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Tsukishiro, Yukito

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Yukito Tsukishiro, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Yukito Tsukishiro

    Yukito Tsukishiro Cardcaptor Sakura

    Doesn't Really Matter
    Moon Spirit
    Lawful Good
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    Played by SHELKE

    Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
    Age: 19, or 300+
    Species: Pure magical creature created of Moon Magic, appears human
    Gender: male
    Canon Point: Card Captor Sakura, end of The Sealed Card
    NPC Companions:


    YukiPuzzle Solving - Yuki is highly intelligent and logical. He can quickly and easily solve puzzles others will take time to complete. Riddles and optical illusions are also his game, seen easily as what they are.

    Archery - Yuki is a keen archer and has perfect scores when the target is not moving. He finds this relaxing and has been known to take part in competitions and tournaments.

    Eating - You might not think it a special power but Yuki can eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. It's rather fascinating to watch. And mildly disturbing. This can be used to supplement fading magical stores.

    Eidetic Memory: Yukito loves learning and does this swiftly and easily. He finds it easy to learn new concepts and swiftly recalls incidents and pieces of learnings.

    YueArchery -Yuki's archery skills stem from Yue's. Yue prefers to use a bow and arrow as his form of weaponry

    Telekinesis -
    Yue has the ability to control objects with his mind.

    Flight -
    Yue has wings which are strong enough to support him in flight. He tends to hover over the ground rather than actually stand upon it. Levitation is a subpower of this, as Yue can move at a walking speed without moving his wings when floating.

    Shields/barriers -
    Yue is capable of creating powerful magical barriers which are, in his experience, have never been broken by anyone other than Clow Reed or Sakura. Now that he's in Pandora, this could change.

    Aura Sensing -
    Yue can sense magical energy and can easily identify magical signatures of those he knows best.

    Moon Crystal Shards -
    Yue can summon crystal shards which appear like ice crystals. They can be singular, but are usually multiple in number, four or five, at a time and travel in a straight directly.

    Moonlight Manipulation -
    Yue can create shapes using moonlight which are tangible and very real. He prefers to summon a bow and arrow configuration but could create any shape he pleases.

    Agility/Durability -
    Yue is an agile, durable being who can fall from a great height and survive. He is swift and reacts easily to attacks so has evasive maneuverability.

    Changeling -
    Yue has a false form, Yukito, whom he displays to the world as his normal permanent self. Both Sakura and Touya are attached to this creation and so Yue, who also enjoys dreaming of Yukito's life, feels pressured into keeping this creation as a separate psyche to himself. His appearance, whilst similar, is different to that of Yuki and can hide his own magical signature if he pleases.

    Magical Empowerment -
    Yue can draw power from another magical being to sustain himself.


    Archery -While is still target skills are perfect, Yuki/Yue are far from perfect when it comes to a moving target and often misses.

    Telekinesis -
    Unlike some others in the universe, Yue's abilities are not down to the molecular level and while he can manipulate small objects he tends to use it as concussive blasts though is capable of moving items at will.

    Moon Crystal Shards -
    Once Yue has launched them he cannot control their direction.

    Changeling -
    While Yue can hide his magical presence from others, so much so both Sakura and Keroberos were unaware Yukito was more than he appeared, he cannot hide it from particularly strong aura sensing/telepathic creatures. For those who have Sight, they may see two beings occupying the same space, or feel two sets or emotions, or memories.

    Magical Empowerment -
    As a creature of Moon Magic, Yue cannot sustain himself due to the nature of the moon waxing and waning. As such he requires a magical being to sustain him.


    YukitoYukito is a very sweet, kind, caring individual who sees the best in everyone. Yukito likes even the most annoying of people, including those his other personality detests. Yukito will do anything for anyone and has been known to go out of his way to help friends, or complete strangers. He could never ignore a person in need, gives money to the homeless as well as food and has even ensured they get places in hostels and shelters.

    Yukito is a highly compassionate young man who empathises easily with everyone. He has a sincerity about him that strikes a chord with most everyone he meets. Yuki has a great ability to take things in his stride and is unwavering in his kind optimism.

    Gullible, Yuki believes everything anyone says to him even if they have contradicted themselves. Seeing the best in people he is easily lied to as he has little life experience. He's a simple guy who is easily pleased. He loves animals and hates cruelty against animals as well as people. He is a gentle soul who wouldn't even consider raising a hand to someone else and wouldn't know what to do in a fight.

    He's calm under pressure and can be rather playful.

    YueTo understand Yue, you first must understand that while he is now two distinct personalities, this was not always the case. The was once one whole person, happy, sweet, naive, innocent and kind. Part of his function is to judge the prospective card masters for their ability and worthiness to rule the cards and this means getting close to the candidate. So the mentor cannot detect him, Yue has a false form which shields his aura so he can scope out the candidate.

    Yue though, in his utter grief, and horror over the loss of his lover, master, and creator so suddenly and cruelly poured all his happiness and into Yukito. In doing so he created happy false memories of a life never lived and kept all the real ones, the pain, the anguish for himself. As such Yue can be viewed as mean as he has a habit of telling the truth without sugar coating his meaning, so is often unnecessarily harsh in his words even when he does not mean to be. He can be inconsiderate of others feelings as he is wrapped up in his own pain and grief.

