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Private tug o war

Discussion in 'Hogsmeade Village' started by Damian Wayne, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Damian Wayne

    Damian Wayne DC Universe

    12 (+1)
    Chaotic Good

    @Kara Danvers
    December 28th, Y7

    Damian had to admit...it was far past time for him to return to Cascade Bay. Certainly, there wasn't much keeping him here when he butted heads with his 'family' at every turn and even Grayson didn't have a shred of recollection in his eyes when he looked at him. He hadn't really been able to pin down what had even prompted him to visit for Christmas in the first place when his plans had mostly included sulking in a tree and nicking cookies from Lexa's counter. But something had and now, beyond all reason, he was reluctant to go home.

    To clear his head, Damian had crept out of Wayne Manor during the early hours of the morning with Titus in a drawstring bag on his back. The puppy's overly-large head poked out happily with his tongue lolling out of his mouth as the two of them drifted through Pandora Town's mostly empty streets. For once, he was out of his Robin uniform and dressed simply for the sake of appearing inconspicuous. There was nothing 'superheroic' about him, nor anything reeking of 'heir to a fortune.' For once, he just looked like a boy.

    Without realizing it, Damian had found himself wandering into Hogsmeade, another one of those places that saw fit to appear and disappear at its leisure. As he walked through the quaint town, his boots crunching in the lightly-fallen snow, he wrinkled his pink nose at the little shops and taverns. While he'd never heard of it happening as of yet, he was a little nervous at the idea of Hogsmeade disappearing with him right in the middle of it.

    (But then again, Damian Wayne never got nervous. Not as far as anybody else was allowed to know.)

    Naturally as 12 year old boys did, his first visit was to the joke shop, which found him in his current predicament less than an hour later. Damian was sitting down on a snowy stone fence not far from the main part of the town, idly stroking Titus in his lap as the puppy hiccuped uncontrollably. He'd gotten into something from his bag that Damian found in the joke shop without the boy looking. Really, he'd only picked anything up in the first place because he'd shrewdly doubted any of the magical properties they were boasting of, but judging from the startled look on Titus's face, perhaps there was something to it.

    Intently, Damian pulled the pin on a colorful rod in his hand, watching it immediately spark, sizzle, and whistle. Multi-colored flames began to shoot out of one side and steadily grow larger while he squinted at it in curiosity.

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