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Universe, Steven Quartz

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Steven Universe, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Steven Universe

    Steven Universe Steven Universe

    Gem-Human Hybrid
    Neutral Good
    But I'll be your Shield, I can be your lion,
    I'll dry your eyes if I see you cryin’
    Believe in me, I won't let you down.

    Played by Phantom Maple

    Fandom: Steven Universe
    Age: 14, appears 8
    Species: Human-Gem Hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After being curb stomped by Yellow in Reunited
    NPC Companions: A magical pink lion named Lion.


    GeneralMusical: Steven is naturally musical, picking up new instruments with relative ease. To date he knows how to play ukulele, guitar, electric bass, drums and piano. On top of this, he has perfect pitch, meaning he can easily identify the pitch of any sound accurately when he hears it, as well as hearing subtle variations that others could easily miss.

    Empathetic: Steven's compassion and even love for those around him is so powerful and genuine that it is a key component in his more extraordinary abilities. It also makes him rather proficient at bringing out the strength of others through motivation, or in finding solutions to conflict besides fighting.

    Sheild Proficiency: Steven has been training regularly with Pearl and Connie for over a year by now, and as such has built a fair amount of skill with his shield, and combining it with his other powers in combat.

    PhysicalStrength: Steven's physical power is rather impressive. He has punched a hole in the dash of his dad's van and lifted and thrown a stone statue several times larger than himself.

    Durability: His hybrid nature has an interesting effect on his durability. He is tougher than the average human, withstanding falls that would normally break bones, but not as durable as a full gem. In contrast, anything that specifically affects a gem's projected form is resisted because of his organic body.

    Floating: Steven can regulate the speed of his descent. As he put it, he can jump really high and fall really slow. It relies particularly heavily on his emotional state and he is far more likely to fail at using it if he is in a foul mood.

    Shapeshifting: Steven is capable of altering his physical form. Currently he is only skilled at stretching parts of his body. It uses a lot of energy, however, and holding a form for too long can be very harmful. He learned that lesson the hard way when stretching his body all day caused him to uncontrollably revert into a baby.

    Fusion: As a half gem Steven Is able to combine his form with other Gems or humans to form an entirely new being that is more than simply the sum of the parts. Steven must be totally in sync with the other person, mentally and emotionally. If at any point during the fusion they fall out of sync, such as with a strong emotional trigger to which the two parts react differently, the fusion can fall apart.
    Known fusions include
    Stevonnie- with Connie
    Smoky Quartz- with Amethyst

    DefensiveProtective Bubble: Steven is able to create a protective bubble around himself and anyone nearby him. While the bubble is tough enough to withstand falling rocks, a harpoon gun, and crashing a space ship from orbit, a similar force sustained or repeated long enough can cause the bubble to break. He can alter the shape of the bubble as well, stretching out part of it to grab things outside, or creating spikes to deter attackers.

    Shield: A manifestation of light, and Steven's special Gem weapon, this shield is far tougher than his bubble, though it only protects him from one side. He can summon shields of varying sizes, either to make them easier to wield or to cover a larger area, capping at about 3 metres in diameter. His ability to hold back attack is otherwise like any regular shield in that his own strength is a significant factor. If the shield is broken, it will simply dissipate into light. His endurance has improved over time, but there is still a limit as to how many times he can manifest his shield in a day, with larger shields requiring more energy. About 5 huge shields in a day is his limit before he needs to go to bed.
    Note: When struck, the shield rings with a tone that can destabilize some magical constructs.

    SupportLight: Steven's gemstone can glow brightly enough to illuminate his immediate surroundings with a pink tint, acting like a flashlight if needed.

    Bubble: Like any gem, Steven is able to create bubbles around small objects. These bubbles are nowhere near as tough as his bubble shield, only requiring about the same force needed to squash a pop can to break as they are more for containment than protection. The bubble, along with anything it contains can then be teleported to whatever place Steven considers his home(within Pandora).

    Sentient Plants: By applying his healing saliva to seeds before planting them, not only will the resulting fruit grow to maturity overnight, but they will have some level of sentience depending on just how much saliva the seed is exposed to. While they will naturally be fully loyal to Steven, attacking any perceived threat indiscriminately, Steven does not have enough experience to control them.

    Healing: When Steven kisses your boo boos away, it actually works. Using his saliva, he is able to heal just about any physical wound, even in inorganic beings and inanimate objects, assuming he feels compassion towards the one injured.

    Resurrection: Short version: Steven Is able to bring the dead back to life with his tears. Long version: there are a number of conditions and limitations to this power.
    • It only works on organic beings
    • The body must be reasonably intact (broken spines and stab wounds are okay, dismemberment, not so much)
    • It only works within a few minutes of the death in question, no more than a quarter hour
    • Steven must be genuinely grieving over the loss(meaning an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire would certainly make him sad, but would not cause grief in the same way as a good friend)
    • The death must be unnatural, it will not work if the death is a result of illness or old age
    • The person revived will undergo many changes. Their entire body will turn pink, and they will gain several powers. See Lion's powers for further details.