    The loss of Clow Reed reverberated throughout his very soul making Yue very resistant to accepting Sakura as a new master even though he knew, logically, she was a good girl. Yue can be very stubborn and dislikes change a great deal which can sometimes make him impossible to deal with especially if he's decided to be moody and passive aggressive.

    Despite it all, Yue still has a kind soul, even though he has locked most of his compassion up in Yukito. If he likes someone enough Yue will warm to them and do whatever he can to help them.

    It is possible for Yue and Yukito to merge and become one person, though there would still be different dominant personality traits with each form. Yue though, aware that both Sakura and Touya have such strong attachments to his false form (among others) is unwilling to do this.

    Contrary to his strong independent nature, Yue can be shy when it comes to compliments, praise and romance or when others see he's not as cool and detached as he claims to be.


    As Above


    • Yue was created/born
    • Yue and Keroberos bicker like the children they are and Keroberos flees, and Yue goes out looking for him. Both get lost and have to be located by Clow.
    • Yue is displayed to other magic users who attempt to steal him for themselves.
    • The other magical spirits start becoming too independent and out of control. Yue tries to control the Moon-Aligned spirits who are better behaved than Kerberos's Sun-Aligned spirits. Yue grows close to those under his direct domain and a couple of sun-aligned cards too: particularly Windy, Woody, Mirror, Snow and Glow. The cars start fighting, particularly those moon vs sun battles which cause destruction to the mansion.
    • Clow finds a way to bind the spirits, sealing their forms into cards but decides not to do the same to Yue and Kerberos who are more founded and stable. He places them in charge of their particular aspected spirits.
    • Yue and Clow become intimately close.
    • One day Clow calls Keroberos and Yue into his study, it's snowing outside, and announces that he's leaving and they will never see him again. In fact he's going to seal with away into a book until such time a new master can be found. Yue later learns Clow had planned this down to the last detail, his entire life controlled and manipulated by someone long dead.
    • Yue sleeps for a long time until such time the book arrives in the House of the girl who will one day become his Mistress. A pre-determined spell set Yue free ensuring he was asleep inside Yukito until he was needed. The scattering of the cards helped ensure this and as Sakura gathered more cards. Unknown to him Touya, who becomes his best friend, is immediately aware he's not human.
    • Yukito becomes extremely close to Touya and as a result comes into direct contact with Sakura on a regular basis with whom he is very fond, but is not in love with as Clow intends.
    • Yukito holds down several odd jobs and inadvertantly helps Sakura during her trials of capturing the cards.
    • Yue finally emerges for the Final Judgement during which he easily defeats Syaoran and grows exceedingly angry when facing Sakura. When she tries to use Moon cards against him he grows frustrated that Keroberos never bothered to teach her about moon and sun aspected cards and easily defeats her by informing woody to bind Sakura.
    • Yue is ultimately defeated because Clow had decided it to be so after being bound by Windy.
    • Sakura, too young and not yet powerful enough to sustain Yue, is starving him of magical energy resulting in Yukito constantly eating and becoming increasingly tired. Touya tries to tell Yuki he knows about Yue who is unable to tell him as he has not had permission to do so and Sakura has not been in danger around him.
    • Touya, after Yue nearly fades into nothing, offers his magic to Yue who accepts.
    • Yue helps defend Sakura vigorously against Ruby, Spinel and Eriol. When it becomes clear the city will sleep and Sakura needs a power boost he happily risks sleeping in the staff forever to help her change the most powerful decked cards: The Light and the Dark.


    He had grey hair. His hair was short, fine and soft to the touch. It sat the same way no matter what he did to it. In fact, he never did anything to it. It was preternaturally pretty. His eyes were large, brown and covered in round wire framed glasses. His skin was pale and his body was slender. He stared in the mirror wondering what it was Toya saw when he looked at him. When he looked at him before. Now that Toya's Sight was gone he could see only Yuki, but before...before he saw Yue too, apparently.

    Toya said it was like two people in the same space. That they were the same. Yukito wasn't sure how he felt about this, but he had accepted that he wasn't real. Or he was real, but two people. He felt real. He just wasn't sure if it was himself who was fake, or Yue. He'd very much like to meet his other self and have a proper conversation. A mirror seemed the best way to go.

    'I can't make you see me,'

    "Why not?" Yukikto asked.

    'I just can't. It doesn't work that way,'

    "You're telepathic aren't you?"

    'No. We are inhabiting the same space. It is not telepathy,'

    So not the mirror. Yuki felt disappointment at this but it was quickly dispelled by the pinging of the oven. OOOooooooo foood. Yuki loved food. He was eating for both Yue and himself so he ate loads but he didn't mind. Food was so tasty he loved it so! Yuki made a beeline for the oven and immediately shoved the food down his throat.

    A whisper crossed his mind.

    He turned, Yue striking out from Yuki, the wings folding over him to complete the transformation. There was...something wrong..he moved to the front door. Or at his he tried to. Black ropes, thick and strong pulled at him. He struggled. He tried to cut them but not even his moon magic could fight it! Moments passed.

    And then he was gone.

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  2. Yukito Tsukishiro

    Yukito Tsukishiro Cardcaptor Sakura

    Doesn't Really Matter
    Moon Spirit
    Lawful Good
  3. Thalia

    Thalia Scratilicious
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    Hi, Shelke! Yuki looks great, you know what to do from here ;)