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Toyosatomimi no Miko

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Toyosatomimi no Miko, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Toyosatomimi no Miko

    Toyosatomimi no Miko Touhou Project

    Lawful Neutral
    Toyosatomimi no Miko
    Now, attempt to defeat me and lay bare your own desire!

    Played by FullMoon

    Fandom: Touhou Project
    Age: 1444 (looks around late teens/early twenties)
    Species: Saint
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Between Urban Legend in Limbo and Antinomy of Common Flowers
    NPC Companions: None


    Special Abilities
    • Flight: Miko can float through the air without any kind of restriction.

    • Immortality: Although she can be still killed, Miko herself is incapable of aging.

    • Desire Reading: Miko is able to listen to the conversation of up to ten people at once and that ability extends to the point where she can read person’s desires, as well as what shaped the person into having that desire. She can tell it through people’s manner of speech, expressions, gestures and such, and can also do so very quickly. It’s similar to mind reading, but instead of looking into a person’s thoughts and memories, it looks into their constitution instead.

    • Hermit Arts: Miko is capable of using various types of arts, mostly surrounding light and sword techniques ranging from light beams to actually slashing a rift in the air with her sword which generates light of its own. She is also capable of teleportation with the aid of her cape, enveloping herself in it and reappearing somewhere. Finally, she can also use them to change her size briefly.

    • Senkai: A world created by Miko herself. It can be accessed through any crack in the world, but unless one knows how to enter, they won’t be able to visit it. The ease of accessing it allows Miko to pretty much come and go from one world to another whenever she wants, wherever she wants. Due to Pandora's limitations, Senkai is only connected to Pandora and can only be used to go from one to the other.

    • Desire Attraction: As an extension of her ability to read desires, Miko can attract and absorb people’s desires (often manifesting in the form of vulgar spirits) and grow stronger as a result. This means that if she’s surrounded by people who have faith in her or a desire to see her succeed, she can use that same desire in order to grow stronger temporarily. She’s also capable of weaponizing these spirits in various ways and using them to attack the enemy.

    • Red Mantle, Blue Mantle: Miko's Urban Legend takes the form of her cape, which can change colors from red to blue. The mechanics between this is that Miko asks her target if they want a red or blue mantle and depending on their answer, either her physical abilities or magic abilities (respectively) will increase. Although she can use the red cape to cover someone in blood and the blue one to drain them out of it, depending on their answer, she's not particularly interested in doing so and is only re-enacting the legend. If someone has the insight to ask for a purple mantle instead, then Miko will be left in her normal state. If an orange mantle is asked Miko will later gift them with a mikan.

      Miko is capable of summoning energy waves from the capes as well, which are simple projectiles with little else to them. She can, however, if she's feeling particularly devious, "gift" someone with both capes leading to a strike of both red and blue energy that is very powerful, although tiring to use.
    • Shaku: A golden ritual table that serves as Miko’s main weapon, which she uses both for physical combat, or as a way of conducting her magic.

    • Seven-Star Sword: Miko’s secondary weapon is her sword, which also contains her soul within it. She mostly uses it as a finisher, or as a way to attack from a distance by channeling magic with it.

    • Dragon Cape: A purple cape with a moving dragon pattern on the inside, it can actually breathe fire and Miko can also utilize it to teleport.

    • Earmuffs: These help Miko regulate her listening power, allowing her to block the voices of others, or focus on one single faint voice if she needs to.

    • Soul Jar: Miko’s soul is contained not in her body, but her sword. If her sword were to be destroyed, she would effectively die. If her sword is stolen, she’s also left in a much more vulnerable position.

    • Desire Influence: Just like how Miko can be empowered by people’s desire, one could remove her power boost by influencing or dispatching those near her, such as swaying their opinion against her or killing them outright

    • Sensory Overload: Miko’s ears are very sensitive, meaning she can get overwhelmed very quickly if she’s in a crowded area with many people speaking at once. This is mitigated with her earmuffs, but if they were to be removed from her somehow, her ability to focus becomes significantly dampened.


    Miko embodies all the qualities of a ruler, having a charismatic, polite attitude while also possessing quite the intellect. She’s surprisingly casual and quick-witted, however, and likes to joke around often. She is very proud of herself and does not take offenses lightly, even sometimes losing her composure and going into heated tirades or potentially getting violent over it. She also does not enjoy having her authority (if there’s any) defied, although she’s unlikely to get violent over it.

    Although she is a hermit and has transcended her humanity, Miko often gets herself involved in social matters, as a result of her life as a ruler. These same tendencies mean that she is inclined towards being a figure of authority and a leader, meaning that she is most likely to take part in political affairs if she feels she’s needed for it. Otherwise, Miko is content with living a life without any worries.

    Being a hermit, she’s not looking for disciples, but if people still seek her out in order to learn her arts, she actually treats them more like servants than students due to, again, seeing no need to pass her knowledge to others. Disciples under her will still get something out of it, but the treatment they’ll receive from her is going to be fairly rough.


    Optional if you include a picture above.


    Miko was born in a high position as Prince Shotoku and when she was young, she overheard many conversations from people who thought that she wouldn’t be able to understand them due to her age. She could and was even capable of providing good advice. Word spread about her and she became very popular as a saint.

    However, Miko grew dissatisfied with the fact that, as a human, she would die one day. This led to her searching for a way to become immortal, which then led her to Taoism. Miko had spread Buddhism through Japan as a way to pacify the population and prevent them from achieving positions of power, but secretly she practiced Taoism in pursuit of an immortal body.

    The practices she performed slowly began destroying her body, however, and so Miko ended up deciding to become a shikaisen, using a method where she would die (when in reality her soul was just sealed inside an object in her place) and then resurrect. Unfortunately, Buddhist monks became aware of what she was doing and placed a seal on her grave so she wouldn’t be able to come back

    After many years passed, Miko eventually ended up in the land of Gensokyo, as the stories of her feats as Prince Shotoku started to be seen as fiction instead of reality. Although the resident Buddhist monk had attempted to keep her sealed, Miko was finally able to break out of her grave and began making waves with the population of Gensokyo as the religious head of Taoism.

    It was sometime after the partial resolution a particular incident involving Urban Legends that Miko found herself being taken to Pandora.


    Fascinating, another world, much like Gensokyo, except that it seemed completely cut off from everywhere else. It didn’t look like Miko could establish any sort of connection with Gensokyo or the outside world and, given the presence of youkai in this land, she knew for certain that she wasn’t in the outside world either.

    Further confirming her theories was the fact that she couldn’t access her hermit world from where she was, meaning that the link between it and this new world had been completely severed. This was only a slight inconvenience, as Miko could always make another Senkai if she so desired, but the implications of everything left her feeling very intrigued.

    Being cut off from Gensokyo and her previous Senkai meant she had no way of reaching out to Futo and her other followers. Unfortunate, but not a complete dealbreaker. She could manage just fine on her own after all, very few had the power to go against her and even if they had, she was certain she would win regardless. There was very little to fear in this situation.

    Still, faced with these strange circumstances, the Crown Prince had little option other than exploring this new world in full, figure out who the culprit behind her kidnapping was and… Decide what she would do with them once she was able to reach them and hear their excuse. Yes, that was a solid enough plan for the time being.

    Admittedly, however, she was in no hurry to leave this new world, as she found herself intrigued by just what it had to offer. Perhaps it would prove to be a suitable alternative to Gensokyo, at which point she could easily find a way to link it to Gensokyo through Senkai. All the pieces of a plan were falling together and forming into a flawless strategy that would no doubt lead only to further success.

    Now, she just had to think of where to start her investigation.
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