    AstralPowers in this section require that Steven be asleep or otherwise unconscious, thus leaving him completely vulnerable.

    Dream Connection: Steven is able to connect with the minds of others through his dreams, even having a conversation. If the person is asleep, then much like lucid dreaming he can manipulate and take part in the dreams he visits. If they are awake, he can hear surface thoughts, and physical contact with their astral forms can allow him to be heard in return. While projecting, Steven does not get any rest that he would from actually sleeping during that time.

    Posession: Steven is capable of taking over another person's body. The body's owner will be completely unaware during the time they are controlled. Besides a personal preference to avoid such violation of others, Steven does need to have a strong connection, such as a close friendship, with the other person. Simply waking up his body is enough to force him back into it.

    • Lion's mane acts as a portal to a small pocket dimension. Inside, anyone who needs air to breathe will be unable to do so. The landscape appears as a field of pink grass, a pink hill rising up with a single pink tree on top. In and around the tree are several mementos left behind by Steven's Mother, and a couple from Steven himself. If another revived being was in Pandora, a second hill and tree would appear a short distance away, allowing for quick travel between the two. One must be accompanied by Steven or his mother to access the gateway between the pocket dimension and the outside world.
    • Lion's metabolism has slowed to almost nothing, slowing his heartbeat and virtually eliminating the need to eat or sleep, though he still does both anyway.
    • As a result, he also ages very slowly. Despite a lion's usual lifespan of about 15 or so years, Lion has been around for at least 200.
    • Lion can walk on water as easily as solid ground.
    • With a roar, lion can create shockwaves capable of crumbling soft stone and blowing back heavy spaceship debris.
    • He can also use these shockwaves to create wormholes that he uses to travel anywhere he pleases, up to a couple hundred kilometres away. He has managed to create a super wormhole from Earth's surface to the moon by creating several within one another, but this took a large toll on him, completely wearing him out.


    Steven is still prone to many of the things that all humans are. He needs food, water, sleep and breathable atmosphere. He can be harmed by normal weapons of they do get past his defences. He is not especially perceptive of his surroundings, so someone especially speedy or stealthy could catch him off guard without too much trouble.

    Besides that, his powers are all tied to his emotions. If he is experiencing doubt, panic or anything else that severely hinders his ability to regulate his emotions, then he will be unable to use some or most of his powers. This can make him quite susceptible to those who can manipulate emotions.

    His gem is a particular critical point on his body. If damaged it can make him unstable. The exact effects are currently unknown, but is can be expected that it would affect his powers and body in drastic ways. If the gemstone is destroyed, then it is very likely he would die.

    Steven's stamina is finite. If he overuses his powers, at best they will begin to fail, at worst they can backfire, such as his shapeshifting going haywire if he overdoes it. Once he reaches that point, only a good night sleep will get him back to normal.

    Finally, many powers have specific limitations as noted above.

    Like Steven, Lion's stamina is finite and he can easily be worn out by overusing his powers. Additionally, while a little tougher than a typical lion, he is still vulnerable to harm by most standard weapons.


    Kind, compassionate and cheerful. Steven does his best to treat others well. He is the type of person who wants to give just about everyone a chance, regardless of what they may have done in the past. Of course, his desire to give everyone the benefit of the doubt has been known to lead to trouble, but that still doesn't deter him.

    He does his best to look on the bright side and see the best in others, though it can be difficult at times. And even when he can't, he can usually empathise with them, understand on some level why they might behave the way they do.

    While he knows that there are times when fighting in unavoidable, and is able to take care of himself when needed, he would very much prefer to try for a peaceful solution above all else. Yes, that includes trying to talk down two dictator queens who are in the process of trying to end him.

    For better or worse, he can be very demanding when he feels strongly about something. On the one hand, he might be holding someone responsible for their actions. On the other, he could end up trying to push someone back into a relationship before they are ready simply because he feels they are so perfect together.

    He does have a bad habit of blaming himself for things that are beyond his control, and dwelling on the mistakes he has made. This includes trying to take responsibility for the sins of his mother. While he has been improving in this department, he does still fall into old habits from time to time.

    His desire to help others around him has led to him forgetting to tend to his own emotional troubles, burying them down until they overwhelm his thoughts and he does something reckless or can't focus properly on what's important now.

    Steven loves music and singing; he is open to any genre, though there are a few that he is just too much of a cinnamon roll to perform convincingly. Besides this some of his favourite pastimes include playing games of all varieties, watching cartoons and action movies, and reading. He loves schmaltz.

    Lion, for the most part, acts like your typical house cat, with an extra large dose of sass. As a result of his long life, he is notably wiser than an ordinary lion, and comprehends human speech. He does his own thing most of the time, commonly wandering off and often ignoring what Steven asks of him. He is especially fond of a particular ice cream sandwich known as Lion Lickers.



    “You think [the Gems] knew the first about raising a baby? That was all me"

    Steven spent much of his earliest years with his dad. This is the time that he developed many of his more human traits, such as his ability to empathise with and show great love towards others. This is also when he began his love of music, first learning how to play the ukulele when he was about 6 or 7. His dad has always been very supportive of him, allowing him to grow and be whomever he wants to be.

