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Open Trees and Cats Don't Mix

Discussion in 'Pandopolis City' started by Zidane Tribal, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. September 14th

    This whole 'new Pandora' thing was really hard for Zidane to wrap his head around. One second he was a scout in Horizon, the next, he was a kind of famous actor?

    Well, not famous, but definitely well-known enough that he hated any mentions of his new career. He'd never willingly be in a commercial that starred him covered in dirt. Especially not when the woman's acting in that commercial was bad enough to make it somewhat popular to spread around. Not that his was any better. In that case. The real him was a fine actor, thank you very much.

    The point being, Zidane was not enjoying his new life. Really, the only saving grace was that Vivi was still with him, and he had a good enough job that he could at least be sure he could provide for his friend. Still, his position was probably a little shaky, given that he often left without telling anyone to walk by himself.

    On one such occasion, he'd slipped out to head to the park, just to clear his head a little. Everyone was talking about him like they knew him, and it was infuriating. Acting was something he was supposed to do to facilitate a theft. How could it be his actual, normal job?

    Compared to being a thief, it was boring, which was probably why he decided to do something a little stupid in hindsight.

    As he was wandering, annoyed at himself and his situation, a soft meow caught his attention. Confused, he glanced around until he looked up, and spotted a cat sitting on a pretty high tree branch. Zidane was no expert when it came to cats, but he could only assume it was stuck up there.

    Without thinking, he started to climb it himself; his tail made that process much easier. Before long, he was pushing aside a few leaves to reach out to the cat, which was staring at him, unblinkingly.

    "Uh, hey there, buddy," he called, softly, "you wanna come back down? Just... come here and I-" He cut himself off with a surprised cry as the cat suddenly latched its claws into his outstretched arm. In his surprise, his tail unwound from the branch, and he tipped over the side.

    Both he and the cat suddenly found themselves hurtling toward the ground. It wasn't far enough to actually cause Zidane major problems, but he still braced himself for the hard landing he was about to have.
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  2. Papika

    Papika Guest

    Confusing. Too confusing.
    Those were the only words that could describe Papika's life right now. Around four weeks ago she was torn from everything she ever knew, her friends, school (which wasn't so important to her) and her job, where her main task was to travel to a parallel dimension called the Pure Illusion and search for magical items (she had one in her bracelet on her left ankle-which granted her the ability to transform and gain superpowers) only to be dragged into a world she knew nothing about. Sure, it wasn't the first time in her life where she was just thrown into a situation she knew nothing about (and she never minded situations like that too much, she saw them simply as new adventures and gods knew that she loved adventures more than anything else.)
    She got used to the life in a completely new world pretty easily, but two weeks after her arrival in Pandora, an unexpected surprise came, and not the good kind.

    Two weeks later she survived something that could probably be described as an apocalypse, where she saw the whole world crumble to dust and then she appeared here. How it was possible, she didn't understand and she didn't even try to. But she knew one thing for certain: she needed to clean her head as frequent transportations to different worlds weren't the only things giving her headaches.

    Why does everyone think I am good at schoolwork?
    Ever since she's appeared in this world, that looked like Pandora but wasn't Pandora (or maybe it was, she had no idea) everyone around her considered her some sort of a perfect student, who always had straight A's, never missed a class, always knew everything and always did homework.

    Real Papika however, didn't fit these expectations a tiny bit. She did go to school before, but the only things she enjoyed and was good at were sports. The rest of the classes, she passed, that's the best thing that could be said about her results.

    On top of all this she was supposed to be good at poetry, (probably very good because according to her teachers she won some contest or something?). And now she was supposed to practice diligently in order to participate in that contest again.

    What does grandiloquent even mean?
    Papika thought about a word she had seen in one of the poems she was supposed to read and analyze. She never cared about poems, she didn't understand most of them and if those people wanted to say something, why couldn't they say it normally?

    So after sitting for a while dejectedly at her table she decided that she needed to clean her head and headed out.
    Normally she would fly on her hoverboard, but today she felt like walking instead. She didn't wear shoes, as she always didn't in her old world, the only thing on her feet was the golden bracelet on her left ankle.
    After a while of walking she came across a park, and decided to go in. She liked the atmosphere of it, the rustling of leaves, the chatter of people around her. She never thought she would like something like this. Her eyes started to wander into the branches. When she was in the Pure Illusion, she loved to climb things and so she was tempted to climb one of those trees, just for adventure's sake, when suddenly she noticed a boy doing just that. When she came closer, she noticed that he was moving closer to a cat.

    It's probably his.
    She thought and wanted to look away and search for another tree to climb, when a surprised cry made her whip her head back to the boy.
    He was now falling to the ground, the cat holding onto his arm.

    Oh, no!
    The branch was pretty high up and Papika assumed that if the boy and the cat fell from that height, they would have really ugly injuries. Luckily Papika would never let anyone get hurt, not if she could help it. So she did what she knew best.

    "Flip flapping!" She shouted her catchphrase out loud and immediately was engulfed in a ray of light. In one blink of an eye the ray of light transformed her red hair to blue, her blue eyes to red, and her school uniform into a short white dress with snow colored stockings. In another blink of an eye her fairy-like wings fluttered and she was flying towards the boy. As soon as she was close to him, she caught him in her arms bridal style, the cat landing on top of him.

    This form of hers was called Henshin and it granted her superhuman abilities, like the super speed and super strength that she had just used.

