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News Article Vampire Problem Reaches New Level In Pandora Town

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Raphael Grayson-Santiago, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Raphael Grayson-Santiago

    Raphael Grayson-Santiago The Mortal Instruments
    the strongest card in the deck is the ace

    21 (84)
    Lawful Neutral

    June 30th

    Throughout the months of March and April, Year 7, there was an almost alarming surge of vampire attacks throughout Pandora Town. Reporters were finding an attack a week, if not more, of humans being attacked or fed upon by the vampiric species. And while that number of reported vampire attacks has drastically gone down after, what some are referring to, as the “April Blood Massacre”, a new series of crimes is happening this summer. One that is going largely unreported and ignored by the general population of Pandora Town.

    There has been a dramatic increase of self-named Vampire Hunters patrolling the streets, exacting vigilantism on the vampiric population, attacking peaceful vampires, and often executing them in the street with little to no trial or jury.

    In a poll drafted by the Pandora Town Times, about 93% of the vampire population in Pandora Town has reported being stalked or harassed by groups of, or individual vampire hunters in their place of work, on the street, at restaurants, or even outside their homes. Of those 93%, 1 out of 5 has reported having a cross nailed to their front door, or other anti-vampire paraphernalia including garlic or even bibles. 1 out of 10 has reported their harassment to the Watch, only to be told there can be nothing done unless an actual crime has been committed.

    In the same poll, 76% have reported being physically assaulted by these groups if they walk the streets alone at night. 1 out of 5 have stated that these assaults have been used with weapons deadly to their species: stakes, shotguns, silver knives, or others. And yet, of these numbers polled, when asked if they would feel safe reporting these assaults to the Watch, only 15% stated they had or would report them to the officials.

    When asked why the group would not report such instances, the response was a general fear that the City Watch was biased against vampires, in large part due to the attacks in March and April, which may have caused the dramatic increase of the Vampire Hunters we see in the town this summer.

    The question we must ask each other, dear reader, is: Are these Vampires not tax paying citizens of Pandora Town? Do they not deserve the same protection we grant humans? Or do we assume that vampires have powers to protect themselves, and be assured that these anti-vampire vigilantes are doing their best to decrease vampire attacks, and do not go after peaceful vampires?

    On the next page, we interview two sides to the argument: Mr. Raphael Santiago, head of the vampire clan of Pandora Town, and an anonymous Vampire Hunter, who we will refer to as Mr. A.

    Part 1 - The Vampire Clan Leader

    Thank you for taking your time to meet up with me, Mr Santiago.

    Of course. I wish we could’ve met under different circumstances.

    The Pandora Times wants to hear both sides of the story, of course - what is happening at the moment, Mr Santiago? To your clan, or yourself?

    None of us feel safe anymore. Even the ones who can walk in the sun are scared they may suffer harassment if they are found out about. Many of us fear losing our jobs because of things we haven’t done. And we all feel in danger of getting killed at night. Ten of us have been attacked, some kidnapped and held captive, others barely escaped death.
    I, personally, was forced to leave the Bat Sanctuary, because my human colleagues and I myself, fear attacks. At this point, nobody can say if the hunters assume every friend of a vampire to be a vampire themselves, and if they would risk endangering humans to “save” others, which is why I decided to leave. It saddens me that I have to do this, since I’m one of the three founders - this project was born out of a heartfelt idea between two of my friends and me; none of us could’ve expected something like this to happen, but, I’d rather leave now than to risk further damage.

    Have you reported the crimes to the authorities and were they taken serious?

    We have. Quite a few times now. But - sadly - it seems to me, that they would rather believe their stories, than ours.

    You don’t seem to be very surprised about that?

    I am, actually. I would’ve expected more than that. The government did a good job in solving the problems after the Dolor Club Shooting, doing everything to prevent something like this from happening again. We’ve seen the curfew being established after the vampire-related murders in March and April, protecting the human population. And now, where other vampires and I have to fear for our loved ones, our families, I don’t see anything happening?

    What’s your clan’s policy on feeding on humans?

    Nobody gets killed. Or harassed. My co-leader and I make it a point to ensure everyone of our clan mates asks for consent before biting a human. Unless we are attacked and have to defend ourselves, none of us go out of our way to “hunt down humans”, like the vampire hunters call it.

