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Torn In The River Deep

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Nathan Appleby, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. FEBRUARY 1, Y7

    Nathan Appleby did not believe in such things as fate. And yet, what else could this day have been proven to be? He had been wandering Myrtle Beach entirely by chance. Perhaps due to the simple that he hadn't been there, or perhaps because the sound of water, the sweet gentle sound of waves, was something that could easily calm a broken soul. And if Nathan was not a broken soul and had not been for quite some time, then he wasn't sure what he was. Mad, some might say for the things that he saw.

    Gabriel. His boy, his son.

    He saw him again today, but not in the usual way. He didn't see him standing on the other side of the beach staring at him. He didn't even hear his voice, wondering why his daddy had not been there for him, why his daddy had not been able to save his life. Nathan had tried. He had jumped into the water, but not soon enough. Never soon enough.

    Only this time, when he saw his little boy, he was just a body on the beach. Small and still, and Nathan felt his pace slow as he stared at the shape. The water came in to cover him and then drew back out into the ocean, leaving his face clear for him to see. It was Gabriel, there was no mistaking it at all, and yet Nathan's first thought was that it was in his head. He wasn't real. Were Charlotte there, she would have taken him by the hand to draw him away, but there was nobody there to do that. So instead, he moved toward the body of a dark-haired ten year old boy, certain that if he did so, his face would change. And it would have been a tragic sight, but not in such a personal way. He could handle that. It would be terrible, but he could handle that.

    His face did not change. It was unmistakably his son, and that seemed to sink in the closer he got. Nathan's lips parted, quivered as though trying to find words. "Gabriel-- My-- My boy, my--" Those words were slow at first and then he realized his hands were shaking. His legs gave out beneath him and he felt himself dropping to his knees in the sand at his side. Those shaking hands reached for the child, tears stinging the corners of his eyes, and Nathan found that he was numb to the freezing cold of the water that the tide brought in and then pulled away. "Gabriel, I'm sorry-- Please-- Please forgive me," he whispered. And then he was crying, choking out sobs between breaths, pulling his boy close and squeezing his eyes shut.

    Wishing more than anything else that he could live.