    Two large red orbs stared at the boy in her arms with mix of worry and curiosity. "Are you okay?" She asked.
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  3. Zidane had seen a lot of things that some people would consider strange in his time. Honestly, a girl suddenly growing wings didn't even rank that high in the ranking of oddities in his life. He was nothing but grateful when she caught him.

    For a few seconds, until the cat landed on his stomach, claws first. He didn't make much of a sound at that, mostly just a high pitched whine as the claws shifted. Unable as usual to admit anything was wrong, he grinned up at his savior, managing to keep it from looking like a grimace out of sheer determination.

    "Been better, but I'm not unconscious on the ground, so that's pretty good," he said, trying to pry the cat off of him. Either it was too scared to move, or it was very, very pissed off about what he tried to do. Because it was ungrateful like that, he supposed.

    "Nice moves, by the way. Don't usually see people who can move that fast." He decided not to mention the fact that his tail felt a little crushed between his body and hers, not wanting to sound ungrateful or anything. That didn't stop it from moving practically on its own as if it was trying to escape, but he tried to ignore it.
  4. Papika

    Papika Guest

    "Thanks! It's called a Henshin form." She grinned when she heard the compliment. She had never received one, but not because people would be scared of her or something, no. It was because she transformed only around her friends, all of whom also had Henshin form, and so they didn't consider it as impressive as it was in reality.
    She slowly began to descend on the ground so that she didn't hurt either of the two. Curiously she peered at the boy as they descended. After a while she decided that he didn't look familiar (she didn't know many boys, the only ones she did were from the orphanage where she lived, outside of it she only met people on her trips like this one.) Exploring this world was how she spent most of her free time, and even though some of her classmates liked to fangirl over pretty boys in TV, Papika preferred adventure, it reminded her of the old times, when she used to go to the Pure Illusion with her friends.

    But when her feet touched the ground and she slowly set him on the ground, her attention caught something peculiar.
    "Wow. You have a tail." She remarked with a curious smile on her face, when she noticed the thing, that moved out, when their bodies separated . She didn't consider it weird, she had seen so many weird things in the Pure Illusion, that a boy with a tail seemed perfectly normal.
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  5. "Henshin," he repeated, curiously, "cool. Must come in handy." It seemed more useful than trance, which would activate at completely random times. Being able to switch at will would've been much more convenient.

    Eventually, they were back on the ground, and the cat didn't hesitate to unlatch itself and scamper off. Not before turning to glare and hiss up at Zidane, but still, it was quickly gone before he could even blink. Zidane just shook his head and turned back to the girl.

    "Yup," he replied when she pointed out his tail. He swished it back and forth behind his head a few times, unabashedly showing off. "It usually helps me from falling off stuff, but I was kind of blindsided by that little terror that just ran off."
  6. Papika

    Papika Guest

    Papika looked after the cat as it was running away as fast as it could.

    "Is it yours?" She asked pointing at the dot that was becoming smaller and smaller each second.

    Papika never had a pet, but she would often wonder what it would be like to have one. The only thing resembling a pet that she had was Bu-chan, but he was a robot so she wasn't really sure that he counted. The only pet she encountered in her old world was her friend's rabbit, called Uexkull. Uexkull was a very special rabbit. Uexkull's ability to travel to the Pure Illusion with Papika and Cocona, his shapeshifting and his intelligence (he was way smarter than a normal rabbit should be), weren't the weirdest things about him. His fur was green.
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  7. "Huh? Oh, no," Zidane replied, shaking his head, "I just saw it in the tree and thought it needed help. I just felt like doing something other than just walking, and figured I'd do something nice for someone else. I guess that thing didn't agree."

    He didn't have much experience at all with animals. Animal people, sure, but 100% animal? Not really. Tantalus didn't have time to waste keeping a pet or anything. Choco was a lot different, too. A full-grown chocobo getting caught in a tree would've been quite the sight.

    Still, as it was, he had no idea what a cat doing in a tree needed. For all he knew, it was just terrified and lashed out. That didn't endear it to him at all, but at least he might've helped.
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  8. Papika

    Papika Guest

    After few seconds of watching the cat disappear into the distance, Papika decided that she would switch back to her human form.

    Being in the Henshin form didn't cost her any energy and Papika definitely wasn't one to mind the occasional stares of the people around her, but she for some reason felt like she wanted to switch back. For transforming back she didn't need the catchphrase, she only needed it to transform into the Henshin form. She simply jumped up a bit and as soon as she did, she was engulfed by a beam of light, that transformed her back in the blink of an eye.

    Now her hair was again fiery red, her eyes sea blue and she was wearing her old school uniform consisting of blue skirt and white shirt with red bow tied around her neck.

    She giggled to herself and then realized that the boy was standing next to her.

    "Oh and by the way, my name is Papika!" The now redhead again, announced with her trademark grin and a hand outstretched towards Zidane, not realizing that a person who has never seen her transform before might be weirded out by it and that she has managed to attract some attention from passerby, couple of whom have stopped whatever they were doing and were now curiously observing her.
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  9. Zidane had seen a lot during his adventures across the continent with Dagger. Really, he wasn't all that shocked to watch the girl suddenly jump in the air and turn back to what he assumed was normal. That fit in pretty perfectly with what he was used to.

    When she introduced herself, he didn't miss a beat, taking her hand and shaking it. "And mine's Zidane," he introduced, "I've gotta say, I'm a little jealous. I can only transform like that when I'm in the middle of a fight. Not that my Trance form is that much useful outside of a fight."