    Are there alternatives to human blood that you use?

    Well, yes, animal blood. Some of us hunt in the forest, others get theirs at the butchers.

    What about the murders in March and April? Those vampires clearly didn’t adhere to your rules?

    They weren’t part of our clan. We wouldn’t take such vampires into our group, nor would we keep them around when we notice such things. Not every vampire cares, and yes, that is a problem, even one we as a clan are trying to solve, but at the end of the day, we can’t be held accountable for crimes we ourselves aren’t guilty of. After all, you can’t punish a whole species for a murder one of them commits.

    So, if one of your own, your clan, breaks those rules, you just throw them out with no other repercussions?

    It would depend on the offence, but we generally report their crimes and submit them to the authorities. Believe it or not, but we are more than willing to work together with the Watch to stop the vampire-related murders.

    Anything you want to tell the general population of Pandora Town?

    We’re not monsters. I didn’t think I would ever have to say this, but if you discover your co-worker, your friend, or some random person in the street to be a vampire - or another supernatural being - your first reaction shouldn’t be fear and unjustified anger; chances are, we too are just trying to get by. Every one of us is their own individual and many do their best to live the most non-violent, normal, ‘human’ life they can.

    Thank you for your time!

    Part 2 - The Vampire Hunter

    Thank you for taking the time to meet up with me, Mr. A.

    Thanks for the interview. You know how stuff like this goes: You get one quote from a crying leech, and bleeding hearts’ start streaming out of the woodwork to defend the beasts.

    Well, we at Pandora Times do want to hear everyone’s side of the story. Let’s start with the basics: Why did you join a Vampire Hunting group, Mr. A?

    My story is the same as a lot of our members': A vampire ate someone I loved. In my case? My little girl. She was only five, and that…. that monster….

    I’m so sorry to hear that. But if I may… Why not report the murder of your daughter to the Watch?

    Sure I did! But what justice did I get? Nothing. The vampire was supposedly too young to know what it was doing. Got off easy. So I joined a Hunting party, and I got my justice later. And now I’ll help others do the same.

    So in your opinion, hunting and executing vampires is, in fact, justice?

    It is. It’s also self defense. C’mon… These creatures literally are designed to be the ultimate predator of humans. They hunt us down, eat us, and we can’t defend ourselves or our own people?

    Do you claim to only attack vampires that are deadly to the human population, Mr. A?

    What do you mean?

    Sorry, I mean… Would you attack an innocent vampire? Say one that was just on their own? Minding their own business on the street one night?

    No vampire wandering alone at night is innocent. When a vampire is alone, they are likely hunting for their next meal. It’s how they operate, see. Vampires usually hunt alone, more blood for them and all. Now if you are asking me if I would hunt a vampire that was just, say… hanging in a group with their friends? Or in their den reading the paper? Or even dancing in one of those creepy vampire night clubs? The answer is no.

    So, a vampire walking alone at night, is up to no good?

    Exactly! Look, I know some hunters go after vampires in their place of work, but those are not professionals and deserve to get arrested. We, my group that is, go after the ones that are clear threats. The ones that are stalking about looking for their next meal. The ones preying on others.

    One more question, Mr A. Do you think what you and your group are doing is successful?

    You tell me. You work for the Times. When’s the last time you’ve had to report a vampire attack? I think a little fear of a second death keeps the blood suckers in line. And if they’re bitching so much, let me tell them this: Keep to your packs and clans. Keep your fangs clean and out of people’s necks, and you’ll be left alone.

    Anything to say to the general population of Pandora Town?

    Just for the crazy people who want to protect these creatures. Listen: Humans are the minority in the population here in Pandora. And you’re not protecting... people of color, or gay people. Those are human beings. But these are vampires; they’re monsters. Their instinct is to eat you. They deceive you, act friendly and innocent, and then, the moment your back is turned, you’ve got fangs in your neck. Unless you all want another Bloody April, you gotta accept that Vampire Hunters are necessary to keep them in line.

    Thank you for your time, Mr. A.

    Thanks, @Lanni for writing the Vampire Hunter interview and the introduction text!

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