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News Article Vigilante Activity Targets Business Owners

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Lonnie Machin, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Lonnie Machin

    Lonnie Machin DC Universe

    Chaotic Neutral


    From November 5th onwards

    [from page 6 of the Pandora Times]

    In recent weeks, things have seemed to calm down in Pandora in the business world - until the beginning of this month, when a series of mysterious attacks upon business owners have prompted investigation by the law enforcement officials of several different towns. These attacks are believed to be related; each business was sprayed with the "A" symbol used to represent Anarchist philosophy, and several guards on the premises were found knocked cold, apparently via the use of some kind of gas.

    The first attack was on November 5th. It took place at a warehouse owned by ZipCo Shipments, a minor courier service that delivers to Pandora Town, Cascade Bay and Misty Hollow. The owner of the business, Reg Sark, was found tied up in his office with several briefcases of cocaine surrounding him. There was some evidence that he had been electrocuted; detectives believe that this was how he was subdued by his attacker. The perpetrator left a note, detailing ZipCo's apparent use as a front for drug-smuggling, which police are now investigating.

    A second incident occurred at a factory about a mile away from Misty Hollow. This property was being used by its current owners for the production of cheap clothes. On November 8th, the factory manager, foreman and several accounting staff were found tied together, documents from the manager's files spread neatly nearby that indicated awareness of the factory's poor working conditions as well as several attempts to blacklist workers who attempted to change them. The workers themselves were not believed to be involved, though they weren't particularly cooperative in helping their bosses down when law enforcement arrived on the scene.

    The third incident took place in Silverpool, Pandora Town, on the night of November 11th. Readers may recall the name of Averam Tharss, whose weapons business unexpectedly went bankrupt last year. Tharss himself left with a settlement payout that many in the general public felt was greedy in the extreme. His staff, by and large, were left to fend for themselves. At around 10pm, the Guard was called out to a scene of absolute destruction; someone had sneaked into Tharss' garage and set fire to the convertible he'd bought since leaving his company behind. By the time the fire was brought under control, the car was completely burned out, and the garage itself had sustained minor damages. On the southern-facing wall, as with the other incidents, a large spray-painted A could be clearly seen.

    At this time Law Enforcement officials have no suspects, and are in the process of determining whether these are the actions of a group or a single individual. Fsociety have been suggested as a potential culprit, as have the Phantom Thieves, though their activities have been somewhat muted as of late and active vandalism is not normally a method they follow.

    Several government spokespeople from different towns have issued stern warnings against further such behaviour, arguing that while it might seem appealing to take the law into one's own hands against "bad bosses," it is an act of illegal vigilantism and will not be tolerated. Specifically, "The rule of law has to be respected when dealing with cases of exploitation in the workplace or illegal activity. Anything else is mob rule, and has no place in civilised society," stated a spokeswoman for Pandora Town's Justice Dept.

    OOC Information

    A spectre is haunting Pandora - the spectre of Anarky!

    Lonnie's not been idle since arriving in everyone's favourite box world. He's been attacking businesses that have a reputation for shady dealing or unfair treatment of their workers, deliberately making an example of them to scare others who might operate in a similar way. He also hopes to empower those who suffer at the hands of such people to start to take action for themselves, but whether they'll agree with his violent methods or not is another matter entirely...

    These attacks aren't front-page news, but they're definitely something that'd be talked about across Pandora - perhaps your character knows someone who works at these places, or is even friends with the business owners. Heck, perhaps they just read about it in the paper, and are just getting around to forming their own opinions about it. Who knows?

    At this point it's unclear that this is the work of Anarky on his own, and given that there are several groups in Pandora who like to use violent means, it's probably pretty unclear to the public just who or what could be behind it all. As time goes on, however, the fact that it IS a single individual will become more apparent.

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