. Tommy winced, though, as he slowly got back to his feet. Had he been too loud? Whoever they were, had they heard him? The closet smelled old, musty, and Tommy was lucky for the darkness because he didn't want to know what he was stuck in here with. Instead, he focused on the sound of those footsteps and his own hand pressing uselessly into his chest, trying over and over and over to go to the hospital, to home, to the ice cream place, anywhere but here.
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