    “I'm a Crystal gem too!”

    When he was a little older, it became clear that he couldn't live in his dad's van forever, so a room was built for him on the front of the crystal temple. Here, he would begin learning more about the Crystal Gems, and what they do, as well as beginning to develop his own powers and learning to use them properly. It was in the desert that he met Lion, and with a little persuasion of the saving the day variety, convinced the gems to let him stay. Lion does whatever he wants most of the time, though. Also, with the Gems often away on missions or just in the temple, Steven had to learn to be fairly self sufficient pretty quickly.

    “I can't believe Lapis would do this; Gems shouldn't fight each other.”

    It started with the gem in the mirror. After freeing her and healing her, she flew back to her home and Steven found his worldview rattled by the knowledge that the monsters he had been so excited to fight before were actually Gems much like his mom and the others. Steven's universe was suddenly growing far more than he ever expected.

    “Hey there, have you heard about the infamous Gem War. Well it all started long before I was born.”

    More Gems from Homeworld arrived and Steven began to learn more about their history. He learned of how the Gems came to Earth as invaders, looking to suck all the resources from the planet and leave it as little more than a shell of what it once was. He couldn't believe it! The Gems were supposed to protect the Earth! But they had, hadn't they? They had protected it from their own kind. But the war had hurt so many people, too; it hurt the Earth; so many Gems had been shattered, their remains used in experiments. Homeworld, and the diamonds ruling it, had done such awful things.

    “Of course I do, I'm… not Rose Quartz.”

    Steven had always been told about how wonderful his mother was. How she was kind and compassionate, strong and a great leader, and how she saw the beauty in everything. He had always believed it. Had modeled his life around living up to her reputation. But then he learned the awful truth. His mom, Rose Quartz, had shattered her Diamond, effectively killing her former leader.

    “You don't have to be like Rose Quartz. You can be someone even better. You can be you.”

    The realisation that maybe his mom wasn't all she was build up to be shook him to his core. She had hurt people, kept secrets. And Steven wasn't so different. He had hurt people too, failed to help them when they were in trouble. Sure, it had been in defense, they had refused to listen, to accept his help when offered. None of that mattered. What mattered was that he had to right those wrongs, take responsibility for the actions of himself and his mom. He would make sure no one got hurt on his watch again, even if that meant flying across the galaxy to break into a secure Diamond facility on a rescue mission, or giving himself up to Homeworld and standing trial for his mother's crimes to stop an attack on his home.

    “I'm not responsible for what Rose did, none of us are, not you, not Pearl and not Garnet.”

    Boy, was that an adventure, going to Homeworld. He had so many questions building after that. What could he really trust of the things he had been told? The Gems had hidden things from him in the past, what else could they be trying to protect him from? Then he learned who his mom really was. He would like to say the revelation turned his world upside down, but it made an odd sort of sense. Besides, he was too busy holding everyone else together to let himself fall apart. And then the Diamonds crashed the wedding, and they were far too powerful to fight directly; Steven didn't want to fight, anyway. They weren't going to listen, but he tried talking anyway. Last he remembers is raising his shield and a gigantic yellowish-tan coloured boot descending towards him, blackness, and waking in a strange world.

    “You're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being. Take care of them, Steven.”


    The fire was getting closer, bobbing and swaying as if someone was carrying a lantern. There were no footsteps though, no sound at all besides Steven's own breathing. “Um, hi?” His voice felt far too loud in the silence.

    Soon enough the light passed him by, and Steven turned on the spot so he could continue watching it. It seemed to stop all progress several paces away, almost like it was waiting for something. “Oh!” The small teen trotted to catch up and fell into pace as the flame began moving again. The silence was strange, absolute, not even his own footsteps made any sound to give away where he was walking.

    Soon, the quiet grew too intense for him, and Steven thought to fill it with conversation. “So, um, I'm Steven.” No response. “It's, uh, pretty dark here, huh? I can't even see my hand in front of my face.” An awkward, breathy chuckle as he lifted his hand to illustrate his point. And while he could feel himself turning his hand over and back again, he truly could see nothing. Nothing at all, except the light guiding him.

    Sooo,” Steven's hand returned to sway loosely at his side. “Where are we going?” The flame just continued moving as it had, without change. “Right, not getting any answers, then.” He tried focusing on the light, imagining a rough form of a person carrying it, but still nothing. He couldn't even get a sense of emotion from his guide.

    With a sigh he turned his gaze forward. And to his surprise, he could make out a shape within the inky blackness. Curiosity piqued, he picked up his pace, closing the distance until he could make out just what it was he was looking at. “W-what the hoo-hah!? Is that me?” Lying on the ground was his own body! He looked like he was sleeping. He edged closer to his prone form, and as he stood over it, his gemstone began to glow brightly. The stone at the navel of his physical form matched his glow, the light so bright he had to shield his eyes.

    With a gasp, he awoke, eyes blinking rapidly as they adjusted to the new light level. Wherever he was, he couldn't recognise it at first glance. “Where?” His throat felt rough, dry really. How long had he been out?
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