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Private Two Space Pirates Walk Into a Bar

Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by Malcolm Reynolds, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    January 16th, Year 7
    It had been a busy week and Mal had just dropped off their cargo here in Horizon. Everyone was paid and enjoying their cut. He bet Wash and Zoe were off doing whatever it was married couples did with their money, maybe cuddling, hell if Mal knew since he wasn't apart of a couple. Ashoka, he didn't know where she had run off to and Mal, well he was making it. Surfing off his paycheck to make sure Serenity had fuel, had replacement parts she was needing, and more importantly supplies to stock the kitchen and infirmary. Whatever was left Mal could spend on something he wanted though all he wanted right now was a stiff drink.

    Locals seemed to consider this the place to be, the one main hangout. Walking inside he felt a little like he was back in the verse. On one end pf the place there were a group of men playing pool though unlike in the verse they were using real balls rather than holographic ones. Mal always hated when the balls were glitching and went right through each other, maybe real pool would be fun. There were a few guys playing darts too and of course more than just a few sitting around with their drinks in tow. Walking up to the bar Mal rested his arm against the smooth wood surface and leaned into it trying to look casual and easily blending in. That was the important thing, look like a local, keep your head down, blend in, and more importantly keep out of trouble. Looking up to the bartender Mal pulled some of his cash from his pocket but not all of it so not to tip people off that he had a healthy chunk of change on him.

    "I'll take a whiskey thanks." Mal ordered and paid the man upfront not thinking he would run a tab. He normally didn't drink enough to need a tab. Looking around once more he made a mental note of all the exits in case things got sketchy. Not that he was expecting trouble but one should always be ready for it. Once Mal got his drink he picked it up and took a few sips. Jumping a little at the sound of the dart hitting the dart board. That was the nice thing about holographic darts. You couldn't get hit with them and they didn't make the sound of a silence round going through the barrel with the soft thunk. Mal didn't admit to the PTSD he suffered but you couldn't go through the war he had been from and walk away without it. He reckoned even Zoe had it to some degree. Mal on the other hand, it had affected him a bit different. Raising the glass to his lips again he took another sip, his eyes wandering to another man not far away. That guy was trouble but in the sort of way Mal was trouble. Might mean something good for him.

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