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Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Jun 15, 2016.

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    There are several means of transportation in a world as large as Pandora.

    Private Transportation

    Due to the limited resources and lack of fossil fuels, cars are not widespread in Pandora. While some individuals have managed to get their hands on a car (usually they’re dropped into Pandora randomly like everything else, or they got one custom-made), they are still a relatively rare sight on the roads. Production of cars is in progress, however, and they are expected to be on the market as of July 1st, Year 4. Roads for public/private transportation will be in development March 29th-June 30th.

    There are a small number of motorcycles available for rent. They are based out of Pandora Town and can be rented for anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks at a time.

    Public Transportation

    Public transportation, on the other hand, is the popular alternative.

    Pandora Town Magitech Trolleys

    Pandora Town has a number of Magitech Trolleys that run on tracks throughout all different parts of town. This is the fastest way for most to get across town. The trolleys are free and always running, and people are advised to stay off of the tracks.

    Steam Train

    Moving beyond town, there is a single steam train that takes a route around Pandora that takes roughly 3 days to complete. The train ticket is affordable and carries passengers to all the major areas of Pandora, as far as the lower reaches of Mt. Pompeii. The train has been retrofitted with Magitech lighting that automatically adjust for time of day and weather. Train stations have been constructed near Misty Hollow, the Pandora Town docks, Pandora Town, the base of Mt. Pompeii, and at several other points in the wilderness between.

    Clockwork Buses

    There are also a number of clockwork buses that appeared out of nowhere. Each of the smaller towns has one bus based in it, and Pandora Town has four buses. These vehicles were strange looking buses, their interiors run entirely on clockwork. Stranger still were the drivers who also ran entirely on clockwork, complete with a giant key to wind them up. The drivers interface directly with the cars via their clockwork hands and feet, making the vehicles extremely difficult to hijack. They also seem to listen to no questions or requests. They simply announce the destination and begin driving at a steady 80mph, running on a perfectly timed schedule between their hometown and Pandora Town.

    Here is the time it takes to get to and from each location and Pandora Town:
    • Misty Hollow: 3.5 hours
    • Pandora Town Docks: 1/2 hour
    • Morhall: 4 hours
    • Horizon: 6 hours
    The rides are free of charge, although there is a notice in each vehicle asking the passengers to keep things clean and handle any maintenance that becomes necessary.

    Mirror Travel Network

    Pandora Town's Department of Magical Advancements, in conjunction with the Mages Guild's first incarnation, developed the Mirror Travel Network (also called MTN for short) to provide citizens with a method of traveling instantaneously from one town to another. It is now fully maintained by mages working at the Department of Magical Advancements.

    For a small fee (like a bus ticket) and a valid (counterfeit-proof) form of ID from any of the major towns, anyone can hop into one of these portals to travel from one town to another in a matter of seconds. Discounts are available for students and government workers. Each town has a special building or area housing the mirrors, which you can read about more in the town-specific threads.

    The current system does not, unfortunately, support the passage of cargo or large quantities of luggage, and only one individual may pass through any given portal at a time for safety reasons. There are, of course, numerous fail-safes and kill switches and safety operations in place in the event of terrorism or threats.
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